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Thursday, August 05, 2010



Lately our medical professionals have been explaining our various ailments as "common to the elderly". Yikes!

My siblings are both older than I and they are the same brats who have tortured me for 64 years with that same ornery glint in their eyes and I don't see "elderly" in them at all.

I called a good friend to wish her happy birthday this week and realized she is turning 72 and some people might call her elderly. To me she is the same young, vital woman I have always known. She is classy and active as is her spouse. No way are they elderly.

There was a woman at the grocery store yesterday who was busy spreading cheer and moving her shopping cart through the aisles like a race car driver. At one point she stopped to talk to a friend and I heard her mention that she was 81.

Webster defines elderly as: 1 a: rather old; especially : being past middle age.

What is "middle age" today?

If a person age 60 or older is still in the workplace, would you call them elderly? Does white hair mean the person or persons are elderly? How would you identify or define a person as elderly? Do you think the person you see in your mirror is aging or simply the reflection of the same person you have always seen in your mirror?


  1. At almost 70, I never think of myself as elderly - but then sometimes I get a look at myself in a mirror and think - yes - I am. It is hard to admit. I am not elderly in my mind, though. Well, maybe a little.....LOL

  2. I think the older we get the less elderly everyone else seems. Raquel's skin is looking a little tight. :) Facelift? Oh yeah.

  3. Ha this is an interesting post to me. My husband brought to my attention that I'm a year older than I thought I was this year. Truth is, I don't FEEL any different than I did 10 to 20 years ago. Every once in a while though...I look at my hands or my hair and I see that I'm not as young as I feel. I'm a firm believer that age is just a number. I want to be like the lady in your grocery store.

  4. kenju -- You take good care of yourself and you are a vital beauty and a fit person. You definitely work harder in this heat than any young people I know, so I could never call you "elderly".''

    Lynn -- I have to agree with you about Raquel, a face lift or two, oh yes. But she sure looks better than a lot of others who have had way too much plastic surgery.

    OGO -- You're still just a babe in the woods. I have no doubt with all the exercise you have keeping up with your family, you'll be like the lady in the store.

  5. Okay at 40 I know I am not elderly. Unless having grey hair means your elderly, then by all means I am. However, I really think age is only a number also. And that you are only as old as you feel.

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    She looks awesome!!!

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  7. The older I get, the more my definition of elderly changes. My aunt who is 70+ yrs old has more energy than I will ever! have...ever!

  8. Age is just a number to me. My mother-in-law is 75, has an iphone, plays in a band, plays golf, knows more about computers then her grand children and bombs around the place in her trendy car like she's still 18.

    I think a lot of it has to to do with physical well being too though. If you don't have good health, that is ageing, at any age.

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  10. Sorry, I screwed up my comment. I'll try to do better this time :)

    I was thinking about one of my favorite teachers the other day and I was thinking how when I was 8, she seemed so old to me. She was probably only in her 40's and younger than I am now. My Mom, who just turned 85, is the youngest person I know. I truly believe it's our hearts and souls that determine our age. I've met ancient-seeming young people, too, so I think it can sometimes work in reverse.

    I do wish that Hollywood wouldn't insist that everyone erase the wrinkles on faces as if it was an insult to a human body instead of the privilege it really is to live long enough to acquire some.

  11. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Holey Mole has Miss Welch had a bit of work done or does she just naturally have the face of a 45 year old? She's beautiful either way.

    At 53, I'm "YOULD" which means old enough to be wise yet young enough to still have tons of fun. These are the best years.

  12. I'm 71 and if anyone calls me 'old' I'll punch 'em in the head!

    My word verification is 'venting' LOL!

  13. I'm loving Mountain Mama's comment! lol

    When I hear the word, elderly, I think of someone who is up there in years, one who needs help getting around, possibly in a nursing home, but I don't know anyone I would call elderly in my life at this moment. It seems like such a cold word, doesn't it?

  14. Quite awhile ago, I saw a NY Times story, "60 is the new 40." I totally believe it. My dad is 60 and I don't think of him as middle-aged. My grandparents on my mother's side are mid-70s and they are still out traveling the way are they old!

    I think attitude has everything to do with it. You know that Raquel Welch was the one who inspired Bob Dylan's heartbreak album from 1997, right?

  15. Bonnie – If I am as “old as I feel” today, then I’m at least 100. By the way, I'm missing your blogging.

    Sue Bailey – Yes Raquel looks awesome. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Midwestern Mama Holly – Truer words were never spoken The older we all get, the more our definitions of “elderly” change.

    LL Cool Joe – Of course age is just a number to you. You’re still a babe in the woods. You are so right about the physical well being. That’s the true fountain of youth.

    Talon – Your comment really has me mentally going over my old school teachers and as I think about how old they were and remember I would have said they were all at least double their ages. I’m really enjoying British films these days because they appear to use more realistic people for their stars.

    Always Nesting – I have to agree that these are the best years and I wouldn’t wish to go back and do any over. I like the term YOULD.

    Mountain Mama – Oh please, let’s hang out together and punch rude people in the head. Your word verification was perfect. LOL

    Ily – You are so right about “elderly” seeming like a cold word. I don’t mind being called a senior citizen because that comes with lots of discounts. Elderly just comes with lots of ailments

    Riot Kitty – I did not know that Raquel Welch inspired Bob Dylan’s album. I always learn something new from you. If 60 is the new 40 then I’m just at the beginning of middle age:).

  16. upon reading the post title I thiought: "Don't tell me she got carded"
    Raquel really has worked hard at looking good for so long! Wow-
    True there are so many over 50 these days in healthy states, n the term Elderly puts a frailty label on the condition of having more year expeience than others...
    Good point!
    I do tend to run circles around all those young whipper-snappers!

  17. I am old and I am elderly and I don't care. As long as I am still alive and as long as people listen to me and as long as my kids put up with me, I am OK.

  18. i'm upright. That's what I try for each day.

  19. Snaggle Tooth -- Unless your picture is fake, you are a bit of a whipper-snapper yourself. My days of being "carded" are long gone. If it happened to me today I would know someone was after a bigger tip.

    Tabor -- You've got the listeners that's for sure:)

    Cliff -- Perfect response.

  20. Hey just ran into your b log - and I have to say I llike your thinking.

    We are as old as we feel.

    Now sayint that - I'm 58 and I have taken all my birthdays okay - but 60 I have to admit I am thinking about.


  21. My body reminds me that I'm not as young as I once was. Then again, when one experiences an illness associated with the aged at the age of 31 as I did, one has a different perspective. Some days I feel like a teenager; others, I feel every single day of my 63 years and I suppose that's normal. What matters to me is that I'm alive despite what doctors predicted over 30 years ago and not in a wheelchair as they predicted as the alternative. They say I'm a miracle. I know better -- I'm too stubborn to "go gentle into that good night", as Dylan Thomas wrote, without a fight.

  22. Chatty Crone -- We often cross paths at the blogs of others. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed my visit to your place as well.

    Kay -- You are living proof of what sheer determination does for people. I see you going kicking and screaming into the night.

  23. Even on a really bad, achey day I never feel 80. As long as I can curl up on the sofa I don't feel really old. I just don't bounce quite so well these days.

  24. You just can't believe the person who looks back at you in the mirror is you can you.

    I could hardly expect to look like Raquel Welch NOW when I didn't look as good as her THEN so I won't cry about it. Mind you she must have a fantastic plastic surgeon because she looks nothing like Joan Rivers and co.

  25. The older I get the younger everyone else looks! I certainly don't feel any different than I did. As someone else said, we don't age inside it's just our bodies do eventually. Not Raquel Welch's apparently!!

    But like Dolly Parton says about herself, she graduated from the school of collagen!! I'd say most of those star people graduated right along with her! LOL

  26. I am going to turn 60 this year. I don't "feel" 60 and thankfully I don't look 60 either. (so I've been told) Inside, I feel like I'm about 35 or 40.
    My body on the other hand lets me know that I can no longer do the same things I could do 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. It is hard to give in to that, to let go and say yes, I'm getting older and can't do that anymore. Many of us won't let go and we will go down kicking and screaming "I can do it! Let me do it my self!!" My Dad was one of those, bless him. I'm glad I inheritated his stubborn streak!

  27. I came from Tabor's blog. Glad to meet you on such a topic. Age is such a heavy subject.

  28. Anonymous12:32 PM

    My two sisters are 71 and 73. I am 61 and together we keep wondering "which one of us is going to go first". We're aware of our ages, but not aware of how we appear to others.

    I see my sisters and sisters.

    I once saw them without warning, (unaware that it was MY SISTERS ahead of me, at the grocery store). I saw two VERY OLD WOMEN. It made me ill. I mean: ILL !!!

    These are my SISTERS! We are a LOT of joint pain due to age, but in our minds, we're still swinging on the old tire swing in the back yard.

    I think of this mental mindset as just one more horror of aging.

  29. Personally... I am a little concerned about that "White Hair" thing... But like I tell my kids... "Better gray than GONE!" :-) ~ jb///

  30. Pat – I love your reflection on being 80. I am very hopeful that I am as vital when I reach 80. My “bounce” was lost somewhere around 57:)

    Winifred – I keep believing I can fix that face in the mirror with new makeup but so far I haven’t found the perfect miracle product.

    Rachel -- Dolly Parton is finally starting to show her age but her sense of humor is what has kept her so young. She has always been very forthright about her upkeep.

    Sue – If your picture is current I certainly wouldn’t guess you were 60. It was great to have a visit from you again. It has been a while.

    lakeviewer – Happy you found me at Tabor’s. Please come back anytime. I’ll be visiting you as well.

    dana – I had a similar experience seeing a close friend my age and not realizing who it was as I judged how “old” this person looked.

    LZ Blogger – Sorry about the “white hair” comment and I do agree better gray than gone because mine is GONE:) Its wig city around here.

  31. here is the new link to my new blog once I've gotten your email and approved you:

  32. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I will be 65 next month and I have to admit the thought of going on Medicare kind of bothers me. Physically, I can tell I am slowing down but can still do most things I used to do. Mentally, I don't feel any older. I don't think I would go back and do anything over again. Great post, have a good weekend.

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