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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, August 02, 2010


1.) Am I being moved out of the big house into this little house?
2.) Unless they put up curtains, how will I have any privacy?
3.) Why is the door on the roof?

This lovely little greenhouse was in front of a local flea market. My friend Teresa wanted it and I wanted it. I was not sure how we would get it home or how much it cost so I bowed out. Teresa called her spouse and they could not agree on the purchase even though she had discovered it was only $20. I rushed to the flea market and paid for the greenhouse and it would wait for us outside until Ron and I could come back with the truck to get it.

The flea market was closed but our purchase was marked paid. We were attempting to load the heavy glass greenhouse into the truck and we both lacked the strength to lift it high enough to reach the tailgate. A local woman we had never met came to our rescue and added just the amount of strength we needed to get the house in the truck. I guess we look honest because for all she knew, we were stealing the dang thing. The heat index was 106 yet she stopped to help. Just proves the kindness of strangers once again and the beauty of small town living.

That was Friday evening. Another adventure followed on Saturday evening. We let Tandy Kid out with the big goats to graze. I saw them all return to the pen and went out to lock the gate when I realized TK was missing. Ron and I searched on foot and in the van for over two hours looking for our baby boy goat. It was a sad, sad day and we were reconciled to another loss, probably the hardest to take of all. Then I decided to take one more look around the pen and found the little rascal sound asleep under a tractor. I pulled him out and hugged him with such relief while he just screamed at me for waking him:)

The weekend adventures were not over yet. Sunday evening I had just finished watching a Netflix movie and our power went out. The alarm on Ron's oxygen started blaring which awakened him from his afternoon snooze. I called the power company and left our information on their answering machine but could not learn what had happened. It only took about ten minutes for the heat to become too extreme in the house so we got in the van and drove around with the air conditioning for quite a while. Finally we went into town and luckily they had power so we were able to have dinner in a very crowded local restaurant. After 2 1/2 hours we learned the power was back on and we headed home.

If the family doesn't visit our weekends are usually very quiet. This weekend was certainly a change from the norm.


  1. I'm so glad you found Tandy Kid! I could just feel your heartbreak.

    And awfully nice of the lady to help you - I had a similar experience with a flat tire and a young lady stopping to help. It's a pay it forward kind of thing.

  2. I am in love with that greenhouse and only $20!!

  3. That is quite lovely! I bet you Slim will find a way, though ;)

  4. What an eventful weekend! The little greenhouse is so cute!

    I loved your meme in the last post and the video's of the baby was so enjoyable!! I'd love to just hold that cute little white bundle!! Baby goats are the cutest things!!

  5. I love the greenhouse and think it's adorable, but it doesn't look like Slim shares my sentiments. lol

    I don't know what I'd do without a/c in the house. I love the nighttime breeze, but unfortunately we don't get one here in the tropics!

  6. Now that sounds like a half way scary weekend. So glad your husband was ok with his oxygen machine.

  7. Thank heavens that Tandy Kid was okay! That would have been beyond heartbreaking! And thank heavens for air conditioner vehicles in situations like that. I'm glad Ron was okay with the oxygen situation.

    What a great find that greenhouse was! A total bargain (though Slim isn't quite as impressed - lol)

  8. I love the greenhouse too, but I love the fact a stranger helped you lift it onto your truck even more.

    I've found people in the States to be so much more friendly and helpful than us cold unfriendly Brits!

  9. That is the coolest little greenhouse!

  10. Cripes! Thank goodness all came out well. What will you put in that cute green house? I really envy it. A big one would be more than i could manage but that would be ideal.

  11. Lynn --- It was a time of defeat to believe that we had lost this little guy. It has kept me on my toes about watching him better when he’s out with the big goats. And yes that lady was a saint to help us with the greenhouse. I definitely will “pay it forward” as soon as I can.

    Tabor – I still can’t get over the price. A $20 greenhouse was just too good to turn down.

    Riot Kitty – Oh I hope Slim doesn’t find a way through. That would mean breaking a lot of glass.

    Rachel – “an eventful weekend” is right and everything took place in three digit weather. It’s a wonder both of us didn’t have heat stroke. The baby goat is a delight to pick up. He is very friendly and loves attention.

    Ily – We have at the very least two more weeks of severe heat. I am just praying our a/c will hold out until things cool off. Growing up we lived in homes that did not have a/c nor did our vehicles and I wonder how we managed to survive.

    Stacey – We do have portable oxygen tanks to use in just such an event. Thanks for stopping by my blog. (By the way, my daughter lives in Guthrie and her husband works in Edmond)

    Talon – I am still so very relieved that TK was found. It reminded me of a time my daughter disappeared. She was five and we lived in an apartment complex. She was in a friend’s watching TV while I had the entire apartment complex out looking for her. After at least an hour she came skipping home totally oblivious to the frantic search.

    LL Cool Joe – Yes we have a major appreciation for the lady who helped us. Ron is very big at stopping to help people in need but I am usually more reluctant.

    Mama Zen – I cannot wait to figure out what I will put in the greenhouse and where I will set it.

    Pat – Oh I couldn’t manage a big greenhouse either. I’m hoping I can manage this small one.

  12. That's a darling little greenhouse! I would love to have that one.

    Glad you found the kid.

  13. Annie, have you thought about getting a small generator to use in case the power goes out again? Ron could plug his oxygen tank right into the generator and be safe...

    I absolutely love that little green house... What a steal at $20.00. I bet Slim will figure out a way to get

    I'm glad that you found your baby goat... I would have been heartsick... We lost two of our kittens the night of the big rain storm... The next morning they did not come to eat and I worried and that was six days ago.. Baby Bubba and Mark are brother and sister and at least they disappeared together... I have looked everywhere and can't find them... All I want to know is that they are OK! Have a great week...

  14. Glad the power came back on and Ron was okay. :)

    I love that greenhouse! I'm kicking myself now for selling all our old windows. GAH!

  15. kenju -- It makes me happy that you like my little greenhouse. What would you suggest I put in it?

    Lucy -- Ron and I almost bought a generator the other day and passed it up. It was on sale and everything. I'm betting the next time we see one, we'll grab it up. We have gas heat in the winter when we lose power but this was the first time we lost our power on such hot summer days and there is no way a person can stay home in the heat. I am glad we found the baby goat also. We lost two kittens and I saw them far up the road from us. I'm pretty sure they did not walk that far so maybe they got in the road and someone picked them up, but they obviously have a new home so I'll not try to steal them back.

    Dani -- Ron is kicking himself for all the window's he's gotten rid of over the years. It never dawned on him to build a greenhouse. It is cool isn't it?

  16. That is a great greenhouse and man, did you a deal on it.

  17. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I don't blame you for wanting that greenhouse. I would have bought it, too. The heat index is 113 some places in Kentucky today. I am scared to death my electricity is going off at any time from everyone overworking it. So glad you found your baby. I know you felt so good to see him alive. The U.S. highway 127 yard sales start here tomorrow. They go all the way from Ohio to Alabama through the weekend. I am hoping it cools off some so I can get out and look for neat stuff like you found!

  18. I wanted to post something funny about dogs in glass houses...but I got nothing. Your new greenhouse is very cool!

  19. Ralph -- It will be an even better deal if I actually put some plants in it. I don't know where to start.

    thesouternlady64 -- Maybe the weekend will cool down enough for the 127 hwy sale to take place. I've always wanted to go on one of those long yard sales. As hot as it is now I can't even be bribed to drive to the post office.

    OGO -- How about this: Dogs in glass houses shouldn't hide bones. Oh well I tried. LOL

  20. That is a good buy Annie :D

  21. Oooo I'd like to see the squirrels get the goodies in there! I could use one... Slim is certainly confused by the doghouse appearance!
    Yay- There are still nice folks- keeping outr faith in humankind.

    TG your baby was found! Surprized the Mommy didn't find him for you.

  22. Shionge -- Glad to see you back. It seems you've been quiet for a while. Yes we sure got a good deal on the greenhouse. There is easily over $20 worth of material in the house.

    Snaggle Tooth -- The baby goat's mother wasn't concerned or looking for him because she knew where he was. My dog would not even seek because she knew where he was. It seems Ron and I were the only ones in a panic.

  23. Granny Annie, the Doodle entries are up on my blog right now, there is a link through Joey's Pad or you can go directly to Coolness Captured too.

    I gave people a week to come up with something, but the contest finished yesterday.

    Thanks for joining in, it was great fun. I hope you like the other entries.