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Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am a fast woman. Don't take that the wrong way.

My spouse drives too slow. He ignores me when I tell him to put the pedal to the metal.

Food cannot be left unattended on my plate for fear of someone stealing it so I eat fast instead of savoring my food.

Do not get me stuck in a drive-in lane at the bank, the pharmacy or the fast food joint. That lane is supposed to be for people in a hurry but if you get trapped behind a slow doofus you are left inside your automobile with only your rage that craves speedy service.

Daily projects find me rushing to accomplish my routine. It is a rare day that I do not manage to stumble, fall or run into something as I try multi-tasking or carrying more than one thing at a time.

So how am I managing this art project of Ileana's? It is a slow process to include the art work of all ten. At least I clearly see the benefit of limiting the participants to 10 because more would only take longer, but where is the instant gratification?

Yesterday we completed the second mailing. Three weeks ago I mailed my book including my first sketch to Valeria and Monique sent me hers. Yesterday I sent Monique's on to Valeria and Monique mailed me Carmen's.

Yes I have my page preparation to challenge me between mailings. That is my work to do. But my strong desire is to see ALL this great art work coming from others. This definitely challenges my patience. Approximately every three weeks I will get to unveil new artwork from the 10.

Christmas will arrive in October this year. October is the time Ily anticipates all the books will have made their rounds and we will receive back our own sketch book complete with original art from unbelievable talents. Maybe in the process I will learn to slow down.

(Remember you can see some of my art work at ArtBistro by EAGHL including the two 10/10 sketch book pieces I have completed.)


  1. The anticipation of receiving the books must be fun.

  2. I can relate, Annie. I'm not a 'go slow' kind of gal myself. But some of the finest things in my life have come through long periods (to me anyway) of waiting. Like my amount of rushing was going to change the fact it would take 9 or so months to see the final product - lol!

    Sometimes the journey is even more important than the destination. It must be wonderful to aniticipate something so beautiful and creative.

  3. I think husbands have it in their DNA to be slow. My poor love has health problems now but when he was fit and strong I would be twice as fast.
    Mind you he would probably say 'More haste less speed' but I like to get things done!

  4. This is amazing and knowing that you are all 'linked up' on this wonderful.

    I can see why you want to be in the fast lane and keep it up Annie :D

  5. Slow drivers wind me up. The art project sounds fun but loads of work too!

    And I would never have pictured you as a fast woman. ;)

  6. You? Slow down? HA! I love it how we have more and more in common the more I read your blog :)

  7. I know what you mean about having to wait around for each book...not easy, is it? Like you, I want to see ALL the books, and you know (at the end) I'll be showing my completed book on my blog. I can hardly wait!

  8. This is exciting and I look forward to seeing everyone's interpretation.

  9. Well, I am heading the opposite direction slowing down and taking my time. To each their own. Good luck with that art project.

  10. I'm in the fast lane too. It's funny how many times I think to myself as I'm driving and run up against a slowpoke - darn old white haired lady - and I realize I am one of those.....LOL

    Keep a book in the car and you won't mind being trapped in the slow drive-through.

  11. i am so glad you are enjoying all of this, me too!!!!
    i can wait to see the whole thing all finished, i want to see my book all completed!!!!
    you are a gem dear!

  12. Back in the day, I would've been right up there in the fast lane with you, Granny Annie. I don't know, maybe getting older and mellowing out, or maybe it was having children, whatever it was, I am now a much less aggressive driver.