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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, November 30, 2009


This is the most spectacular and moving picture of all time. I watched it yesterday in celebration and remembrance of my Mom. Her 94th birthday would have been on Thanksgiving Day this year, November 26th. Watching this movie puts my mother right there in the room with me.

John Wayne was her hero and thus our hero. THE COWBOYS was the single greatest movie of all John Wayne ever made.

Children have to be forced to watch this old movie but they do not regret being forced once they see it. The granddaughters have loved it but our grandsons have all loved it especially.

If you have seen it, watch it again. If you have never seen it, you must do so immediately.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


(See added bulletin at the end of this post.*)

The competitive event on Thanksgiving! What is your family tradition surrounding the pulling of the turkey wishbone and making a wish? Who gets to pull it? Do you wait a week for it to dry or pull it on Thanksgiving day? It is always the one with the larger portion of the wishbone that wins. How should you grasp the wishbone? Some only use their pinkies to hold it, while others grasp it in a fist (cheaters!) or some will simply hold the ends tightly with two fingers. Are you as rude as my (39 year old) son when you win by laughing hysterically and dancing around with the big half of the wishbone chanting "I won! I won!".

Our California daughter Terri refuses to pull a wishbone because she fears losing and says she can't afford to waste her wishes.

I thought the following scientific explanation was interesting.

Why does the wishbone break in one spot rather than two spots?

That happens because the wishbone is not uniform in strength and size. Once the strength of the wishbone is exceeded in one spot, it will break there. Any stresses due to bending will be relieved throughout the rest of the bone once it is in two pieces (it is no longer being bent once it breaks).

If you are asking how you get an advantage to get the big piece of the wishbone, I suppose the most reliable way is to examine the wishbone before trying to break it. Stick with whichever side appears to be thickest/strongest.

*BULLETIN: I may have lost the wishbone pull but look at my sidebar to see the prize I won in Katherine Plummer's art giveaway. I was thrilled!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is my blog post until after the holidays. This turkey coloring page would be nice for you to print and put in front of the guests to color. Adults would probably enjoy coloring it as much as the children.
A few of you will drop by my blog before your festivities begin and some will be here Thanksgiving Day or after. Regardless of when you arrive, take a minute to tell us what you plan to do or what you have already done. It would be nice for you to share your Thanksgiving Day menu as well as tell us what you usually do with leftover turkey.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Nona's Christmas Giveaway -- Hurry you need to be in my November 29th.

another art giveaway -- Enter by November 28th offered from They Call Me The Chicken Lady

Monday, November 23, 2009


Politics should never divide friends and family. Sometimes we confuse political choices as either good or bad while political choices are only means to the same ends desired by good people and exploited by bad people. I have always heard that 90% of us are honest. That means we are allowing 10% of the world's population to drive us to ruin.

Friday, November 20, 2009


You can tell around here when high school football has ended. They turn the poor football stars out without any direction and you can count on them following the annual tradition of driving country roads and busting mailboxes with ball bats. Isn't that cute?

Instead of this being treated as the Federal offense it is, all the natives just say, "boys will be boys" and they build big concrete and/or brick padding around their mailboxes. Those of us who cannot afford that kind of security have to settle for replacing the expensive box periodically. Our lovely receptacle took a hit last night. At least it wasn't totally demolished like the last one was.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Yesterday I received my Hoover WindTunnel Turbo Anniversary Edition vacuum cleaner. This little jewel that I have named R2-D2 has changed my life. It was recommended by Consumer Reports and don't confuse it with the regular Hoover WindTunnel vacuum. You want the bag less "Anniversary Edition".

I have searched and searched and tried other models and had about decided I must have a Dyson that starts over $450. Whew, thank God for Consumer Reports. This month they recommended a couple of vacuums but the ultimate winner of best overall was my R2-D2.

Consumer Reports showed the bag less Anniversary Edition Hoover starting at $160.00. I began looking and found it everywhere starting at $169.00. Today most of the places have it at $188. But I kept looking and the found the bargain of a lifetime at which is a California appliance company that sold me this baby for $119. Even with shipping and handling, it was less than the recommended price of $160.

If you need a vacuum and are about ready to get one, I would suggest you act quickly because this one is already going up in price. Mine is a dream as it glides over bare floors and all levels of carpeting and does a magnificent job. Did I mention that I am delighted?

This is my second post for today. I could not wait to tell how well my vacuum works. Meanwhile don't just read this and miss my other post for today: BEWARE THE ANSWER MAN.


THE ANSWER MAN is my most recently viewed Netflix movie. It stars Jeff Daniels and is a very good story. I especially enjoyed it because it turned out "the answer man" didn't have all the answers.

Ron and I once found an Answer Book that went with a very old Bible Study put together by James and Tammy Faye Baker. The question portions of the set were missing but who would need those? Here were the answers in clear and fine print. We presented this book of answers to my brother the minister and told him he could quit all the difficult research he put into his sermons because now he had this easy book of answers.

My faith is not grounded in achieving all the answers in this lifetime but in always searching and in being cautious of anyone who claims to have ALL the answers. My parents taught me to constantly search for answers in new theory and new discoveries as well as inspirations from the past.

The character in the movie
played by Daniels is named Arlen Faber. He had written a bestselling book GOD AND ME then had gone into seclusion. People greatly admired Faber's book and wanted to meet this man who seemed to have face-to-face meetings with God. This man was a genius at having right answers for every concern people might encounter so why was Arlen Faber's own life such a wreck?

In the end he has to acknowledge that he never had these question and answer sessions with the Creator. Then people wanted to know how he wrote such a good book and how he had such great insight. He did not know.

Have you met people who seem to have all the answers in life, only to later learn their lives are tainted in some way. If they have all the answers how can their own lives be such a mess? Does that change the good answers and make them bad or simply give you caution whether to believe it all or not? Have you ever gone back to read things you wrote years ago and suddenly wonder where it came from? It is like it was channeled through you by someone else -- someone smarter than you could possible be?

Too many answers and sometimes even fleeting profound thought can lead us astray. Beware the answer man even when it is you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009





Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Recently Kenju of IMAGINE began filling us in our her spider now named Stella. Prior to that she also gave us a tremendous amount of information on their experience with bees. The best way to find all that is to type in "bees" at the top of her blog and hit search.

Sister Mary Martha writes about their bee disaster and about more than just transferring the bees. She writes about the unusual and unexplained transferring of Sister St. Aloysius.

UPDATE FROM YESTERDAY'S POST: URBAN COWBOY Nancy guessed it. Click to watch YouTube Urban Cowboy -- Looking For Love

Monday, November 16, 2009


First my daughter and I watched the movie together years ago with her friends then my god daughter joined us watching it. Now when we get together we watch it out of nostalgia and we clap and hoot and holler and repeat the lines before they are spoken.

Yesterday clicking past channels the move was on so I watched it by myself. It appears a little different that way. I am a mature 63 year old woman and can see the absolute hysterical value of the film when the uncle dies in a tragic work related accident but his nephew still must go on and ride the rodeo the night of the uncle's funeral. And it's not quite a rodeo. It's a mechanical bull riding contest in a big local tavern.

Yet, as corny as the movie really is, when the couple jumps in the pickup at the end and he pops open the glove box, get's her license place and puts it in the back window on her side of the truck as they drive away, I still cry.

Do you know of what movie I speak? Do you have movies that affect you this way? I don't think I'll watch this one alone anymore because it's more fun with the girls. We just enjoy it corn and all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


It has been an exhausting five days for my grandsons and my son (one of the chaperons). They traveled to Indianapolis for their high school band The Broken Arrow Pride to participate in the Grand National championships. After winning first place in regional in St. Louis and State in Edmond, OK, they prayed to make the finals in Indianapolis as they competed among 90 other best in the Nation bands.

My grandson Dillon's comments on his facebook tell the story best.

DJH "Finals here we come!!"
DJH "oh yes finals wes epic"
DJH "Top 6 three years in a row!!!"
DJH "is tired"
DJH "couldn't have asked for a better day"


96.60 Avon H.S., IN (Visual-TIE, General Effect-TIE)
95.25 L.D. Bell H.S., TX (General Effect-TIE)
95.25 Marian Catholic H.S., IL (Visual-TIE)*
94.50 Marcus H.S., TX (Music)
94.45 Carmel H.S., IN
92.75 Broken Arrow Sr. H.S., OK
92.50 The Woodlands H.S., TX
92.15 Lawrence Central H.S., IN
90.40 Center Grove H.S., IN
89.65 James Bowie H.S., TX
89.15 Wando H.S., SC
88.80 Centerville H.S., OH

Fan Favorite - Broken Arrow H.S., OK
Esprit de Corps Award - American Fork H.S., UT

Saturday, November 14, 2009


My pastor has been my pastor for 30 years. That is almost half my life. Prior to that, my dad was my pastor for 20 years and other dynamic Methodist ministers fell between. My own brother is a wonderful Methodist minister but he has never been my pastor. But my pastor feels like a member of my family. He has brought my children into the church, baptized two of my grandchildren, preached to me with my parents by my side, buried my father, served us hundreds of communions and transferred Ron's membership into our church. All his sermons are excellent's but this past Sunday was exceptional. Click this link to listen to The Reverend Doctor Mouzon Biggs, Jr in a 29 minute sermon from November 8, 2009. He is a highly educated theologian. I do not post this for the purpose of proselytising but for sharing a dynamic person's ideas with you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today I had my blood work done for my cholesterol. The lab said I first had to pay $11.35. I assured them that my insurance paid 100% on lab work but when there was a fee it was $12.00 co-pay. It did not matter to them. They are now collecting 10% of the total lab fee up front on everyone regardless of insurance because of the Health Care Bill passing the House. My insurance carrier is going to be out added expense refunding the fees that are not part of my insurance plan.

President Obama looked our active and retired military and veteran's in the eye and said our benefits would not be affected one bit. So it begins.............(Nope, not really. It began last January. "It" being the freaking lies!"

What, you ask, is the big deal about $11.35? It is not yet the 15Th of the month. Think of the person who will be charged $11.35 and that might be the last money they have to make it until payday. I remember having times that I would have had to forgo the lab work until after payday with gasoline and food taking precedence.


We carry a Super 8 Motel book when we travel. Overall our experiences with Super 8 have been good. The prices are reasonable, the rooms attractive and spacious, they offer Wi-Fi internet free, continental breakfast, etc. That is why this Texas Amarillo East Super 8 surprised us. Our room was in a basement, the outlets and wires were exposed, there were two peep holes in the door. One was at about 3ft from the floor and the other about 5ft. The light switches were all located about 3ft from the floor. The safety latch on the door was broken. (That wasn't very comforting). Also the toilet tank was set up wrong and appeared to be ready to topple over any second. Did we protest? Nope, we got our much needed rest and left at 4:30 the next morning. Obviously the room was designed for "little people" and I had to feel sorry for them because they obviously get less than royal treatment at this Super 8.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We arrived back home around 3:00 yesterday afternoon after picking up Slim from the kennel. Our trip to the West coast was fifteen days of fantastic but "be it ever so humble" home feels the best.

Daughter Terri and grand kids, Joey, Ian and Jasmine in San Diego, saw to it that Ron's 70Th birthday was one to remember.

We got in on only a brief part of his USS Mahan ship reunion in Tucson, AZ but it was enough to celebrate with old friends and check in until next year.

Our first stop on our trip was at daughter Chelle's where they offered relaxation and comfort before the heavy traveling began.

Our travels took us near the homes of four of Ron's shipmates from other ships and we got to meet up with a woman who was our neighbor when we lived in Kansas. She had returned to California a couple of years before we sold our place and moved back to Oklahoma, plus we found some old friends who had moved from California to Tennessee and back to California.

Our final stop before home was the highlight when we stopped to see my brother and Sil. It was good to share coffee and donuts and hug their necks. My Sil will begin her chemo on Thursday. She is a champ but what else would we expect?

Needless to say, Ron is much better and we were both delighted to get a medical reprieve for him so we could fly the coop for a while.

Five chickens were missing from our flock when we returned. It seems a fox got them (or foxes) the day before we got home.

The dog Cookie that we planned to adopt if still here was gone, so that decision is over. Hopefully someone else took her in.

I was awake at 4:00 this morning because we failed to change our clocks at home. That is so funny because we were changing time zones and were fixing clocks and watches the whole trip it seemed. Usually we don't have to change our clocks at home but usually we're not gone when daylight savings time kicks in. Anyway I looked at the clock and thought it's 5:00 so I might as well get up. I believe we will suffer jet (rather van) lag for a while.

Friday, November 06, 2009


We had a lovely dinner at the Hilton East Tucson last week. Several of Ron's shipmates were with us at the table but each couple picked up their own check. Our bill was for $50 and I did not even question it because my pasta dish alone was $17 and Ron had steak plus we both had extra cost on drinks. I used my credit card to pay the check, add the tip and send off with the waitress.

The wife of one of our friends at the end of the table reminded her spouse to include a tip. He told here the tip had already been included because we were a party of 6 or more. My brain screamed "WHAT?". After all we were over 6 but we were actually two.

Discreetly I left the table and ran the waitress down. (Just how discreet is screaming stop thief stop thief!) "Was the gratuity already added to our total?" "Yes it was" she replied, "21%." "May I please have our ticket back?" and I marked through the tip I had added and changed the total. For some reason I wasn't even embarrassed, I was just mad because I had not seen the tip was added and because I had not considered we were a group of six or more. Wouldn't you think they would tell us or do a lot of people leave 41% tips? The other couples except the one had all done the same.

Yep, we're still in San Diego with family and having a good time but I'm starting to miss Slim, the cats and all my fowl friends. We will begin our trek home on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Ron and I are still traveling but I'm trying to catch up on your blogs when I can find a computer connection. This morning I was saddened to read Dana's LIFE IS GOOD. Their dear Lucky was a long time companion and they have had to say goodbye. Dana's writing was a deep and stirring description of what it means to lose such a friend.