Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Friday, November 06, 2009


We had a lovely dinner at the Hilton East Tucson last week. Several of Ron's shipmates were with us at the table but each couple picked up their own check. Our bill was for $50 and I did not even question it because my pasta dish alone was $17 and Ron had steak plus we both had extra cost on drinks. I used my credit card to pay the check, add the tip and send off with the waitress.

The wife of one of our friends at the end of the table reminded her spouse to include a tip. He told here the tip had already been included because we were a party of 6 or more. My brain screamed "WHAT?". After all we were over 6 but we were actually two.

Discreetly I left the table and ran the waitress down. (Just how discreet is screaming stop thief stop thief!) "Was the gratuity already added to our total?" "Yes it was" she replied, "21%." "May I please have our ticket back?" and I marked through the tip I had added and changed the total. For some reason I wasn't even embarrassed, I was just mad because I had not seen the tip was added and because I had not considered we were a group of six or more. Wouldn't you think they would tell us or do a lot of people leave 41% tips? The other couples except the one had all done the same.

Yep, we're still in San Diego with family and having a good time but I'm starting to miss Slim, the cats and all my fowl friends. We will begin our trek home on Sunday.


  1. That's strange, because it's usually 8 or more that equals an automatically included tip. Automatic gratuity really pisses me off, because what if they do a bad job? This has happened to me in Europe many times.

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Annie, I been bit by this more than I would like to say, good job, keep your head up high, she was probably snickering anyway when you didn't notice the tip was added!

  3. That's a new one on me. I never knew that a party of more than 6 had the tip included in the total price.

    I'm sorry we didn't get together. You were so close to my house that we could almost have touched. Maybe next time.

  4. Riot Kitty -- I wouldn't mind the tip added to a single ticket for six or more. I objected to the tip being added to our ticket for two just because we were seated with six or more.

    Marilyn -- Thanks for saying you have done the same. I feel better. Yep, I was pretty sure the gal was snickering. LOL

    Darlene -- I'll call you when we get home and we can pretend I'm in Tucson:) I'll have to get your phone number. LOL

  5. Annie,

    I heard from Slim today and she said to tell you that she misses you,too.

    Hurry home!!!

  6. Pleased you had the courage to ask for your tip back.
    Enjoy yourself.


  7. Nancy -- Thanks for the good report from Slim. I needed to know she is missing me too. I believe you can sense my homesickness.

    Yvonne -- I did feel courageous taking back our tip. Thanks!

  8. I have never heard of them adding it for such a small number of only 6 people. Geesh! That's double dipping...I mean tipping!!! :)

    I know your critters are missing you too!! Glad you are having a good time! Enjoy!!

  9. They should have told you that the tip was added for groups of six - which is a very small number for that!!

  10. If it was a local restaurant, you would probably never go back. That irritates me. When they add 15% automatically I usually thank them because I add more than that.

  11. Rachel -- Yesterday I called the kennel and they said Slim was doing great. I felt like a mother who had her kid in daycare and really wanted to hear the kid was missing her not doing great. Well, you know what I mean.

    Kenju -- I have a questionaire from the Hilton in Tucson and am probably going to report this unhappy incident though it will not do much good.

    Cliff -- I know exactly what you mean about the 15% tip being added because we normally tip 20%. This place added 21! Whew!

  12. I find the whole area of tipping a pain. I'd rather they just add on a bit extra and do away with the whole thing. Like when you get your hair cut, or anywhere where you are meant to tip.

    Once I got criticized that I didn't tip the hairdresser enough. I did all their artwork and printing for them, and I never got tipped once, even when I went out of my way to deliver stuff to their home etc. Yet I was meant to tip them for a 30 minute haircut. :/

  13. I've done that. Don't know if I should tell you this or not but I recently talked to a friend who had just returned from San Diego. He noticed a HIC charge on his bill for 5% of the total. It was for Health Insurance Coverage! Many of the resturants especially in the bay area are charging it to pay for workers health insurance.

  14. More and more restaurants are including tip, to the point where I always check first...because THEY NEVER TELL YOU it's included. I sometimes dine alone when I'm at the beach for art class and a tip is ALWAYS included. It's just the way it is. The service has always been wonderful, but I wouldn't pay it if it weren't. You did the right thing, Chica!

  15. (((hugs ))) hi :-) lol :-) Good girl, I would have done the same thing :-)

  16. 21%? That's insane.

    I waited tables for years. Our policy was 17% for parties of 8 or more in the main place I worked.

    When it came time to bring the bill, I always told them up front that our policy is 17% for parties of 8. I'd also tell them that I refuse to enforce this policy because if I did a poor job, then I don't deserve 17%.

    It usually surprises them to hear a waiter being so humble. Funny thing is, 17% was usually a punishment for me. I usually did better than that for parties of 8. That's another reason I never enforced the 17%.

    17% is kind of standard, but 21% is ridiculous.

  17. When I worked at a restaraunt we did the same thing. It was printed on the menues and written on your check. Still don't know that it was very noticable.

    Have fun and be safe!

  18. LL Cool Joe -- I'm with you on wishing the tip would just be included on every check.

    Ralph -- We did not see the 5% HC charge on any bills but believe me, after you wrote this I watched carefully.

    Scarlet -- You are so right to always check carefully. I have learned my lesson from now on.

    Renae -- Thanks for stopping by. You need to show up more often. Loved your last two posts.

    Zombieslayer -- It is difficult to find anything standard these days. It seems to just matter from state to state or even town to town.

    OGO -- I truly will look on the menu carefully from now on. Yes the restaurant disclosed the 21% but whew, when I missed it and added another 20% on top of that, I wish they would have mentioned it discreetly.

    Now here's a question if any of you see this. When you pet is in the kennel for along time should the person who feeds and walks the dogs get a tip?