Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Yesterday I received my Hoover WindTunnel Turbo Anniversary Edition vacuum cleaner. This little jewel that I have named R2-D2 has changed my life. It was recommended by Consumer Reports and don't confuse it with the regular Hoover WindTunnel vacuum. You want the bag less "Anniversary Edition".

I have searched and searched and tried other models and had about decided I must have a Dyson that starts over $450. Whew, thank God for Consumer Reports. This month they recommended a couple of vacuums but the ultimate winner of best overall was my R2-D2.

Consumer Reports showed the bag less Anniversary Edition Hoover starting at $160.00. I began looking and found it everywhere starting at $169.00. Today most of the places have it at $188. But I kept looking and the found the bargain of a lifetime at which is a California appliance company that sold me this baby for $119. Even with shipping and handling, it was less than the recommended price of $160.

If you need a vacuum and are about ready to get one, I would suggest you act quickly because this one is already going up in price. Mine is a dream as it glides over bare floors and all levels of carpeting and does a magnificent job. Did I mention that I am delighted?

This is my second post for today. I could not wait to tell how well my vacuum works. Meanwhile don't just read this and miss my other post for today: BEWARE THE ANSWER MAN.


  1. Beautiful...and I love what you named it! I'm wondering if it'll pick up all my lab and husky hairs that DRIVE ME INSANE on a daily basis. If so, I'm sold!

  2. Sounds great!!!!!

    I have a Sony that I call the Red Rocket -- it picks up everything but a sailor on Saturday night!!! LOL

  3. Lil Red -- My R2D2 came with a special pet hair removal attachment and it works great!

    Kay Dennison -- I already have the sailor so I'm good:)

  4. Yes, Annie, I am ready for a new vacuum and the one you bought sounds just right for me BUT...
    I would have to see it in action before buying.

    Could you please bring it to my house tomorrow and do all my carpets so I will know if the Hoover Anniversary Vacuum is really the one I want.

    Thank you and see you in the morning.....

  5. I love a good deal!

    Thank you for your comment on my post Granny Annie. It's just what I needed to hear.

  6. Nancy -- I'll be there early and would appreciate bacon,eggs,toast, OJ, coffee with hazelnut cream and strawberry jam is a must. That gives me the energy to perform an appropriate demonstrations.

    OGO -- We all love a good deal. Plus, glad my favorite quote gave you some pause also.

  7. Annie,

    The bacon is sizzling as we speak but I am all out of Hazelnut Cream.

    Will French vanilla do?

    Oh,and by the way: Do you do windows?

  8. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I am a vacuum "nut". I have 4. My sister adores her Dyson, but I don't have $600. WANT * INFO *

    And photos of you vacuuming.......or does the handle only fit your husband's hand like mine does?