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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Seriously -- NO!!!!!!

A dog looking a lot like this pup has moved into our barn. We know where it belongs and have contacted the owners to come and get it. They did not until last night. Their granddaughter came with a leash but the dog did not want to go with her. Finally the grandfather came and got the pup, but I have a strong feeling it will be back very soon.

They would like for us to accept the responsibility for this pet. I have the best dog ever in our girl Slim. I do not want or need another dog. But what is a person to do? I can't call animal control because I know where the dog lives. The granddaughter said she thought it would be nice if we feed the dog because they can't afford the food for it. I suggested that they find a nice home for the dog where people can afford the food. She suggested our barn was a good place for the dog and she can visit.

Slim usually does a good job running off stray dogs. Slim will run off this pup's sibling without a problem but she cannot bring herself to run off this pup. Yes it is cute and yes it seems to like our home but No, no, no, seriously NO, I do not want this dog. And, I do want to maintain good relations with our neighbors.

Let's hear some suggestions for dealing with this unusual situation.


  1. Your neighbors seem to have a lot of nerve to put you in such an awkward situation. Be sure to let us know how you solved the problem.I wish I had a helpful suggestion.

  2. Maybe a call to animal control for some advice would be in order? They might have a recommendation or know of someone that would want the dog that could take it off their hands?hy

  3. I think I would just take it to the pound myself. The neighbors don't have to know you did it. At least it would get fed by someone other than you. If you call animal control the neighbors might see the truck and know what happened.

    I agree that they have a lot of nerve asking you to feed it and keep it in your barn so THEY can visit.

  4. Your neighbors are totally irresponsible and rude - I'm sure I'd be a sucker and keep it. Who knows what could happen to it otherwise?

  5. Perhaps you can be the pup's angel and do some telephoning to see if you can find someone who would take the pup.

    It's obvious the pup is looking for another home because he is either being abused or starved. Poor little guy.

  6. Your neighbour obviously know you are a kind hearted person and an animal lover, but they do have a nerve I totally agree.
    Personally I would contact the animal pound where they could find the poor dog a good home where it will get the love it so desperately needs. Don't feel guilty.......your neighbours are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves.
    Good luck.

  7. lucylocket -- Yes, I think it's a lot of nerve too. They have a registered Boston Bull that they treat like a queen but their other dogs are just left to run the area without shots or attention.

    PG -- The idea to call animal control ust for some advice is a good one. I might give it a try.

    OGO -- the minute that pup disappears I'm gonna get blamed whether I get rid of it or not. I might end up having to take it myself though, just to get it some help.

    RK -- I think my neighbors think there is something wrong with me that I don't welcome their puppy with open arms. It is soooo cute and I believe it is a Labrador but I just don't want it.

    Darlene -- the pup looks healthy and doesn't look like it is needing a meal but the granddaughter says the bigger pup gets all the food and they can't afford to feed more for the other pup. Of couse she is just 9 so no telling what is true.

    Yvonne -- I so agree that this pup needs a good home. I may do a search on the QT and see who I might find. Isn't it awful though that this has somehow become MY problem???

  8. You're neighbors have alot of nerve. Seems to me like the pup might be abused if it didn't want to go home with the girl. I know you want to stay on good terms with your neighbors but they should feel the same about you and obviously they don't. I would call animal control and have them come pick it up. That way the neighbors will see that you are not one to be reckoned with. They can't just dump their problems with you. And if their other animals are running lose with no shots or attention, they should go to the dog pound too. Sorry if I sound harsh, but as much as I love animals (you know I do), I don't think I should be taken advantage of and neither should you. I'm just glad I don't live close by, I'd probably have another dog, lol.

  9. What's another mouth to feed, seriously? And look at those eyes!

    (Yes, I have the word, Sucker, tattooed on my forehead!)

    Honestly, your neighbors need to take full responsibility for their pup, but if they don't, it's your call. I'd keep him around, but not treat him like he's mine (so the neighbors can take care of the vet visits and any problems that may arise).

  10. I'd still call animal control and have them remove the dog from your property. Then if the neighbors don't claim it perhap animal control can find it a good home.

  11. Bonnie -- I was worried about the pup being abused because it didn't like the granddaughter at all but it does look very healthy.

    Scarlet -- I used to be a softie and give in to those sad puppy eyes, but I know my dog days arrived when Slim arrived and I don't want to push my luck.

    Ralph --I'm really not sure what animal control does about stray dogs outside the city limits. If they come to get one they will probably have to pick up fifty more on the way.

    All in all, the large ugah horn seems to be scaring the little fellow back home and I'm hoping that will give the family an idea of how seriously I don't want their pup.

  12. People who can't afford to feed a pet shouldn't have one. I doubt it would do any good to talk to the owner because they have already proven to be a few bricks short or they wouldn't have gotten a pet they can't afford to feed in the first place. They are obviously totally irresponsible. My guess is the pup is running around looking for food because it's hungry.
    Starving an animal is inhumane and against the law. Reporting them would only make them pay a fine and promise to do better for the pup, or it would be euthanized.
    I feel sorry for the pup, and if it were me I would try to find a 'GOOD' home for it myself.

  13. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Your neighbors have pride of ownership sadly lacking in responsibilities. The pup, as all animals, is the one to suffer the injustice. I would "allow" the pup to be stationed in the open barn by them. I would treat it kindly and watch for their "visits". Me, being me, I would shelter it under my wing. Them, being them, would take it back at a moment's notice. Soooooooo. Treat it well, take it to the animal shelter, and if they DO ever visit, be amazed that the barn is empty.

  14. Hey I hope all is well now :D

  15. Yesterday Ron, my son and the grandsons were at the lake looking at the boat launch making plans for today. Ron saw one of our lake neighbors with a good sized pup. He was sure if was a sibling of the dog that was trying to live with us. The man replied, "I adopted it from your neighbor up the hill." "Oh" says Ron, "Did Mr. Neighbor give you the pup?" and the fellow said, "No, it just kept coming over so we kept it." "Does Mr. Neighbor know where this pup is?" Ron asked. "Yes he does. He was down launching his boat the other day and his granddaughter said, 'Look grandpa there's one of our pups' and Mr. Neighbor said, 'be quiet'" LOL

    At least one of the dogs picked the right house. This fellow has his pup all cleaned up and it has it shots, etc. He did say it had Parvo when he took it so he has at least $600 invested in his free stray. Yikes! Who knows, if the last two keep looking they might just find the right folks to adopt them. Our Slim was a "free" stray and has cost us a small fortune but she is worth it. Anyway, thought you might want an update. I have managed to run the black pup off but you would not believe how much he has grown. I see them at the back of the field from time to time and he is going to be a giant of a dog!