Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Sunday, July 05, 2009


Thursday evening my brother and sil arrived. We went to excellent new restaurant for dinner and came home to my freshly baked buttermilk pie and my peach yogurt pie. We looked at my dad's ruby ring that was they were taking to our grandnephew Owen the next day. It was emotional to remember always seeing dad wearing that ring but it was right to know that his namesake would have it in his future. Brother and sil left Friday morning on their way to a bigger adventure for the Independence weekend.

It was fun to entertain company with my new couch and love seat that Chelle and Kit gave us. Their new house doesn't have a den, so they gave us their den furniture and it is plush and lovely and comfortable!

My son arrived Friday morning with no work plans, just rest and relaxation for the holiday weekend. His three kiddos were in Houston visiting the OGs (Other Grandparents) He gave me a new DVD player as a belated birthday present and it is so nice to watch movies now without them sticking. I made sloppy joes and potato salad for dinner and we still had pie left over for dessert.

Fourth of July morning I got up early enough to imagine the wedding taking place in Germany. Travis and Christiane should have been walking down the aisle at 6:30 AM our time which was 1:30 PM their time. I cannot wait to for pictures to know if it was all I imagined it to be. I especially would have liked to see them take the floor for the first dance.

Ron, Tandy and I loaded in the Van and headed for my sister's. She had her whole crew gathered around for the first time in ages. All her children, children-in-law, and grandchildren were running rampant through her home as guest like us popped in to gaze at the wonder of it all. Little Owen's parents were still in shock after receiving dad's ring the day before from our brother. It was obviously and emotional moment.

As tradition would have it, a treasure hunt was in the making by Christy. Clues would have to be drawn pictures because none of my sister's grandchildren can read. They had a blast running through the house to finally uncover the ultimate prize of candy and bubbles.

Ron left for a short while to go find a mule. He came back without one which is good because we don't know how we would have gotten it home.

Back at NOL-NOC Estates we three fell fast asleep and I was filled with guilt that I could nap and had left my sister sitting in the middle of her livingroom floor with the sound of "GaMa, GaMa" ringing in her ears.

This Sunday morning is quiet. Ron is still in bed and Tandy has gone fishing. I am going to think about cooking breakfast and getting my house ready for grandchildren Michael and Hope who will visit us again on Tuesday and stay for three days.

And so we sing:
Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky
Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky...............

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  1. Your having a lovely weekend with family!! Enjoy the new DVD player. Very thoughtful gift :-)

  2. Pleased you had a good week-end. Loved the video.

    Take care.


  3. What a beautiful story! I bet the first dance was amazing and I hope you get to see video!

  4. Enjoy the quiet in between visits! I want one of your pies :)

    I like that you are passing on your dad's ring. Right before she died, my great aunt - who wore very little jewelry - gave me the necklace that she always wore. Her late husband had given it to her and she loved it. I was so honored and I think of her every time I wear it.

  5. Since my mother wasn't allowed to bring anything back from Cuba with her, she's bought a few good pieces of jewelry throughout the last 40 years, which will eventually go to me. I can't wait to pass on something special to my daughter (or hers) someday.

    Congrats to Travis and Christiane...and yes, let's see pictures!!

  6. Nice post - look forward to the pics.

  7. If I send you my address....will you mail me a pie?!?!?!?! : )

    Mmmmmmmm...they sound wonderful.

    It sounds like you have a lot going on....enjoy all of the visitors....and, as my sister's pillow states...."their coming and going"! ha ha


  8. What a great weekend you had. I have very little of my grandmother's jewelry to pass on. But it will eventually go to my 2 boys. It's so nice to be around family for the holidays.

  9. Sounds like you've had a great weekend.

    That food sounds fabulous but I've got to ask, what are Sloppy Joes?

  10. You've had a busy weekend....

  11. Annie,

    I loved reading about all your activities but I especially enjoy hearing about Baby Owen.

    Just imagine how happy he will be to have that ring when he is old enough to understand the significance of it and who loved him enough to give it to him.

    Your dad would be so proud, Annie. What a story that ring will tell in the future..

  12. You've been busy! I still need to try a buttermilk pie.

  13. Now I'm tired from reading all that has gone on in your life. I'll bed felt good that night.
    Exciting that the grandkids are coming, eh?