Frankie and Slim

Frankie and Slim
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


All is well in the world of guinea fowl. The eggs Michael gathered when he was here and we put under a broody chicken began hatching on Sunday. I counted four the first day. The second day we moved hen and nine keets into a nest box on the ground. Today we have 12 healthy keets and a very happy and protective mother hen.

If you will remember, after we had the hen on the guinea fowl eggs for eight days, our granddaughter Hope and her friend gathered them to surprise me. We quickly and carefully returned the eggs to the nest not knowing if the hatch would be jeopardized. As you can see, it was not.

There are still eight eggs under the hen that might hatch. These little babies are so cute. My son said the are the story of the Ugly Duckling in reverse. These are cute when little then grow into weird looking guinea fowl. LOL


Which came first, the weakness or the talent? Many famous artists i.e. painters, authors, actors, musicians, were/are substance abusers and/or insane. If they had not been insane or addicted, would they have done even more or would they have been less successful?

What do we say to our children and our grandchildren about the whole world mourning the loss of celebrities who had questionable lifestyles? Does the result truly justify the trail of anguish and controversy left in their wake?

Monday, June 29, 2009


We lived in Kansas when my neighbor Cindy and I decided to put together a windmill. Ron and I had purchased it many months before and never got around to building it.

Cindy and I struggled for several hours piecing together the green and yellow structure from an abundance of large, small and tiny parts. Ron passed by us often and had found our efforts entertaining as he watched our determination. Cindy and I were extremely proud when it was finished. The windmill stood in my Kansas garden until we moved. Ron and I brought it to Oklahoma with us where it stands at the front of our property. It is a symbol of hard work, determination and of friendship.

The amazing thing about an item that needs assembly is the parts that are usually left over. Cindy and I were through building but we had several screws left and some metal beams. Miraculously the windmill works and has stayed together.

Thinking about this makes me feel a little bit more comfortable when I'm told that I have a screw missing or a screw loose. "Assembly Required" items prove over and over that even a human structure can still function even if all the parts are not in place:)

What was the last thing you bought that was "assembly required" and did you have parts left over?

Friday, June 26, 2009


I'M YOURS by Jason Mraz

My grandson Ryan played this song for me and, wonder of wonders, I liked this musician. Yes, a musician that a 16 year old likes. So, Grandparents can learn some new tricks. Enjoy this for you weekend entertainment. I bought the guy's CD today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Have you ever counted the number of times in a day that you say "I'm sorry"? Have you ever attempted to stop saying those words and found it impossible. If you rarely say you're sorry, you won't understand this post, but if you say it a lot for virtually no reason you will know from whence I come:)

I call my sister on the telephone. It rings once, twice -- no big deal -- three, four -- oops, I'm calling at a bad time. I'm taking her away from guests. I'm bothering her while she's napping. And, just as I start to hang up she answers.
"Hello" she says.
"I'm sorry!" I exclaim.
"Why are you apologizing?" she asks.
"I didn't want to disturb you."
And she replies, "I was just looking for the phone."

My sister calls me on the telephone.
"Hello" I say.
"I'm sorry to bother you" she says.
We go back and forth that way.

My spouse comments on something that went wrong in his day.
"I'm sorry" I say.
"Why are you sorry?" he will ask, "It wasn't your fault."

Someone loses something -- I'm sorry.
Someone breaks something -- I'm sorry.
Someone doesn't like the outfit they are wearing -- I'm sorry.

A while back my sister, my daughter and I took a challenge to go as long as we could without saying the words, "I'm sorry". We were all three out of the contest within the first hour.

Can you relate or is this just my family thing?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Speaking of clothes, how differently do you dress now than when you were a kid at home? I could NOT wear shorts to town. The only places I was allowed to wear shorts were to play at home or to an outdoor party or camping. Slacks and/or jeans were also allowed only in very casual places. The rest of the time I wore dresses. If we were guests in someone's home, I wore a dress. If we had guest in our home, I wore a dress. Of course church required a dress.

Visiting my parents in their retirement home, I made every effort to always wear a dress or slacks but there were times I would run in and out quickly and appear there in shorts. Mother would give me "the look". My mother always wore dresses. She had dressy dresses and she had casual dresses and she had chore dresses. I don't believe she ever wore slacks until we were all away from home. I NEVER saw my mother in a pair of shorts.

Today Ron and I are going to Tulsa for his doctor's appointment. It is an extremely hot day and our trip there is almost two hours. I am wearing some guilt and denim shorts. I am clean, my hair is nicely done and I'm wearing make up. I have on nice shoes and nice jewelry..........regardless, I feel "the look".

So, back to the question opening this post, "how different do you dress now than when you were a kid at home?"

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's a post primarily for the girls.

I heard from a dear person in my life today. She expressed a recent experience that upset her and literally outraged me. Here is what she wrote to several of her friends:

"Hi there y'all. I don't know if all of you go to Victoria's Secret for your lady needs....but i thought I'd copy this note to you that I wrote to them this morning. so read it, and be warned!

I'm emailing you today to let you know you are losing a long-time customer. I have always bought my panties from VS. I recently went to your website to look for bras in my size - 34AA. I was very happy to find them and ordered 3 right away. On June 21st, I went into your store on 3rd street in Xxxx Xxxxx to see if it might carry any smaller sizes. An employee walked past and asked me if there was a size she could help me locate. I said "yes, 34AA" she said "34 -what? double A!?" she then proceeded to laugh at my face, then look down and laughed at my chest, told me "uh, no..." I stared at her and said "maybe just on the website?" she said "sure..." needless to say, after being ridiculed and laughed at - I will NEVER go back to any of your stores. I will tell all of my friends what happened to me, and ask them to do the same. They know something about loyalty, which apparently VS does not. Too bad your bras made me feel good. Because your employees made me feel like a little girl in middle school. So thank you for that, VS. With disappointment, xxxxxxxxxx

Victoria's Secret wrote her back:

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for your Email regarding your recent experience at the Victoria's Secret Store. We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused.

When a customer chooses to shop with Victoria's Secret, we want them to have a pleasant experience. Please be assured that your experience is not indicative of the quality of service customarily offered to our customers, as we strive to serve each customer as courteously and responsibly as possible. We apologize that this was not the case with your recent visit.

Your comments regarding the Xxx Xxxxx Victoria's Secret Store have been forwarded in an attempt to prevent a recurrence of this unfortunate situation.

We are concerned that this experience has reflected negatively on our company and would like the opportunity to make it up to you. We do not want to lose you as a valued, loyal customer. Please accept our sincerest apologies. We would like to ship you a coupon for 30% off your next purchase at the Victoria's Secret Store.

Please reply to this Email with your full name, address, phone number (including area code), and store location. Once we receive this information, we will promptly send your coupon.

If you need further assistance, please reply to this Email or call anytime.

Xxxxx, please accept our apologies. We take customer service seriously and hope that you will try shopping with Victoria’s Secret again soon.


Victoria’s Secret Customer Relations

Out of curiosity how would any of you feel about this situation and would you find the response from Victoria's Secret acceptable?

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Granny Annie and FIVE June, 2009

Granny Annie and FIVE June, 2008

Twenty eight days of one to five grandchildren came to a screeching halt today. Their absence is bitter sweet. Good to have them here. Good to send them home.

How exhausted am I? Well Ron and I fell asleep as soon as the last of the family left. My neighbor called to see if we were okay. It seems an ambulance and other emergency vehicles has pulled into our driveway with sirens blaring. We had not heard a thing. We have no idea why they came here and we're still too tired to try and find out.

Ron went to town after he woke up. He returned with roses for me. It is Father's Day but he got me flowers for my recovery. I guess I look even more tired than I thought.

The truth is -- I am old.

Now I will try to catch up blog reading and writing.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Once upon a time there was a teenage girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was going to spend the week with her Granny Annie, Grandpa Ron, her teenage cousin Mike, and her 6 year old cousin Hope. Elizabeth’s brothers were both there also. Granny Annie didn’t have enough rooms in her house for all of her grandkids! So Elizabeth and Hope, being the only girls, got the big bed to share together. Only Hope and Elizabeth both had a kicking problem while they sleep. So one night the two went to sleep. But when Hope awoke, she wasn’t in the bed. She was on the floor! She looked at the bed and saw Elizabeth sprawled out all over the bed! Elizabeth didn’t wake up for a few more hours, but when she did, Hope announced “I’m sleeping in the computer room tonight. You kicked me out of the bed!” So Elizabeth told her she was sorry and that was fine with her. But Elizabeth also remembered that last night she had gotten kicked almost out of bed! She didn’t mind though, because she would have the bed all to herself that night!


The end.


Granny Annie has a little baby chicken named Mr.Gibson. The poor little guy isn’t able to jump into the nest with his mama at night. Granny asked me the first night I was here visiting to help her get him into the nest. It took me a few minutes but I eventually caught the little guy and got him into the nest with his mama. The next night Granny came in and told me that Mr.Gibson couldn’t get into the nest again. I went out and repeated the events from the previous night. This routine happened every night. On Friday night Granny came in and told me that once again Mr.Gibson couldn’t get into the nest. This night she’d stayed out and watched him trying to get into the nest. He’d jump up and hit his little head on the edge of the nest and fall down again. I proceeded to tell her that she needed to take Mr.Gibson to the chicken eye doctor and get him a pair of glasses because obviously his depth perception was off. We both laughed at this and then I went out to put the little guy in his nest. I’ll be leaving in a couple days and I can’t help but wonder how Mr.Gibson will get into his nest without me. I’m sure he’ll eventually find his way into the nest but I’ll always remember when I had to put the little guy in his nest.

Monday, June 15, 2009


A quick update of my world as the boys help me get ready for the community yard sale this weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hope arrived yesterday. Our neighbor's granddaughter came over to play. Two heads are always better than one. These giggly girls decided to surprise me by collecting the eggs. They came in the house with their shirt hems pulled up into a basket and filled with eggs. What the dear girls did not know was we had placed guinea fowl eggs under a broody hen for hatching. How the girls got those eggs out from under the big old red broody hen is well beyond my understanding. I tried not to over react and we carefully put the eggs back in the nest while the hen tried to kill ME.

Tomorrow three more grandchildren arrive for a visit. We will have five next week. And there you have the reason for the title of this post "Fare Thee Well" as I step into the phone booth and change into my Super Granny cape and costume. Oh if only we had the California three as well.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Michael can enjoy himself anywhere as long as he has pencil and paper. Remember this young man is only 14. Can you imagine what he will do when he is older? I am so proud of his abilities in many areas and his drawing ability amazes me most.

Yesterday we entertained Michael by taking him to Aunt Elenore's. She is the best spoiler of children on the planet. Tons of fresh baked cookies were cooling on the counter when we walked in. Michael was allowed to select whatever lunch he wanted and he picked Sonic. Next Michael was allowed to select the movie we would watch. He picked THE BOY IN STRIPED PAJAMAS......that's a four Kleenex box movie.

Today Michael's sister will arrive. Hope is 6. Michael's King-of-the-castle life shall crash into oblivion as the wild child of Borneo arrives to keep us all on our toes every second of the days ahead. Pray for us:)
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This week I learned about lamb's quarters (pictured above). At first I thought Ron has lost his mind when he came carrying a batch into the house asking me to cook the WEEDS! I cooked them in a small amount of bacon grease left from the family Sunday brunch and Ron, Michael and I agreed that they were well worth the effort. If you like spinach you will love lamb's quarters.

Yes, our dear grandson Michael is still visiting us. Bless his heart, he has been stuck with the old folks since May 25th. He is doing some work for me and for Grandpa. The trip to Colorado was a good diversion and his cousins visited over the weekend so that helped. Yesterday Michael and I went to the Cinema and saw LAND OF THE LOST with Will Farrell. We also went to the Game store, Walmart and Sonic.

Speaking of "lost" my son brought me Harlan Coben's new book LONG LOST. I'm not going to get time to read it for a while and it pains me to walk by and see it beckoning me.

We expect Hope to come stay with her brother on Thursday. We will then have both the kids until June 18th. They will then join their parents in their new Oklahoma home and all the lost will be found.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Grandson Michael introduces our new watchman. Say "hello" to Vincent, the coyote deterrent (we hope). Michael created this visitor with his own two hands and various scattered commodities. Grand daughter Beth (Michael's cousin) welcomes Vincent to NOL-NOC Estates with a big hug.

Friday, June 05, 2009


We are doing battle with a coyote once again.

My son called last night with an answer to how we can locate the coyote. His suggestion -- follow the UPS truck around our area and see where the ACME products are being delivered:)

The next funny person is my sister.

I mentioned to her that Ron was now buying silver. Her immediate response was, "Does the Lone Ranger know?"

MISSING BLOGGER ALERT! Where is my friend Linda G. aka she-of-little-brain? She maintains three great blogs and has not posted on any of them in over four weeks. I worry.

R.I.P. Grasshopper.
David Carradine, December 8, 1936 - June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today Elenore Hen took her chicks out of the hen house for the first time. She only has three as one died of mysterious circumstances. The three remaining are: Mr. Gibson; Rebecca; Chicklet.

Thank you for helping name them. Rebecca came from Yvonne. I selected it for the yellow chick because I have a blonde cousin named Rebecca. Renie suggested several names and mentioned a chick she had once owned named Chicklet. That wasn't one of her suggestions but I stole it because it is such a cute name as you have all agreed. Lucy suggested Mr. Gibson and I don't know why, but the last chick to hatch has a white dot on top of its head which can indicate a rooster, so we believe we needed a boy's name. If it turns out to be a hen, we'll just change to Mrs. Gibson.

Today I saw David and Goliath for the first time since Miss Hissy moved them out of the hen house. They are pretty and healthy little kittens.

The Chase is on for the Guinea Fowl as the males battle for the one female. Michael found a cache of their eggs and we're hoping to have them under a broody hen soon to hatch them.


The "M" on the mountain top is the largest light up letter in the United States. It stands for Mines. The couple met where the attended school and where they work, The Colorado School Of Mines. I took this picture so don't blame Michael for the poor quality.

Here is the extra loving couple. We do not talk about them already being married because the big hoopla will take place in Germany in July. This trip was special because it was our opportunity to meet the German in-laws and they are wonderful folks.
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