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Frankie and Slim
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Monday, June 29, 2009


We lived in Kansas when my neighbor Cindy and I decided to put together a windmill. Ron and I had purchased it many months before and never got around to building it.

Cindy and I struggled for several hours piecing together the green and yellow structure from an abundance of large, small and tiny parts. Ron passed by us often and had found our efforts entertaining as he watched our determination. Cindy and I were extremely proud when it was finished. The windmill stood in my Kansas garden until we moved. Ron and I brought it to Oklahoma with us where it stands at the front of our property. It is a symbol of hard work, determination and of friendship.

The amazing thing about an item that needs assembly is the parts that are usually left over. Cindy and I were through building but we had several screws left and some metal beams. Miraculously the windmill works and has stayed together.

Thinking about this makes me feel a little bit more comfortable when I'm told that I have a screw missing or a screw loose. "Assembly Required" items prove over and over that even a human structure can still function even if all the parts are not in place:)

What was the last thing you bought that was "assembly required" and did you have parts left over?


  1. I am not ashamed to say that I make my husband put everything together. He is also in charge of reading directions. I plan to die before him. So, he better figure out how to cook.

  2. Congratulations! What a great windmill you two made.

    The last thing I assembled was an Ikea room divider/bookcase. I didn't want to wait until my husband got home from work and moaned about something else on his list to do. I wasn't sure whether I'd manage it as it said two people were required. I did and it was quite easy!

    I don't think I had anything left over but Ikea don't usually waste cash with extras!

    Have to say it's not as attractive as your windmill. It's functional providing a place for extra books, files etc.

  3. I'm pretty darn handy and put together lots of stuff. I find I have more trouble with the instructions in 10 languages and parts that all look alike than I do buying wood or metal and all the proper pieces myself.

    The last ready-to-assemble item I put together was a shelf for my daughter's closet. It holds baskets. It stands up so I consider it a success.

  4. The last thing I remember having to put together was my computer desk, and no, I didn't have any parts left over except the few screws that were extra to begin with. I
    m usually pretty good at that sort of thing. It's technology (think digital converters) that bumfuzzle me.

  5. It's surprising what one can do with a little tenacity. It looks grand. Well done both of you.


  6. Too many items to name have been put together at my house and had left over parts. I guess they are held together by love. I love the story about how you and Cindy put it together. Your windmill is held together by the love of a friendship.

  7. Sometimes they give you too many screws or whatever.

  8. I challenge anyone to find someone worth knowing who doesn't have a few screws loose! And no, I'm no good at assembly...

  9. Hit 40 -- My husband ususally does all the assembly items too but I'm not sure it's worth the language:)

    Winifred -- Thank you. It is a neat windmill. I envy your ability to put something together by yourself that required two people. You must be Super Winifred!

    PG -- Good job on your daughter's shelf. If it stands it's done.

    Kenju -- I forgot the computer desk I put together. My story did not end as nicely as yours. Wouldn't you know you did it properly. I think your ability must come from assembling flower arrangements all day:)

    Yvonne -- Thank you! I'm afraid tenacity is an understatement though. LOL

    Bonnie -- You are so right! That windmill is held together with love AND laughter. We did laugh ourselves silly trying to built the darn thing.

    Kay -- Yep, sometimes they do add extra screws if it's NOT from China. Those things from China have bare minimum and very difficult instructions.

    RK -- Once again your comment is quotable. "I challenge anyone to find someone worth knowing who doesn't have a few screws loose!" Amen sister!

  10. It's been so long since I have had to assemble something, that I don't remember..... Hummmmmm.

    Well, anyway, have a happy fourth of July and stay safe....

  11. I really like this idea that many people have a screw lose or missing, but still function normally or well.

    We could all do remembering that.

  12. Love this post because it lets me know that having some screws loose can be just fine and dandy!!

    I put together a three-tiered corner shelf that stands on the ground, and it did not have any left over parts. It only had about ten parts all together, and it did not take a rocket scientist to do it. I'm glad because I am not a rocket scientist.