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Frankie and Slim
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Speaking of clothes, how differently do you dress now than when you were a kid at home? I could NOT wear shorts to town. The only places I was allowed to wear shorts were to play at home or to an outdoor party or camping. Slacks and/or jeans were also allowed only in very casual places. The rest of the time I wore dresses. If we were guests in someone's home, I wore a dress. If we had guest in our home, I wore a dress. Of course church required a dress.

Visiting my parents in their retirement home, I made every effort to always wear a dress or slacks but there were times I would run in and out quickly and appear there in shorts. Mother would give me "the look". My mother always wore dresses. She had dressy dresses and she had casual dresses and she had chore dresses. I don't believe she ever wore slacks until we were all away from home. I NEVER saw my mother in a pair of shorts.

Today Ron and I are going to Tulsa for his doctor's appointment. It is an extremely hot day and our trip there is almost two hours. I am wearing some guilt and denim shorts. I am clean, my hair is nicely done and I'm wearing make up. I have on nice shoes and nice jewelry..........regardless, I feel "the look".

So, back to the question opening this post, "how different do you dress now than when you were a kid at home?"


  1. I very rarely wear a dress. When I am home, it is always comfy sweats.

    I would go to church if they all wore jeans.

  2. Like you, I wore a lot more dresses back when and now rarely and my shorts are longer and my pants are looser, I was one of those gals that could wear those spandex more.

  3. Since I retired all of my dressses and suit jackets collect dust. I do make sure that I change into nice shorts or capri pants for any trip into town and nice slacks if I go into the city to visit my daughter.

  4. I was always required to wear dresses to church and school when I was small. By the time I was in 4th grade, jeans were more the norm - but I often got the look from my mom, too.

    Still do! If I show up to a family even in anything less than "dressing for Sunday" she looks at me like I'm about to get a lecture.

  5. Let's see...I don't wear neon colors or headbands (or neon headbands) anymore. :)

  6. Hi Granny, good quesstion, nice post.
    I don't think they had shorts for boys when I was at home!
    I would wear them to church if I had to. Or if it was a costume. This Sunday a fellow (large size) was wearing shorts and bright yellow-orange flip-flops.
    When I had my leg in an immobilizer Mrs. Jim found some convertible pants that I could zip the one leg off. That way I was half short for church.
    BTW, move to Hawaii, they wear shorts to work, even in offices. And to church. Of course they have Texas/Oklahoma weather year-round in most places there.

  7. As a child at home Sunday best was the order of the day for church.
    Then of course was school uniform for school, after school it was jeans and t-shirts.
    Today I dress up if going anywhere special but am happy in trousers and tops or jeans, living by the coast one mingles with the holiday makers so dress accoringly.


  8. We always had to dress up and wear our best dresses and coats for church with a hat. Always got a new outfit for Easter and a new Easter bonnet.

    My wardrobe is full of the suits I used to wear for work which I never use now. I tend to just hop out to church at night in what's comfortable, so I decided to start to dress up for church again and wear the suits!

    I just don't feel comfortable in shorts and never have. The really short shorts are fashionable here now and I never ever wore those even when I was very slim. I wear cut offs a lot and I suppose I would wear my smarter ones to go out in if it's warm. Notice I say warm, not hot.

    I bought a new quite dressy navy pair of shorts, well they're knee length, at the end of last summer. Got them out when I was packing for the holidays last month, tried them on, thought "what on earth was I thinking about buying these?" and put them back in the wardrobe. So no, I'll never wear them to church or anywhere else other than in the garden. Very few women here seem to wear shorts to church. A few young men do but the knee length or longer ones.

  9. This is interesting. I'd never wear shorts to church or even to a restaurant. I just don't feel it's appropriate, which is slightly ironic considering some of the clothes I do wear. Shorts to me, are "holiday wear only".

  10. My legs are not in any condition to be seen by anyone other than my immediate family, so I never wear shorts anywhere but home, and not often. I prefer muumuu's....LOL

    I always wore dresses and skirts as a youngster and up until I was about 20. We couldn't wear pants to school, even in the dead of winter.

  11. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I'm learning that what you wear and how acceptable it is, is more of WHERE you live. I was raised in dresses and, much to my shame, my mom had me wear a dress AS I RODE MY HORSE!! She was June Cleaver. Do you remember the "house dress"? In Indiana, I always wore slacks or jeans to Krogers, etc. In Florida, the feel of material on my legs is uncomfortable. I imagine that somewhere like Utah, or Washington, it would be more formal. But I'm 60. I own no dresses or skirts.

  12. First I want to thank you for visiting my blog, and to answer your question, I usually spend at least a few hours a day working in the yard when the weather is good. (not too cold and not too hot)

    About the shorts~I wore dresses and skirts to school. Pant's were not allowed on girls. When I married I wore both dresses and pants but now I wear pants all the time except in evenings sometimes after a hot day I like a lounging dress, you know one of those very comfortable, cool types that let the air get where it hasn't gotten all day. LOL
    I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing shorts as long as they aren't so short they are indecent. My girls wear them all summer long, even shopping if they feel like it.
    Apparently your mom was raised to feel ones body should be well covered when going out. It used to be that bodies had to be concealed all the time, home or otherwise. Remember the pictures of ladies in dresses that buttoned up all the way to their chin, sleeves below the wrist and hems dragging the floor.
    We've come a long way Baby! LOL
    I believe we can wear shorts and sleeveless tops and still maintain our modesty. It's those hip huggers that have slipped below the pelvic bone, and tops that are cut so low that lungs fall out that bother me.

  13. I only wear a dress on special occasions. I do remember we had to wear dresses to school when I was younger and of course church. But now I'm a jeans, shorts, t-shirt kinda gal. They make such nice shorts that are somewhat dressy nowadays that you shouldn't "feel the look". You can still look nice. But isn't it funny how things like that stick with us our whole lives?

  14. Hit 40 -- Yes, in cool weather I do wear jeans a lot. When we lived in Kansas, I did wear jeans to church when there was snow on the ground.

    Changes -- are you bragging? I could NEVER wear spandex. LOL

    Tabor -- since I retired my suits and dresses have all filtered their way out of my closets. I would have kept a few but I'm a few sizes larger now.

    PG -- I would never have shown up at a gathering where my mother was without wearing a dress. We even dressed in our Sunday best for all holiday meals.

    RK -- You of all people should never stop wearing Neon anything!

    Jim -- Wow, thanks for stopping by my blog. You got me to thinking about men in shorts. My brother never wore shorts nor my father. My son does not wear shorts and my husband never wore shorts until we married ten years ago. But then we do have the pleasure of seeing many men shirtless which, in most instances, should be a no-no.

    Yvonne -- when I got home from school I would change out of my school dress into my play dress.

    Winifred -- I did get in on a few Sundays wearing a hat to church. It was all the rave with the adult women so I wanted a hat too. However, by the time I was an adult they had stopped wearing hats to church.

    LL Cool Joe -- I guess you fall into the category of the other men I know who will not wear shorts. I wonder why that is?

    Kenju -- You could knock me down with a feather to learn you wear mumuus. That can't be right. I would wear mumuus but you're too classy for that!

    Dana -- interesting point about fashion wear depending on where one lives. Each state and/or town definitely has it's on acceptable standard of dress to stores, churches, restaurants, etc. Wonder how that happens?

    Mountain Mama -- My mother wore shirtwaist dresses like you saw on Donna Reed and the other television housewives of the day. She always wore an apron too for the pockets. I wear mostly pants these days and have only realized while writing and reading this post that there are very few dresses in my closet.

    Thanks for all the great comments!

  15. I'm a casual dresser much of the time, but for me that means a casual dress or skirt or possibly a skort. I was a tomboy as a kid up until about the middle of high school when I suddenly liked dresses and makeup and well, the males species of humans.
    I rarely wear shorts mostly because they don't look good on my body. I feel far more comfy in a dress or skirt. I never wore shorts to church, and probably never would even now. I don't have a problem with others who do that though if the church atmosphere is a very casual one.
    If I see you in shorts, I promise NOT to give you "the look."
    I hear my dad in the other room. Gotta go for now...
    Hope you are having a good week so far.

  16. Jamie Dawn -- You said you heard you dad in the other room like he is an intruder or something. Don't worry, I'll never wear shorts to church. Well what do people say about "never say never"??