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Frankie and Slim
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Friday, September 30, 2005


You might see me on your AOL Instant Message buddy list. Yep, it's me. I got it set up on computer here. I won't disturb you, but would love for you to contact me if you see me there. XO


Look at this list

Look where Chicago ranks. No wonder poor Nora is sick all the time.

Thursday, September 29, 2005



Hope has graduated from boxes to baskets. Posted by Picasa


Tandy called last night to report that Ryan and Dillon brought home report cards with all A's and B's. Also, Ryan has been selected to take early college SATs and ACTs for seventh graders being administered by Duke University. Yea Ryan and Dillon!


I have just returned from an overnight at Chelle's. I babysat Mike and Hope last night for a couple of hours.

Mike is a truly fine young man, easy to babysit. He told me about school and entertained me with jokes and showed me additions to Sim City. He did his homework and I ordered some school candy from him. Mike has always been an easy boy.

Hope, on the other hand, is a screamer.Hope likes to scream. She either likes the sound or the echo or the feel of a scream in her throat. If screaming were an art, Hope would be considered an exceptional artist.

Hope likes to change clothes several times a day. She came out of her room wearing white leotards which she calls her "Fire hose".

Hope is fastinated with Granny Annie's wigs. I was checking computer last night and Tandy sent me an instant message, "Aren't you supposed to be baby-sitting?" I asured him that Hope was fine, wearing my wig and sitting in her parent's bathtub. It worried him until I assured him there was no water in the tub.

Hope was dancing in just her fire hose this morning when I left. I told Chelle it reminded me of her in front of the Normandy when she was three, dancing in just her underpants.

Chelle returned from the meeting with a rewarding statement from her pastor. He has complimented the work she does for the church and had mentioned that she was better than many associate pastors he knows. Sure makes this mama proud.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

F.Y.I. Books For Mom

I noticed in the Manor Mirror that Steve's Bookstore will deliver books free to residents at OMM. You may go to their webpage to order. Just F.Y.I.


Last night I took my tape recorder on my evening walk.
I pondered an entry for my blog.

We have returned from our Kentucky/Indiana trip with much
dissatisfaction. We know the reunion that starts next week will be

I turned the chickens loose and as usual, the teenagers,
my middle chickens, stayed close to me, keeping an eye on me.
The big girls and Boss Hog all scattered in their preferred directions.
The baby Aracaunas kept running back and forth worrying about
which group to follow.

Ron was mowing and was hammering on the tractor because he
is trying to put a different mower on the back of the tractor.

It was a cool evening. The leaves were starting to fall.
What a great place to be.

I wondered about mother since she had her brother an sisters
with her to be together on Aunt Margaret’s 91st birthday. I know
it was such a special time for them.

Elenore was going to be there but she got sick. Every time
they baby-sit Nora they end up sick. Elenore insists it is every
bit worth whatever sacrifice.

Terri has been home from work a week with the flu or something.
Perhaps illness is simply going around and not the fault of infants.

Every once in a while I heard Ron holler and he would then curse and
scratch his head as he continued working on the tractor.

I did an unusual thing Saturday. Since we returned early from
the ship reunion I was able to run to Bartlesville and attend
Katherine and Andy’s wedding and see Jessi. I had not seen Jessi since
Christmas and it was very special to see her and her friends. Even Milt
and Denise were there. See photo of Jessi and her dad. For me to take
off on such a spontaneous trip is totally out of character and I
was truly glad to have the bravery to go. Ron does inspire me to
be a much braver traveler.

One of the best things about attending the wedding was to be inside
a church and hear a minister pray a special prayer adding special
blessings to come to the unemployed.......Wonder who I applied that
prayer to.....And Oh I do pray so much.

Chelle has been home alone while Kit went to Indiana. She didn’t go because
Mike had to go to school Friday and she had a church project. She asked
my help on some prayers. They said the worship center went very well
and I don’t doubt that because everything Chelle touches goes very well.

I have the nicest place here to walk around the pond. Ron keeps it mowed
and it doesn’t have much water but birds fly in and out for a drink and
the frogs are hopping around.

This ship reunion was just horrible. It was really a sad thing because it was
Ron’s first ship and he had looked forward to it more than any of the others.
We were the only ones who left so I guess that proves while we enjoy
each other’s company, we don’t play well with others.

The neighbor’s horses are starving to death and are about the tear
down our fence as they attempt to reach our grass. I've called. We'll see.

I dropped my tape recorder three times on my walk. It’s good
old Zack and he can sure take a licking and keep on ticking.

I am determined to do something with the walnuts this year.
They are falling in my walking path. It is my plan to rake them into a
pile and have Ron drive truck or tractor back and forth over them.
They are so hard to crack, but the taste is a worthy reward.

I am a selfish conversationalist married to an even greater
selfish conversationalist. That’s why he’s SSC (Senior Selfish Conversationalist)
I think this is why I blog, I have so much to say. I don’t believe anyone really
wants to hear it. I don’t have a clue where such a compulsion comes from.
I just have to say it. Thus said for today :-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

We'reeeeeeeeeeeeee BACK!

Fun trip, bad reunion, more later. Glad to be home again!

Jessi and her Papa. Aren't they cute!  Posted by Picasa

The younger chickens debut egg. Can you tell which one? Isn't it cute. Posted by Picasa

All my life I heard the last of popcorn called "Old Maids". I never understood why or questioned this. The answer to "Why?" is they were never popped. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

And away we go! See you back here on my blog after the 25th. Posted by Picasa


We are getting away
We will tour and unite
Having fun while hoping
Chickens do not take flight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Take my word for it, this is worth the time to read.
Speech by Charlton Heston at Harvard
February 16, 1999
NOTE: Many people have remarked with some surprise that they "agree with most of what he says". Check out the links I've added to get a view of the sources of Mr. Heston's comments and their implications.

Let's hear it for the boys. Remember roosters Claude, Claude and Brittany? Gone but not forgotten. Posted by Picasa

Entrance to cemetery in Iola, Kansas. True, we took this photo on one of our evening travels. Posted by Picasa

Telll me about this "Hand Made, British Colony, Hong Kong" pink purse. It has white and gold plastic lining. I'm thinking about putting it on eBay. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Starbucks Rumor

Tonight I heard the rumor about an incorrect email that is circulating against Starbucks. If you have heard it, go to this link to clear it up.

Touching Poetry

For some nostalgic moments, look at this link


Last month we won the conservation rate challenge. We've been doing great this month, so I turned airconditioners higher yesterday. Our averaging skyrocketed and if the meter reader was due today, we would have lost our low rate. Therefore I am sweating today and will be until after the 15th. Oh woe is me.

Still I celebrate the fact that this is our 345th anniversary. Ron and I met 345 weeks ago on a Tuesday and every Tuesday is our anniversary. Before then I had no idea about things like conservation rates.

Jessi should have a lower electric bill this month. However, it did not sound like the blackout in LA yesterday affected her home. I went through mild panic as I attempted to reach her by phone. Her cell phone was out, but roommate answered at the house and gave me assurances that all would be well.

All is wonderfully well with Chelle. She went back to business as normal yesterday and by evening she did not seem any worse for the wear. We are so thankful for her great diagnosis and opportunity for healing.

I may have lost NYPD Blue on Tuesday night, but have gained Boston Legal which Ron also enjoys, so we can celebrate by watching and laughing together.

Soon we are off to the USS Harlan R. Dickson ship reunion. We will be in Kentucky until the 25th. Can't wait to get on the road.

Happy Birthday Milton! Yes, I'm a few months ahead of you but we're both facing the big 60 next year. We better make this last year in our 50's a spectacular year -- right?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Who is coming?

Ron told me that he might be out on the tractor when "they" come and he wouldn't be able to save me. "When who comes?" I asked. "The people who watch blogs for crazy people so they can gather them up and lock them away."


Both President Bush and Mayor Nagin say "The CALvary is coming to help." It's CAValry folks. Click on the sign pictures below and see what local natives in our town had never noticed.

10th and Calvary, 20th and 30th and Cavalry and 40th and Calvary. I noticed this and no one else had been aware -- even Ron. Posted by Picasa

Velly, Velly

Open link and click on Watch Film. Lively, fun and.....Velly, velly int-A-rest-ing

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Circus Peanuts -- God's perfect food :-) Posted by Picasa


This is the 34th birthday of Kenny.
He is smart, kind, handsome and skinny.
He passes the perfectionist test.
He demands nothing but the best.
So I must be the best mother-in-law of any.

Happy Birthday Kit!
We love you.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


My big girls are the Black Sex-Link Hens. They are the last to come in at night. Last night all were in but one. I walked around the property calling for chicken Annie. Not a whisper -- not a crunching sound of leaves, not a peep.

I always hate to close the door without everyone in. Suddenly three of the big girls ran out of the hen house and stood at the gate clucking up a storm. They were talking to Chicken Annie, who was moving toward the pen, wounded and confused. Obviously a dog or coyote or big cat had gotten a hold of her, but she had escaped their grasp. Her sisters got on either side of her and guided her through the gate and over the portal to the house. She could barely get over the small ledge. I knew better than to try and help, other than to softly speak encouraging words. I closed all the chickens in and am fairly confident that my wounded hen will be okay this morning.

Once I literally removed one of my chickens from the mouth of a dog and that chicken survived. Phoebe, the remaining Golden Girl, survived her mauling. Chicken Annie will come back from this attack a lot wiser. I'm going to go check on her now.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Be quiet.

American is ranting and raving. We are stomping and screaming and giving answers that clash with other answers. We are raising our blood pressure and increasing our stress levels. We have no common ground and no level playing field. We are allowing ourselves to be detracted from the immediate needs at hand. We are a nation of rage being latched onto by a raging world thriving on our division and fueling each flame. We can’t be rescuers if we too become victims of hurricane Katrina.

This is my official resignation from the blame game and world of anger and getting on with issues that require my immediate concern i.e. family members, friends and chickens. I’m going to stop and smell the roses.

Be quiet.
Listen -- you will hear happy voices of children back at play.

Well, I might have to add what I wrote to Fox and Friends: Mike Brown states he does not know why he was taken off the Katrina Hurricane disaster. This leads me to say, ".....and therein lies the rub."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I talked to Terri today. The kids started back to school today and they are all doing great.

We were talking about the hurricane victims and Terri said she and her associates are pondering their earthquake readiness in San Diego. What might they expect if THE BIG ONE were to occur. So I mentioned the fear in this area of Tornado destruction and we realized how unaware all of us are of our potential natural disasters. We just go day-to-day believing nothing will happen to us. Probably much like the Gulf Coast residents did.

Ron and I laughed because our small community (population 74) has the Mayor in charge of everything -- He is the head of the City Council, the sheriff, the civil defense coordinator, the storm watcher, the fire department assistant -- one other has the Fire Marshall designation but they both have the keys to the fire department and our one truck. What if something had happened last night -- the Mayor stopped by from his Labor Day weekend outing and he was more than slightly intoxicated. We're pretty sure he had been with the Fire Marshall. So much for our first line of defense on major holidays. :-)

A Yarn of a Tale or A Tale of Yarn -- See eBay Item # 8217071921 for heck of a deal! Posted by Picasa


Today Chelle has her tests and her surgical procedure. Kit will be with her today and I will go to take care of her tomorrow and Thursday. My job will be to keep Hope from jumping on her mom.

Today we turn from national disaster to immediate family. My thoughts and prayers will be with Chelle today. My mind will return to concern and prayers for Tandy and his job search.

I believe even the evacuees are coming out of their shock. A group from Miami, Oklahoma went to Houston yesterday with buses to bring back persons homeless from the hurricane and no one came back with them. No one wanted to go to Miami, Okla. Finally these people are speaking up and taking charge of their lives as they are led further and further from their home States.


Yesterday I washed my whites with soap, oxy clean and an ink pen! Yep, I did. Spray and Wash does not get out ink. My sister said don't use bleach. My Niece Christy said, they are whites -- use bleach. What have you got to lose? Absolutely right. I saved almost every piece of clothing. Are our children supposed to be smarter than their parents? Thanks Christina Lina Bo Fina.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Confused Rooster

Tom-Twyla can't find his way out of the pen. I turn the chickens loose in the evening to free-range until bedtime. They all run out the minute the gate opens. He sees the others outside the pen, but he cannot find the gate. The other evening one of the Noble Davies -- one I call Tapestry -- marched back in the pen, stood right in front of Tom-Twyla, turned and marched back out the gate. You could see the lightbulb go on in Tom-Twyla's brain as he saw the gate and ran out. It was like he thought of it himself and gave no thought to Tapestry for showing the way. Sometimes it is difficult to rescue someone.

Perhaps I can survive the disaster now that I have heard from my sister. She has been in Chicago with family and not accessible to me. She called this morning and I got to spew all my fears and concerns and controversies and she could do the same. We're good to give each other direction, though we also are good to lead each other astray. We do tend to run amok and our spouses have given up on counseling us :-)

I am proud of the response Oklahoma is showing and what The Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church is doing. I'm not clear yet on how much Kansas is offering in the way of assistance. I am hoping my adopted state is stepping up to the plate.

This morning I am doing laundry and cleaning house and attempting to restore normal routine. Our van is loaded with donations for The Salvation Army which we will deliver tomorrow. Life goes on as we stay on track for opportunities to help.

By the way, I have added word verification to my blog comment area that is supposed to block spam in the comments. I hope it works.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Does anyone else see Tim Russert evolving into Michael Moore? Posted by Picasa

What Is Your Plan

Oh my goodness there is a lot of finger pointing going on in blog world and the media. Please share your plan of success since you are such informed armchair generals. Just where would you have placed the National Guard, the rescue materials, including trucks, buses, ships and supplies? Those items had to be moved out of the danger areas before the hurricane hit and then moved back in to the areas that needed them most. Katrina was wishy-washy, and did not take the planned path as we saw it. She did what all disasters of nature do, she did her own thing. She started out hitting the tip of Florida as a category one. She was predicted to hit downtown New Orleans. Instead she moved to Biloxi gulf port and North thru Mississippi. There was a time when it appeared that New Orleans had dodged the bullet and we saw images of people in the French Quarter rejoicing. Then came the flooding followed by a second tragedy of the levee bursting. According to Lt. Gen Honoree, their response was restricted due to the uncertainty of mother nature's path. I actually heard one radio broadcaster making a mockery of all the hub-bub because the hurricane had not caused the planned destruction. We all saw journalists pretending to stand in the hurricane winds and playing games of "watch our coats and hats blow around as we pretend to be in danger". So, who would think there was truly any real danger if these guys and gals could withstand the high winds. People made choices. Some choices were good ones. Some choices were extremely bad ones. Some people were trapped by economic resources. It was three days before anyone ever heard of the people stranded in the Civic Center. How can you repair what you don't know about? American needs to hear applause right now. Welcoming arms are reaching out. We are all doing what we can to help and to provide refuge for our fellow citizens. Those of us from Tornado areas know that you can't blame the President for natural disasters. Who would ever have dreamed that this tragedy would become a platform for so many political agendas. It simply amazes me and is truly taking up too much of my time that I should to be spending on delivering aid and assistance to those in need.


This bright Sunday morning we give thanks
For early warnings
For Survivors
For the rescued
For the rescuers
As we pray
For the lost to be found
Dignity for the dead
Not allowing blame
To overshadow rejoicing
As we learn hope
Moves us ever forward.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is our charity of choice. The American Red Cross may have cleaned up its act, but The Salvation Army has always gotten help to the needy and you can count on them.

My eyes hurt from the mass quantity of tears that have been shed since Monday. I have attempted to imagine what a horrible nightmare this has to be for people. Yes, I said for people. All people caught there in the mess brought on by natural disaster, not by man. Plus living in fear in the mash of terrorists choosing to kill and rape and pillage adding such insult to injury.

Yesterday this turned into a race issue. The Black Caucus leader stood up with his constituents and turned compassion into conflict. Perhaps he would have gained more sympathy had he been standing waist deep in water in New Orleans handing out aid and helping rescue people while he delivered his speech. He blamed the wealthy and the Government. He didn't say "white wealthy, but he did emphasize poor black". The fellow himself looked fairly affluent as did the group of cheerleaders he had standing behind him. Then some rapper last night made a mockery of all the aid efforts by playing the race card again and blaming the President for the disaster.

America is pulling together to save Americans. We must accept that and cheer on the efforts to gain control along the ravaged Gulf coast. We must not allow any divide to add to the chaos. We are showing the world how we care for our own. This is our opportunity to be the nation we were founded to be.

What part of "America's worse natural disaster" do we not understand. We could not have been any more prepared for this than we were 9/11 and we are learning as we go.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Boomer Buns In The Oven

On this day, September 2, 1945, the Japanese formally signed the surrender that ended WWII. The first Baby Boomers were officially born nine months later on June 2, 1946. I was born June 2, 1946. Guess that means I know what my parents did to celebrate:-)