Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Words For Wednesday provided by Lee of Kitchen Connections

PAY UP by Granny Annie

Should she have given him money?

He was audacious in his comments. First of all Sherry did not even know the guy. The fact he picked her to ask his impudent questions filled her with angst.

The stranger's narrative started with calling Sherry “a rich bitch.” She had passed him by without dropping any coins in his cup. “Why are you so thoughtless?” this homeless man ask. “You did not even give me the courtesy of a smile.” His provocative attitude really got to her.

She thought about stopping to defend her neglect but continued walking. She should have given him some money because this encounter would haunt her. It would ruin the rest of her day.

Did she do the right thing?


  1. His rudeness was a good reason for Sherry to walk by without giving him anything. Rudeness no matter from who it emanates doesn't deserve rewarding.

    In my opinion, Sherry did the right thing.

    Good use of the worlds, Annie. Thanks for participating. :)

  2. He wasn't rude to her until she had walked past without acknowleging his existence. She doesn't have to give him money, but a smile costs nothing.
    Great use of the prompts.

  3. Did she do the right thing? no one will ever know. There are so many circumstances that dictate either a yes or no answer. I do agree with EC though, his attitude is wrong.

  4. She definitely did the right thing and was not intimidated by rudeness.

  5. Lack of a smile; very minor offense. Calling someone a rich bitch; bigger offense. She did right.

  6. Sometimes we just can't undo. His attack left her little choice.