Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I am responsible for Words For Wednesday in January.  It is to challenge you with random words to create a story or poem.  If you choose to participate, add your story in the comment section or, if you post on your own blog, let us know where to find what you have written in the comment section.

Here are the words for January 18, 2017

Honest, worth, another, parallel, fan, intention
Blue, electricity, cash, outrage, potential, memory

Here is a picture you may include as a part of your story if  you wish.

 Now go to comment section and read stories and poems by River, Tabor, Granny Annie, Lee, Elephant's Child, Only Slightly Confused and a second story by River (posted on her blog Drifting Through Life)


  1. Four times a year I am OUTRAGED at the amount of CASH we have to pay for our ELECTRICITY. To be HONEST, sometimes I don't think it's WORTH turning on yet ANOTHER heater each winter. I should just rug up and stay in bed for the season. If MEMORY serves, that's what we did on cold winter nights when I was a child.

    This is not my Friday entry, this is just me using a few extra minutes while I wait for Angel to get back inside so I can go to bed.

  2. RIVER, this is so fun and such a surprise. So you will write on Friday also? Can't wait for that one too.

  3. What is honesty worth,
    another misplaced intention
    in a parallel universe
    of outrage?
    Where does it fit
    in an era of memory loss?
    Most of us are distracted
    by the blue electricity
    of digital cash
    in a click-bait world
    of dishonesty.

  4. TABOR, I knew you would reach a jumping off point one of these days. Wow, what a great job...of course. Loved the "blue electricity of digital cash". Your mind is filled with such deep thought.

  5. Another great that frozen rose. I shall apply myself.

  6. A ROSE IS A ROSE by Granny Annie

    There is INTENTION in
    A single HONEST red rose.
    WORTH sparks the bouquet
    The horticulture FAN knows.

    Petals of BLUE
    Left yet to discover.
    There is no PARALLEL
    To rival ANOTHER.

    What amount of CASH?
    ELECTRICITY is the gauge
    Satisfaction never OUTRAGE.

  7. GRANNY ANNIE I do understand this and hope others will also.

    ONLY SLIGHTLY CONFUSED Cannot wait for your inspiration to fill the comments section.

  8. Love the selection. I am heading out for the day shortly (voluntary work). I will see what I can create and read the others when I return.

  9. I am, finally.

    "In a PARALLEL universe; in ANOTHER time and place their love would have been possible. The ELECTRICITY between them was powerful; it was almost palpable. Why couldn’t others have accepted what they shared, and acknowledged its WORTH?

    Without outside interference their love’s POTENTIAL would have grown wings and soared beyond the stars and moon. Their INTENTION to spend the rest of their lives together in perfect harmony would not be as it is now, just a BLUE MEMORY. The love they’d felt for each other, a love that had caused such OUTRAGE had been HONEST and true.

    Why? Oh! Why couldn’t their respective families recognise and accept it rather than FAN the fires of hate? Even now, so many years later her only surviving sibling still sneered when his name was mentioned!

    Stunned by the dissention that surrounded them, and angered by the CASH offered to her to walk away, not only by his parents, but her own, her life fell apart.

    All she had left was the red rose he’d given her at their final meeting on that unforgettable, sorrow-filled day so long ago.

    Pressed in a leather-bound book of poems that never left her bedside table - the treasured book had been a gift from him - was a rose.

    The once red rose's beauty may have faded as had her own, but the deep love she harboured for her long-lost soulmate still remained – a love everlasting."

  10. Already great uses of the words. Everyone is a bright spark this week! It's that electricity! that's what it is!! Well done! :)

  11. As always I love all the twists these words have taken the participants.
    And here is mine.

    Dear John,
    I have to be honest. There is no electricity between us. It is just not worth your while continuing to try and fan the flames between us. In a parallel world perhaps, but not this one. Never in a blue moon will I agree to be yours.
    I love another.


    Dear Jasmine,
    I know the 'other' who has snared your heart. And I am outraged. He is after your cash, and will take you for all he can get, leaving you nothing but a faded and wistful memory of unfulfilled potential. When your heart is filled with the ice crystals of regret pehaps you will remember the man who loved, and loves you.

    Forever yours.

  12. LOVE Tabor's poem and Lee's entry put me in mind of the song Delta Dawn (what's that flower you have on, could it be a faded rose from days gone by?) by Helen Reddy I believe.
    Elephant's Child has a wonderful Dear John letter and a great reply to Jasmine. Perhaps Jasmine will see the truth before her heart is broken by the "other"

  13. I continue to be amazed by the inspiration my blog friends feel by weaving together a few words. Lee and EC both hit the mark on everlasting love. BRAVO!

  14. Caitlin flinched as a blue spark of electricity shot from the hydro tower above. " That could be a potential disaster in the greenhouse she gasped. I’d best get over there quickly. If memory serves, the last time this happened we lost nearly all our winter roses."
    Matthew met Caitlin at the door to the greenhouse complex. “ It was a terrorist attack in Carterville.” he shouted. “This is an outrage. Do you realize how much cash we stand to lose?”
    Caitlin shook her head sadly. “ Honest Matthew; is that all you care about? What about all those people in Carterville? Aren’t they worth more than a few frozen red roses. So our heat and light and the fan went out. Big deal What was the intention of the terrorists? I can tell you it wasn’t to destroy our cash crop. Their intention was to cause death and destruction in yet another innocent settlement. You can’t begin to draw a parallel between what the people of Carterville are experiencing and our situation here. “
    “You’re right of course Caitlin. Let’s get over there and see what we can do to help.”

    “Good, and then I’ll help you get the greenhouse sorted out.”

  15. Like Tabors poem! Good job every one!

    Wish I could get my brain to work on this stuff today-

  16. Good on you, only slightly confused....proof you're not in the least bit confused!! Well done! :)

  17. OSC, love the greenhouse story and the positive spin as help evolves. You're good:-)

    Be sure to go to River's blog Drifting Through Life and read her excellent story.

  18. Spurred on by Tabor....


    There are no honest parallels to
    real life
    in the modern politics of outrage
    There is no worth in words to
    fan intentions
    as they lack potential in
    another future.

    Thanks for doing this.

  19. Mage, I am a bad, bad blog monitor. How could I have missed your great post on the Words For Wednesday. Glad Tabor got you over here and hope you will share this week as well.