Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Once again Elephant's Child provided our Words for Wednesday and I selected all twelve this week.  For the month of January I will be supplying the WFW and hope some of you will start 2017 by writing a story or poem using the words.  Or start early and use the words for this week.
angel, lullaby, condition, sad, melt, crocodile
formula, honeydew, bumble, sticky, hoax, felon

MOOD SWINGS by Granny Annie

Devil or angel?
It depended on the day.
She sang her baby a lullaby
It made her heart melt away.

But if the condition changed
She could quickly become sad
Or as mean as a crocodile
Going stark raving mad.

This day the sky appeared
As soft as cotton fluff
So off she went for baby formula
And other necessary stuff.

She admired the flowers
Watching a bumble bee fly away
Dripping sticky pollen.
She wanted it out of her way.

People thought it was a hoax.
The lovely bee was not a felon.
Still she ran toward it in anger,
Hurling a honeydew melon .


The End


  1. Wow, I say this all the time but it's true.

    You rock at these.

  2. This is so much fun.
    I suspect that baby's cuteness is essential if they are to survive. Angels - except when they aren't.

  3. Hahahaha! A great one, hit the mark again. Well done. :)

  4. Ha ha, you did the impossible once again.

  5. Bi-polar perhaps? I think a honeydew is a bit big to be tossing at a tiny bumble bee, but I guess you use what's handy.
    Well done using all the words.

  6. I hope the smart bee got out of the way then had the melon juice for lunch!

    Good mix of words.