Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, October 28, 2016


Words For Wednesday provided this week by Elephant's Child 
The words selections are: 
noble shine expressive charm  odd biggest
passion actuality top jar elevator angel 

I used the first six and added my own picture.

Next month the prompts will be provided by  Carolyn McBride  on her blog.


WEEPING WILLOW by Granny Annie

See the noble willow bend
To swing it's leaves like a vine
Swaying back and forth
Giving off a lovely shine.

How could a single tree
Exude such expressive charm.
Only to inspire bored youth
To intend bringing harm?

The biggest tree in the forest
Neither dangerous or odd
Until the ax felled it's shelter
Exposing the roots and sod..


  1. Holy crap, you're good at these.

    Real good.

  2. Curses upon the bored youth. Interesting twist and well done per-usual.

  3. Great poem to go with that stunning photo!

  4. Love it. Sad though it is.

  5. Have you always loved to write or is this a new hidden talent you have discovered in your elder years?

  6. Again you nailed it, Annie! Well done! :)

  7. I loved reading your poem. There's a lot of emotion in it. Blessings!

  8. I do wish I was less lazy and tried this!

  9. I love this. Willow trees are one of my favourites.

  10. Lovely and sad.

  11. I responded to your last comment on the place that you commented and you know where. I think we are more alike than different.

  12. Granny Annie, In regard to your comment on my blog: :-)

    "I did not understand that link was to a film. Wow, wonderful. I actually cried watching the wonder of 1936 cinema. How did you ever come across that precious little movie?"

    Glad you watched it! I tend to be a bit on the cryptic side at times (offering my readers less information, rather than they are intrigued and have the space to draw their own conclusions... ;-) )

    The "Share" heading on the top of my heading refers to the idea (evoked from the sweet little film) of sharing (for Thanksgiving, as in the little film..., as it is intended to be all about, yes? ;-) )

    As to your question (and I'm so glad that you did have an emotional reaction to it...I adore the sweet 1930's film so and want to cry seeing it, too. I just noticed the section (this time) of the little ones licking the glass at the bakery!!!!) To answer your question, my son and I stumbled upon the film Somewhere in Dreamland when he was a boy of about 7 or 8 years old on T.V. My son LOVED the part where the children pull up their blankets showing them filled up...with holes!!! What a sad, sweet and MEMORABLE little film!!!!!!!

    Sending love G. A.,

  13. Oh that's not fair - why would they do that. My comment on your fabulously descriptive poem.
    Thanks for all your recent comments on Still Waters Annie - it's hard to get to your blog from my comments. Google + and all that
    Will try to pop in here more often

    Cathy @ Still Waters