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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Words For Wednesday provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulcher. Thank you for these challenging words.  You will find the words and other stories posted at the blog of Elephant's Child.

I provided my own photo selection and  used all twelve words for this story: FRANTIC, LEMON, PARASITE, SPINE, PUMMEL, EARLY, STAGGERING, LIES, ART, NAKED, PREPOSTEROUS, WINDMILL.

Image from TV series FEED THE BEAST
TRUTH AND LIES by Granny Annie

The old windmill made a perfect restaurant location and now all their renovation and remodel efforts could prove wasted.

It was a frantic time realizing first one lemon then that all the lemons had all been infested by a parasite. Definitely chills ran up the spine of Chef Ryan as they approached the grand opening of the restaurant. The health department would pummel them with citations if they did not get rid of this quickly. Ryan arrived early to determine the lemons had already been used in many of the dishes.

The restaurant owner had made a staggering suggestion that they tell lies about the the parasites. This was not acceptable to his chef.

All of the dishes prepared with great attention were not just flavorful but also were pieces of art. Yet it would be preposterous to even think of causing a risk of illness to the guests attending the opening. Chef Ryan would be left feeling stripped naked, shamefully betraying his trade

Much to the horror and anger of the owner, Ryan insisted that they postpone the opening until the invader could be eradicated or he would have to disclose the problem. The owner finally agreed.  Still Ryan was terminated of his employment soon after the opening finally took place.

Chef Ryan departed the Old Windmill Restaurant in search of a new position but with his pride intact.             
This story was inspired by thoughts of my Navy Chef grandson Ryan, my blog friend  Lee and the new TV series FEED THE BEAST.

Feel free to use the first six, second six or all  twelve of these words and write your own story or poem.  You can post your composition here on my blog in the comment section.


  1. Love it. And am so glad that Chef Ryan kept his pride (and integrity) intact.

  2. Great story Annie, loved it,. Here is something to remember. Time flies like an arrow, But Fruit,flies like a lemon - or an apple or even a banana!!

  3. Well done Granny. Love how to tied it all together.

  4. good job! Working for a restaurant chain, this sent shivers up my spine though. ;)

  5. Love the story and I'm glad the chef stood up for what is right. Putting lives at risk is never an option.
    My story will be on my blog tomorrow Friday 9th, (also my grand nephew's birthday. E will be three).

  6. I feel bad for Chef Ryan but he did the right thing. I hope that owner's business fails miserably! (Rob)

  7. Very interesting set of words. You did well!

  8. Loved the story and Ryan's integrity. I might have tried to pass the bug specks off as seasoning but then I'm a bit sneaky.

  9. You are some writer. Wow !
    I should start visiting blogs again. It is so much fun. Work and commute do not leave much time for hobbies.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment that made me understand that there is a problem out there.

  10. Yep, I've had my fill of parasites this year... I have nightmares about contaminated food from work constantly...

    Yep they do blame the cook- why I never give in tho! I must have clean containers! Folks steal n try to give me unwashed ones, so I throw fits- but finally find clean ones somewhere...

  11. Well done, Annie...good story. Sorry I'm running late. :)