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Monday, September 01, 2014


Question Of The Week 09-01-14


It seems to me that with the "Older Generation" there was a good system of leaders and followers.  For some reason it was okay to follow.  Now we all want to lead and I think that has caused a world of control freaks.  My parents had areas of leadership.  One in the workplace and the other in the home.  My Ron had a true sense of leadership in almost all things and had a bit of a problem with his "Baby Boomer" wife who also wanted to lead in almost all things.

We are wary of leadership and we always seem to have advice and better ideas to offer.  Is anyone willing to be a trusting follower anymore?


  1. I think the issue with leadership among the last couple of generations is the fact that unlike generations before us, we've seen:at least in photos or videos:: as well as having been told , all the dirt on those who lead and how they got to that position..
    I do understand thats how getting to a leadership position has always worked:) our grandparents just were'nt informed of all the sleaze by their newspapers. The newspaper's leadership were paid off not to tell.
    The higher you go, the more disgusting it gets..

    love you bunches:)

  2. WHAT? I now have to know EVERYTHING?
    It is impossible, everyone knows something better than you do, and than i do. We miss the boat and the joy of working together if everyone knows everything and that is what it comes down to, isn't it?
    I know a lot, done even more, but i learned from others and allowed them to teach is more fun that way. so not a leader, not a follower, just one who walks beside.

  3. If more people knew of how you will answer to being a leader they would be more content to find a good one to follow.

  4. Hmm... I am not a leader but I am also not a follower. For instance, at work I have no problem following procedure but it something is not right I don't have a problem with sitting down with management and speaking about the issue.

    My friendships and family relationships are much the same. Everyone should have a voice and everyone should be listened to.

  5. I am not a blind follower, and rarely a leader.
    I am with Brite Mist here, and mostly walk beside.

  6. It depends on the situation. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, I'll lead if no one else wants to, in a situation I'm confident in, but I'm happy to let someone else lead if it's in a situation where I feel the opposite. I've found recently with both my parents in hospital situations I've been forced into a leadership role because my mum and dad are not well enough to handle certain situations. Not that I feel that confident to do it, but have no option.

  7. My garden path is far too long to lead anyone down it. Hang on! I don't have a garden path! ;)

  8. I will lead if no one else does but I really prefer to follow. That puts the onus on the leader to be right. Not my worry.

  9. Me too, Arkansas P. Much more comfortable following. But there have been times when I've been thrust into a leadership role and had to do it.

  10. I tend to be a loner.

  11. I can lead but do not go naturally into that role. I can also follow, but if I am not happy with the direction we are going and I cannot get the leader to agree, I head out on my own.

  12. It's funny - I know some control freaks who are bad leaders, but I'm not sure they know that.

    But to answer your question - I think I'm a combo of the two (just as I am an ambivert - cross between introvert and extrovert.) :)

  13. People follow you because you provide information they crave. The sad part is that you allow others to provide your point of view.

  14. It's impossible for me to be a follower in today's world...maybe even yesterday's world, but I do go with the flow when I feel someone has done his/her homework and the outcome won't kill me.

  15. Sometimes I wish I had been born with a different nature but - you guessed it - I've never been a follower. It's just not in my DNA; that said, my family is made up of a bunch of ethnicities that fled, were asked to leave, or were kicked out of their native areas!

  16. I think I am leading, but when I turn around, no one is following. So I guess I just go my own way.

  17. OMG Olga's comment is brilliant!
    I'm a leader. I guess. Only I don't really know where I'm going.

  18. OMG Olga's comment is brilliant!
    I'm a leader. I guess. Only I don't really know where I'm going.

  19. SonnyGianetti
    Getting to a leadership position in government has always required payoffs in exchange for votes. That's my story and I 'm sticking to it. Xoxo

    Brite Mist
    Yes, I thought you were always prepared to know EVERYTHING. lol Love the “walk beside” aspect.

    Changes in the wind
    The problem being we never know the truth.

    Everyone should have a voice. Excellent point.

    Elephant's Child
    I kind of see you as a leader type.

    LL Cool Joe
    That is called stepping up to the challenge and you seem to do that very well.


    Arkansas Patti
    I like to be a follower and give advice. Oops...

    I thought you followed Ed and Reub?

    I misread your comment and thought you wrote “I tend to be a lover”.

    Many times I have had to simply abandon ship because I could never agree with the leader.

    You are probably the perfect leader type. Most control freaks who are leaders are never leaders only bullies.

    That is a great thought that you provide information others crave.

    Poor kids who don't do their homework.

    Riot Kitty
    You are a born leader.

    Olga Hebert
    That is a fantastic answer. Often I turn around also to find nobody following. Basically we all probably just go our own way.

  20. I love Patti and Olga's comments. I'll say ditto. Being a teacher, I've had to lead. I guess it's easier to lead if the kids are half my size. Ummm... I mean shorter than me. I'll follow if I think the path being taken is the right one for me.

  21. A little of both, although working for the guv'ment often makes me a very reluctant follower at times.

    Father Nature's Corner

  22. A poster in my room says: "Lead, Follow, or get the Hell outa the way!"

    I'm staying out of the way. Don't follow much- Have led a few times. I'm too brave, but prefer the quiet path, usually. I pick my moments n causes.

  23. I think people should think for themselves. Period. I always have thought for myself and I always will.

    My point is that we shouldn't just follow a position without giving it some thought.