Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, June 13, 2014


June 13th to 15th, 2014

Granny Annie celebrates the wonderful memory of her Dad.
Not only a loving and wonderful father, he served 40 1/2 years as a minister in the Methodist Church.
We at NOL-NOC hope all of you celebrating grandfathers, fathers, sons, son-in-laws, uncles, brothers and all those men who have been wonderful role models in your lives.


Granny Annie was afraid we were losing Mama David.  She rested in the barn for two days and would not get up to come to meals.  She managed to move enough to get away from me when I tried to pet her and pick  her up.  I had to leave her alone and feared the worst.   Now she is back and seems to be the same as before.  Rumor around the barn has it that she was only escaping the kittens for a while.  She deserves a break.

And speaking of the kittens, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, and Yoda are weekly entertainment with absolutely no slowing down in sight.


Does anyone remember June, the hen who stayed on two clutches of eggs for 44 days and still did not have any chicks? Well, she is on another cache of eggs.  Guess we will let her try again but if they do not hatch in the required length of time this year, I will not let her set on a second bunch of eggs and I will not try to save them.  It is all up to her and we'll be looking for birth announcements around the end of June.  (The end of pun intended.)

The roosters are not news worthy at this time.  Who knows which rooster is in charge?  They all seem to have their fair share of ladies.  


My friend Janet visited this week from Colorado.  She was here last year and we met some other friends for some high school reunion planning.  Well today is the reunion and Janet left from here to go there.  I will not go because am suffering some leg pain, plus I have another visitor.  My granddaughter Hope.  Yea, Hooray, Yippee, Huzzah.

Granny Annie and Janet after a week together.  Last minute selfie only photo for the week.

Recent favorite photo of Hope who is ready for modeling but since she is just turning 12, will have to wait a few years.

(No One's Looking-No One Cares)*

*This simply meant to us that in our rural life no one is paying attention to what we are wearing or what we are doing and they don't involve us in gossip.  It is a positive name for our estate:-)


  1. I am looking and I do care!
    Great photos. And funny anecdotes about the animals on your farm. I don't even have one since my 2 cats died a few years ago.

  2. What a wonderful crazy zoo at your place. Certainly keeps you on your toes and I hope you leg is feeling better by the time that runway gal arrives. She is a stunner.

  3. I love the cat and chicken news but my favorite is the beautiful picture of Hope.

  4. I love this post so much! I adore the newsletter format of it. So glad you had your friend visit and granddaughter Hope is a beautiful young lady - hope y'all have fun!

    Lots going on at the NOL-NOC estates (as for the NOC part - this girl cares!)

  5. It is lovely to read about your kittens and your chicks.
    Hope seems very stylish already.

    I have been so lazy with reading. I will have to go back and catch up a lot. I enjoyed your post as usual.

  6. NOL-NOC? Really? I see lots of people here who look AND care.

    I love the chicken and cat update. I'm glad David is doing better.

    Your granddaughter is a beautiful girl. Keep your eye on her. Worry when she starts asking for the keys to the car.

  7. Looking and caring from this side of the world too.
    Love your updates (except on the pain front) and your beeeeyootiful granddaughter.

  8. I hope the pain is better now, or will be soon. I wish I had a bunch of kitties to love. Your granddaughter is beautiful! and your dad must have been a wonderful man. My Methodist minister throughout my childhood was one of my very favorite people.

  9. I'm so pleased Mama David is okay. You had me worried there for a while!

    Hope is a lovely looking young'll enjoy having her around. :)

  10. Great young Dad pic! I always miss my Dad on that Day More too-
    Mischief has had several ups n downs lately too- Well she is 15. Glad you are entertained with the kitten Jedi gang!
    That was definitely a pun! n Funny too! Hopefully some Chick-chicks are added in foe more spicy tales-

    I hope there is always Hope! She IS a model!
    Thanks for delivering the news!

  11. Hello Annie
    There is so much hype and emphasis on Mothers Day it seems Dads get forgotten at times. Thanks for reminding us that their love and lives should be celebrated as well.
    Here's hoping your NOL-NOC words are a joke. There are many out there who care but don't always tell you so
    Take care

  12. NOL-NOC ESTATES DEFINED: *This simply meant to us that in our rural life no one is paying attention to what we are wearing or what we are doing and they don't involve us in gossip. It is a positive name for our estate:-)

    Thank you for caring. It seems many did not see our estate name with the positive aspect it represents to us. Now that your are looking for a new project, perhaps it is time for you to get another cat. Only since you won't allow your new tenant pets, that might not be a good idea.

    Hope and I had a wonderful "spoiling day" yesterday and my leg held together for most of it. It is a wonderful and crazy zoo.

    Well I wonder why you especially like Hope? Oh yes, we both have wonderful granddaughters names Hope and both are beautiful!

    Thank you Lynn. We are having lots of fun. Thought this format would be a good way to provide weekend coverage:-)

    So, there you are! Yea. I was getting worried about you.

    Hope goes from beautiful model to rough and tumble tom boy. She is happy that they moved to Kansas because she can get a driver's license at 14 there. Yikes!

    Elephant's Child
    I believe Hope is helping cure my painful leg. We managed to have a good day yesterday.

    My leg is a little better. I was about to doubt my trusted doctor's diagnosis but finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel has restored my faith that maybe he is right.

    I was very worried about Mama David too. I just knew her barn life had finally taken its toll on her, but she must still have a few of her 9 left.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I think of my dad as standing in the church pulpit most of the time but then the memories of all our wonderful family vacations pour in and then we rejoiced to have him all to ourselves every year. I loved him so.

    I went back to my post and gave an explanation of our estate name. Not a cry for pity, just a statement of freedom from the rat race of our restrictive days before retirement. Thank you for caring. Yes, it is nice to recognize fathers this weekend.

  13. Maybe Mother David will talk to June about being careful what she asks for.

  14. Olga Hebert
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

  15. I can relate to the tomboy part because I was the same way. I started driving tractors, several dune buggies, and motorcycles years before I started to drive a car. By the time I was 15, my dad was very comfortable about my driving because I had so much experience with so many other vehicles.

    I'm grateful to my husband for teaching our girls to drive because I was a nervous wreck about it.

  16. Love the name of your Estate. Sounds like things are pretty much normal there, a good thing!

  17. I'm so glad to hear that Mama David rallied! Good for her. Maybe she had a little virus or something.

    Good luck to June and the eggs.

    Yay for visiting friends! And grand-daughters. :-)

  18. Poor mama David! I hope she's alright. She can't be pregnant again, can she?!
    Sexy rooster stories are all over the Internet lately!

  19. cube
    I learned to drive tractors in my 50's.

    So normal, and so good, if only....

    Sparkling red
    Report on David is still good and report on June is still good. My company is gone and missing my granddaughter something awful.

    Well, tell me where to find these sexy rooster stories? Mama David could be pregnant again. If only I could catch her, I would have her spayed. She is up and running again as if all is well and I hope it is.

  20. I was about to say, "I care!" and then I read the disclaimer. No gossip is a good thing :)

    You look so much like your dad. One more thing we have in common. (That I look like my dad, not yours ;)

  21. I'd settle for Hope any day of the week:)

  22. Riot Kitty
    Yes it is a good thing that you don't look like my dad. lol

    My Hope is a precious little darlin'.