Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Monday, June 16, 2014


Question Of The Week 6-16-14

What is a big step you are needing to take? 


  1. I've taken it already. I'm waiting on the next one to make itself apparent.

  2. Moving on. I really need to find another job, but there are aspects of the one I have that I love. (It doesn't pay enough and is very stressful at times - most of the time. And I can't stand the guy I report to.)

  3. Contacting a graphic company and a fellow writer who can format so that I can self-publish my novella.

    Money is what's really stopping me at the moment,

    Father Nature's Corner

  4. I have made all the big ones, now I just need to be a better time steward since I have all ready spent most of my allotment.

  5. My next big step is to get my finances in order--something I can all too easily play ostrich about doing.

  6. Lisa
    I can't guess if your talking about big steps in your health or your job. Either way, I hope it's all good.

    How long have you worked there? I am a bit surprised that you are looking to move on. However my son works both sides of the printing industry, sales and actual printing, and I know the changes taking place in your industry. Hoping for the best for you.

    G.B. Miller
    You always have a next big step ready to go.

    Arkansas Patti
    How much time are we allotted? I can't guess how much I have left.

    Olga Hebert
    How does one get their finances in order. We either have them or we don't. Most of mine fall in the "we don't" column:)

  7. My next big step is to really plan better on use of my time on a regular and daily basis and quit "fartin' around"

  8. Downsizing and moving to a little apartment. At 60 I think I have a good 30 more years in me but you never know. Anyway, I am currently in the middle of picking up every item I own and deciding "do I really need this, or does it go to dumpster, yard sale, or Good Will?" When I leave this earth I don't want my kids to have a bunch of stuff to go through ... I have very little compared to most people but if I have not used it in the last few months I must not need it is my motto. My sister is dealing with a hoarder in-law relative now who had a stroke and she is having to deal with his mess, what a nightmare!!!! Especially since she wasn't the hoarder and who wants to clean up that kind of mess??!! By the way, since I won't have internet again until some time in July the few brief minutes I DO have online I always spend checking your blog first just to check on you!

  9. I need to start putting myself first: physically and emotionally. Which goes against my upbringing. And is necessary.

  10. Actually I just took it. I got the OCD workbook. For reals!

  11. I want to find a little piece of dirt to call my own so I can have my kids & grandkids visit me.

  12. I've worked there 6.5 years - just checking back in to say sorry for giving such a grumpy answer. I was feeling grumpy, but it passed. I'm lucky to have a job. :)

  13. One to the bathroom....

  14. Tabor
    I am pretty sure that we all fall into the “fartin'” around category once in a while.

    Aunt Betsy
    Thank you for checking in on me:) I worry too about all the things my children are going to have to go through but don't seem to have the energy to sort through it and when I start the emotions start pouring in over the sentimental stuff.

    Elephant's Child
    I know what you mean about putting ourselves first going against our upbringing. My parents would never dream of putting themselves first in any instance. Their entire lives were of servitude and I always feel shame if I do anything for me.

    Riot Kitty
    For reals? Now what? I am pretty sure that I would qualify as OCD also and might need the book too.

    I am going to be cremated. Were you referring to your grave site?

    Love it! You have to be grumpy once in a while. I told you one of my preacher's once said he never trusted anyone who smiled ALL the time.

    Really? What do you want to do?

    Hope you made it. lol

  15. Just, Annie! lol

  16. Actually what you said in your title, letting go. Learning to let go of my older daughter and allowing her to make mistakes on her own, but just praying she continues to take her medication for her epilepsy.

  17. I have to stop hanging onto grudges. Apparently it's a thing I do.

  18. After encouraging noises from the publisher get cracking on a total - hopefully final - edit and finish before my next cruise.

  19. Now that we have become brand new landlords, we don't have to take another step right now.

  20. I'd like to just quit my job with the stress n do art stuff- But the job is allowing me to have a home here.... so one defeats the other!

    Also tough to be inspired without some angst.... "You gotta suffer if ya wanna sing the blues" is true!

    Money stops everyone G!

    Then there's the empty stuff out of here - I seem to be storing because I need more space to set it up, like instruments n amps, statues n such. I really want a bigger house-

  21. This was easy. I need to drive farther than a mile radius. It's such a hard step for me.

  22. Lee

    LL Cool Joe
    Those are some major steps.

    Oh boy, me too.

    Now that sounds exciting.

    I so hope you are going to keep us posted on life as landlords.

    Snaggle Tooth
    So much needed and so little time....

    Go for it friend. You can do everything else, why not this?

  23. I've been reading all your posts. I need to make up my mind about selling my house and moving to something smaller. Because my children are both in Virginia now, and because of their proximity to the CF clinic, I'm sure they will be there for a long time.

    I've lived here in my hometown for all my life except for a ten year period. My logical move would be to move near them since I have no family here. But getting rid of stuff holds me back. In fact, I'm sitting here doing this instead of cleaning out the closet I started on last night.