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Slim and Franke
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Monday, April 28, 2014


Question Of The Week 4-28-14

Do certain odors 
special memories 
for you?


  1. Mmm. Fresh baked bread.
    Ivory soap is also evocative for me--my babies out of the tub and ready for stories.

  2. Olga
    Oh yes, those sweet smells of babes just out of the tub:)


  3. anytime I smell italian food it takes me back to my aunt peggy's kitchen where she and my uncle rocco would cook all day for friday card night with the "guys" my godfather Joe, a few friends, uncle vido and uncle joey. the guys always brought the desserts and the fresh bread from the bakery on the corner. oh wow, those were the days.. I was a quiet kid so I could sit in the window seat all night while they played. If I feel asleep there they just covered me with a blanket and I'd wake up to breakfast cooking. These were my 3 to 8 years.:) odd the only meal I ever remember having at home was chicken pot pie, which never failed to make me choke- or maybe it was the tension with mom n dad that choked me and chicken pot pie just happened to be in my plate:(

    sorry, I guess I went that notch too far down memory lane and should have stayed with the Uncle Rocco memory.

  4. The smell of hot tar always takes me back to my childhood. The infant school I attended were adding a couple of new classrooms and they were using the tar on the roof.

  5. Ummm, the smell of a brand new book, a new box of crayons, the smell of a puppy have always made me happy.

  6. Maybe not the best example, but the smell of lilies always make me think of hospitals and funerals.

  7. Sonny
    The baking bread and chicken frying make me think of my paternal grandparents. The odor of cleaning fluids and the Elecrolux vacuum cleaner remind me of my maternal grandparents. All good memories but nothing about the question said all your memories had to be good ones.

    LL Cool Joe
    Hot tar! Who would have thought?

    Aunt Betsy
    Crayons and puppies take us all back to childhood.

    I bought lilies for the church in remembrance but could not bring them home for that same reason.

  8. My Grandparents lived in Montana and the smell of wheat fields whisks me back to my visits there.

  9. Freshly cut grass. Nothing smells quite like it and every time I smell it, I think of my childhood and the way that smell filled the air after my dad mowed our lawn. (Rob)

  10. Freshly sawed lumber always takes me to my father's workshop.
    Freshly turned earth means springtime.

  11. Fresh mown that scent. The smell of lilac reminds me of my aunt's old garden. She was the one who made me love gardening from when I was a little child. The scent of my hubby's cologne. Always good memories attached to that. The dusty musty odor of an old book transports me back to hours spent in libraries as a child. The scent of laundry brought in off the clothesline. Like the fabric trapped sunshine and scent on a pillow case to sleep on. :)

  12. Cinnamon, vanilla and line-dried washing are big, big winners for me.

  13. Where do I start?? :)


  14. For several years, when I was a child, we spent two weeks a year at a farm in Oswego, New York on Lake Ontario.

    The folks we were visiting must have heated the house with Kerosene because that odor was everywhere; noticeable, but not

    Now, all these years later, at the slightest scent of kerosene, I am back at that wonderful place on the lake with the charming people we were visiting.

  15. a thousand odors open a thousand and more memories and this is still something i do really well - the concentration of chlorine in water down to 0.0025 mg/l (yes, i tested this) to makes bread and many, many made- made chemicals and i can tell them apart, even to the alcohol in baking bread

  16. Clean babies, fresh baked bread, saddle leather, pines, new-mown hay, lined dried sheets... and clear creek water.

  17. Puppy breath takes me back to three years of age and my first puppy.

  18. The smell of gardenias brings me right back to my MawMaw's yard in May!

  19. Yellow or white ginger flowers always take me back to the Hawaiian rain forests.

  20. Freshly mowed grass - I have to say that, too. It makes me think of Saturdays in the summer in my childhood home. All the dads out mowing grass.

  21. Strangely enough, the aroma of a good cigar triggers memories back when I was a teenager delivering newspapers. Every morning around a little bit after 6, an older gentleman would drive down my street with the window open smoking a good cigar. I could always tell whether I was on time or running late based on where I was when he drove down the street.

  22. Changes in the wind
    That was a favorite memory odor from my childhood and the offset in the same town was the smell of the stock yards.

    Rob and Monica
    I know what you mean. That is a favorite smell always from my childhood to adulthood. Thinking of my dad and thinking of my husband Ron.

    I too remember that smell of freshly sawed lumber but cannot remember where it came from. My father or grandfathers did not build with wood. My son does but I am never around it. I can even feel the sawdust under my shoes. Now I am on a quest to find that memory.

    A lovely list of special scents. Did you ever spread your arms and run through the clothes on the line feeling and breathing in the freshness? There is nothing like it.

    Elephant's Child
    Cinnamon toast in the mornings. Vanilla going into the pudding and cakes. Line dried washing is missed the most. I often wish I still had a clothes line.

    Isn't it the truth:) Read all the others and you can probably relate to all of them. I certainly can. This has been a very good feeling question.

    It is true that you would not think Kerosene would cause pleasant memories but I know what you mean. Sometimes the odor of cigarettes and cooking aromas make me feel like I am walking into my grandparent's home.

  23. Brite Mist
    Your aroma memories take a lot of pondering. lol

    Saddle leather is not something we all think about but it sure renders some memories for me too.

    Arkansas Patti
    Oh yes, puppy breath! How could we forget those sweet first kisses?

    I had not thought of a yard full of gardenias and magnolias in years. Thanks for the reminder.

    I had to google ginger flowers and they are lovely wild flowers. I never heard of them before. As always you are educating me.

    There are a several of us who love grass and the memory linked to our dads.

    G.B. Miller
    Cigars have a lot of pleasant memories for me too. My uncle always smoked cigars and he was such a beloved guy it was a a thrill to smell the cigar and know he was coming to meet us.

  24. Freshly cut grass always takes me back to my elementary school days when the smell of the grass being mowed meant that it was nearly time for summer vacation...a lazy happy smell.

    Coconut scented skin cream always puts me back in Arizona in my mind.

  25. Too many to list all of them but here's a start... fresh bread, the smell of a library filled with older books, coffee brewing especially when my husband makes it, the beach... I could go on and on.

  26. That's funny - to me "odor" has a negative connotation, rather than "scent." All marketing, I suppose.

    Definitely. Sometimes I catch a bit of cologne or something that triggers the memory of a person from years and years ago.

  27. Pat MacKenzie
    Coconut oils and other coconut scented products always make me hungry:)

    Coffee brewing is a biggie for me. I am surprised more have not said it.

    Riot Kitty
    Would you believe I debated among smell, odor, scent or aroma. Can't say why I went with odor but I tend to agree with you that it probably wasn't a good choice from a marketing standpoint. Aroma would have been a better choice. Always wearing that editor's hat aren't you?

  28. Annie, I used to get in trouble as a child for running in and out of the clean laundry drying on the line. :)

  29. There are so many. When I rinse out a milk carton with hot water I always picture the dairy my brothers and I would duck into to buy ice cream when we were supposed to be going to church school next door. The dairy was filled with steam, from the cleaning of glass milk bottles, and it had a certain fragrance.

  30. Of course-

    Lilacs- my Mother's backyard growing up.
    Cigars- My Dad smoked those for years.
    Apples baking, Mom's at Thanksgiving time.

  31. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Oh man, I have a million of these! Too many to list!

  32. Wet grass and camping as a child with my family.

  33. Talon
    Ah, I knew you would have done that:)

    Interesting. Not an aroma I would have thought of. Why do you rinse out milk cartons?

    Snaggle Tooth
    Lilacs, cigars, apples baking.....lovely memory scents.

    Surely just one jumps out at you as special.

    Oh yes! Only we used to camp in grandma and grandpa's back yard:) That is until the sounds of lions, tigers and bears overwhelmed us and we would run in the house screaming.