Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Friday, April 25, 2014


This cartoon has nothing to do with my post but it is just so funny I had to add it.

The first of the year I transferred my church membership to our small local church.  The congregation had been very nice to me after Ron's death.  It was a comfortable fit.

At almost the same time the Chairperson of the church Finance Committee had died.  It seemed there was not a soul to take his place.  All eyes turned to me, a brand new member having no information on the financial condition of the church past or present  Because I had been a banker you can guess the rest of the story. They believed I was the person for the job. 

One of my previous employers had said, "I don't ever have to give Annie a raise.  If I shower her with enough praise she will take on any new task."  He must have told this to my new church.  

Regardless I have been in the midst of reporting on the first quarter and meeting with the committee and preparing to meet with the council.  I am having to dig out what information I can from church members who cannot remember what happened when.  Not only did we lose the past chairman, we also have a brand new minister who is as green as I am. Thankfully the church has an easy-going, smiling Treasurer who should walk around with angel wings and a halo.

What am I saying here?  I am saying it is a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly.  The good part is that it keeps me busy and away from my sadness so much.  The bad is it takes me away from the time I would rather be blogging or mowing or working on my grandchildren book. The ugly that it puts me in the political gossip stream of a small church:(  

When I fall silent as I have recently you will know why.


gigihawaii said...

It's nice to have projects, though. My problem is not having enough interesting projects to do. I always seem to designate them for David to do. Poor guy!

Rob and Monica said...

You ARE the right person for the job, Granny Annie, because you are an "accomplisher". Don't let this get stressful for you. You need your own time too! (Rob)

Lynn said...

I chuckled when I started reading this - you might as well be my sister Jo talking about the same position at her church in Florida. She has always done accounting in her various paying jobs and currently handles the finances for she and her husband's company. She used to just key in church tithes and offerings, but it has migrated from there to handling treasurer duties and paying the bills. One thing that happened recently - the deacons decided to send a love gift of $200 to a family in their community who lost their home to a fire. Jo said they didn't have $200 to send until offerings came in. She keeps trying to get rid of that job, but there is really no one else to take it. So I really have an understanding of what you are going through and admire you for undertaking this role. That's too bad you have to deal with the political gossip there - there is always some of that in churches, seems like.

Granny Annie said...

What? You are in the middle of the biggest project of all time and it sounds like you are handling it very well.

Rob and Monica
The point is, if I fail to accomplish maybe they will fire me:) That would be a good thing.

So glad to make you chuckle:) Bet Jo isn't chuckling. We could probably exchange notes. lol

Jeanie said...

A tough job, for lots of reasons, but I am guessing you will have the task in hand very quickly.

Tabor said...

We have a volunteer who lost her husband (only in mid 50's) this last January. She has thrown herself into volunteering to keep busy and heal, as she must. I so admire her, but she also gets involved in the politics and I wonder if that is truly a healing situation? We also had a finance person who initially volunteered for the budget committee, but soon left to work on the environmental group!

Changes in the wind said...

But You are the perfect person for the job and this is from the second Monica

maureen nathan said...

you have a balanced view of your situation and I admire your self awareness. there isn't a situation in life that doesn't have some sort of politics so you can forget about that part! it keeps you away from sadness and the time that you do have blogging and working on the grandchildren book or mowing will be all the sweeter.

TALON said...

The good - it keeps you busy
The bad - it keeps you busy
The ugly - it keeps you busy

Yeah, sometimes we're too kindhearted for our own good. But then I consider the alternative and it's a way better way to be. :)

Elephant's Child said...

No is a wonderful, underused word which I have problems with. It sounds like you do too. I hope the good outweighs the bad and the ugly for you.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

In no time you'll have this all taken care of and set up correctly.

Then it'll be a breeze for ya.
If anyone can do this- Annie Can..

love ya bunches

Brighid said...

They were so wise to get you, the one who will see it straight. Gossip is every where, small church, large church, let that part not deter you. Your more than likely where your needed most, and that's a good thing.

Arkansas Patti said...

In a way it is good you have a blank slate to work with. You can do it your way.
I am like you. A pat on the back will take me a long way.

Cliff said...

GOSSIP,,,In a church?? Well what on earth is going on down there.
We too have a treasurer who should have wings. She is a delight and tireless.

Riot Kitty said...

I'm super curious about the last line, that's cryptic.

Some thoughts that come to mind:
1. Your previous employer was a jackass.
2. My dad quit being a pastor because he couldn't stand exactly the kind of attitudes you are talking about. He said he couldn't stand it that some people were nice on Sunday and terrible the rest of the week in their private lives.

Kay said...

Thank you for letting us know, Annie. I'm so glad you've found an excellent niche for yourself. The congregation is so lucky to have you!

G. B. Miller said...

Cool beanie babies. Good that you're occupied with real world stuff, and we're very happy for you.

cube said...

It's good to keep busy. I'm glad you have something worthwhile to occupy your time. That said, we'll miss your incisive posts so keep us in mind when you have some downtime.

ashok said...

good to be busy than bored...cheers Granny

Sparkling Red said...

Oh boy, that's quite a task you've taken on! Good luck with it.

One of the reasons I left the church I was attending a few years ago was because they wanted so much of my time and energy. It was like having a second job! One job is more than enough for me.

Olga Hebert said...

Well, I had been wondering what you were up to and now I know. You have taken on a huge project. I am sure the good will triumph. You can set about fixing the bad and I am confident that you will be able to rise above the ugly.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Well, at least that's a good excuse! Feeling useful is always good-

heartinhand said...

Life's too short to do things that you don't want to do. Fulfill your term and then bail.

Granny Annie said...

I have done exactly that and now wonder why I was complaining.

Yes it is healing. Otherwise my mind is left to dwell on the loss.

Changes in the wind
I guess so. Things are working out now.

maureen nathan
You are so right my friend.

It does keep me busy and yes, that is a good thing.

Elephant's Child
The good is outweighing the rest.

You were exactly right here Sonny. After I made my first presentation to the Administrative Board and it went well, all felt like smooth sailing.

Being new in the community the gossip is the hardest part because I can't join it. I don't yet know who is related to who. Actually everyone is related some way except for me. lol

Arkansas Patti
Does that mean we are both suckers? lol

Yea, shocking isn't it? NOT!

Riot Kitty
I never understood how my dad took being a pastor 40 years but he did and seemed to move beyond the gossip. It was harder on my mom.

Just so I have time to read. I am glad you are telling us all about your trip.

G.B. Miller
Yes it definitely is “real world stuff”.

Well you can see that I'm back in action and didn't miss out as much as was anticipated.

You are so right!

Sparkling Red
Now I am volunteering at the Senior Center too. Please teach me the word NO.

Olga Hebert
You were right. Good has triumphed and I am on a good path for this job.

Snaggle Tooth
Oh you got me didn't you. Excuses, excuses, excuses.....

They told me I was the only person for the job, so I have decided to devote part of my efforts to finding my replacement and so far the congregation underestimated the potential there. I am seeing a lot who will do a good job when my term is up.