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Slim and Franke
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Monday, February 03, 2014


Question Of The Week 02-03-14


  1. Lynn
    I both respect you and like you:) Respect ~ 1.a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

    Changes in the wind
    First I respected you for writing such a wonderful book BUCKSKIN BESSIE and that made me get to know you and like you too.

  2. I will take respect. As long as I like myself I am not worried too much about who else does, but if I thought people couldn't respect me then I'd have some changes to make.

  3. Everyone liked my parents. When we came into town there were always parties and good times with friends and families. But everyone also respected my father. Now 30 years after his death I still meet people who tell me what a just and fair leader he was. Even the late General Norman Schwarzkoph wrote about his respect for my father in his autobiography. I think that I'd say it is better to be respected.

  4. That is a good question. People will like you or not based on all manner of subjective experiences and reactions. Respect is a little harder to earn and, therefore, seems more important.

  5. Liked is easy and light weight, Respected is a much higher calling. I would rather the Respect.

  6. There are a lot of people that may not like me but they do respect me. That is the most important.


  7. My Dad always taught his four children that it was nice to be important but it was more important to be nice.

  8. Respected, but loved by those close to me.

  9. respect would be nice and sometimes i need to be liked...but the reality is when you say things that are the truth and not an agenda, you get neither. Because of that i get neither

  10. As I contemplated the question & read all the responses, I think the 2 might be linked very closely. I do want RESPECT and as much as is within my power demand it in the classroom. But it does make it so much more desireable if a bit of " like " is spooned up with it!

  11. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Respect. Hands down.

  12. Respect of course - if you are respected people automatically like you too :) The converse may not be true though !

  13. Can I have both? :D I doubt I'll ever be respected but I know a few people who like me, so I'll go with that. You have to earn people's respect and maybe I haven't tried hard enough in my life for that to happen.

    Also respect is a personal thing isn't it? What I respect in another person may not be what another person would respect. Take my Dad, some people will respect him for staying with my mother for so many years, and being so loyal, other people will think he's been a bloody fool.

  14. Anonymous9:38 AM


  15. Respected, hands down.

    People can like me or loathe me, but all I ask for is that you respect.

    Especially in the morning.

  16. I'd like to be respected. :0)

  17. Are they kind of the same thing?

  18. I have been respected as I am the oldest of six children. Also, being in audit got me a lot of respect. I think respect has a little bit of the element of fear in it. I think being liked is like being closer to the person who likes you than being respected. I think I like being liked but I like liking people too.

  19. I am sorry about the round about way of writing. I think in Hindi first than I write in English. LOL

  20. To be both is the best. To be liked may be more fun, but respected is 20 times more important to me these days. Don't get much of it sometimes...

  21. This is hard for me. I'm greedy - I want both.
    But a caveat: I have to care about the person in the first place. If I don't I'm ambivalent.

  22. I have to echo Nancy's statement that it is nice to be important but more important to be nice.

    You can be both but there are times when one is more important than the other and it all depends on who is doing the thinking


  23. Aunt Betsy
    Excellent point. If we are without the respect of others, we better see what we need to change.

    Lisa (aka Mollie's mom)
    I think people liked my father but I know people respected him. I know some people liked my husband and I know some people hated my husband but I also know everyone respected my husband. Any time it comes to leadership, respect is of the utmost importance. Wow, you will have to tell us more about your father and General Norman Schwarzkoph.

    Yes, respect must be “earned”. That is the key word. Some people think because they have some important position they should automatically have respect and don't realize they have to do something to earn that respect.

    Never thought of that, but “like” is a bit of a light weight isn't it?

    I felt that way in the work place. It wasn't a popularity contest. I needed respect to get the job done and being liked wasn't required. Now that I am retired I'm not sure where either fits into my life. I know Slim respects me:)

    You are very nice and that niceness is what earned you my respect:)

    We must put “love” in an entirely different category.

    Brite Mist
    No one can have respect without truth and it is difficult for me to believe that you do not have respect from your peers.

    Deborah Evans
    I have liked a few of my teachers. I have been intimidated my a few of my teachers. I have respected a very few of my teachers. There is a world of difference and the ones I respected are the ones I will never forget.

    There you said it.

  24. Ram
    There have been people I have respected but have not liked. Maybe the did good works and set a good example for the community but there was something about them that did not make me want to draw close to them in friendship.

    LL Cool Joe
    Isn't there a lot more to your father than his association with your mother? Isn't he to be respected for the fine father he has been to you and your brother? Somehow I think he has earned your respect as you in turn have earned the respect of your loved ones and all of us:)


    Respect...”Especially in the morning” tell:)

    Thanks for commenting. I am guessing you are respected for your photography:)

    Chatty Crone
    Maybe kind of but not at all.

    That is very interesting. I would have guessed that respect would not have that element of fear in it. There is a whole new question. As an older sibling, did you put the fear into the younger? I know my older siblings loved to scare the heebie jeebies out of me. lol

    Snaggle Tooth
    I know you have to work hard for respect so each tiny bit you do get you earn.

    You are funny. Is it really greedy to want both. I am betting you have the respect of people you don't even know.

    It all still comes down to the Golden Rule doesn't it.

  25. My first thought was "if you are respected, won't you automatically be liked?". Definitely not and vice versa. I try to strive for both as long as being liked will let me be myself (Rob)

  26. Respect is definitely preferably, but it's also nice to be liked. But what I really would like is to be witty!

  27. Isn't it terrible that I find this such a hard question? It's important to be respected, of course, but I really like being liked. If people respected me, but nobody liked me, I would not be a happy camper. You have the best questions!

  28. Rob and Monica
    Rob, you are so right about being ourselves. That should be the primary goal.

    That answer was pretty witty:)

    ancient one
    I think you definitely are that.

    I almost pictured you as Sally Field accepting her Academy Award saying “You like me, you really, really like me.” lol And I wanted to say that when you said you liked my questions:)