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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


DAY FOUR added rooster for variety
DAY FIVE added panda coffee cup from honeymoon in San Diego
I was compelled to pay $3.26 for this banana stand.  It was supposed to keep my bananas fresh longer than if I kept them in a bowl on on the counter.  They lasted the same length of time as they usually do and I finally had to freeze the remainder for baking. Maybe this will save you $3.28. Rob of  Rob and Monica OUR ADVENTURES AMONG THE DUCKS gave me this vintage commercial on Chiquita Bananas you won't want to miss.


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Lmao thanks for your research!!

  2. yep, i got one when my mom passed and it does not keep them any fresh any longer, but it keeps them from getting squashed by the other fruit in the fruit bowl, so i am okay with it.

  3. Thanks a lot, Annie! I'll have the Chiquita banana in my head all day. :)

    I keep my bananas on the a bowl. In the summer, they ripen super fast. In this arctic snap, I won't have to put the over-ripe in the freezer, but just stick them outside. Instant banana-sicles. :)

  4. Not much of a banana fan. I rarely buy them, and if I do for some reason it's never more than two.

  5. Love that banana bombshell! Fun. :)

    Well now you will have bananas for banana bread when you are ready. I've always wondered if those banana hanger things worked - now I know!

  6. lol lol that was hilarious.

    I always put mine directly in the fridge.. they last about 7 days, then the brown begins and I freeze whatever is left.

    love ya BIG

  7. I've heard that it's good to take the bananas apart to make them last longer or to wrap the stems with cellophane wrap. That's what they say, but I don't know if I really detect a noticeable difference.

  8. We separate each Banana from the bunch, this way if one is too ripe the others may not get idea to ripen fast.
    Our daughter loves the way you added a rooster figurine.
    I make smoothies just before they get too ripe.

  9. I have always thought I needed one of those banana holders .... thanks for saving me some money!

  10. And day 5 is...bread? :P

  11. I once bought me n the kids those Green Bags for food keeping, n they did keep bananas ok awhile.
    I get over-ripe ones from work often, n find cool weather n a loose, hole-punched plastic bag work wonders keeping them longer. I put them in the frig drawer for 2 weeks sometimes still OK. I think it's all the weather-
    for how long they stay green.
    I'm making Bread again tomorrow!

  12. I have wondered if those things really work, now I know. Bananas usually don't last long enough around here to get over ripe. Smoothies!

  13. I've often wondered if those things work! Obviously not. Thanks for saying me some money.

  14. Thank you. I am certain that my partner would have bought the stand and now I can say NO.

  15. Anonymous6:08 AM

    I usually put the bananas in the fridge to keep the ants off them.

  16. I've been tempted but never caved. Thanks, now I won't. Like me, you just don't eat them fast enough.

  17. I wondered how those banana hanger-up thingies worked... it never made sense to me. Now I know for sure.

    As for the video, I hadn't seen that in so many years. A blast from the past for sure.

  18. I love science!


    The video was great also...

  19. Well, I won't be getting one of those! Thanks, now that dilemma is solved. I do like the rooster though...

  20. Aww gee, I was so impressed that you have a banana stand until I read the final words. I still think it's kinda cool. I waste more bananas than anything else I can think of.

  21. heartinhand
    Nothing better than to have a person start their day that way. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Brite Mist
    Good point. At least it does provide a place for the bananas.

    Ha! Gotcha. But I got me too. The little tune follows me....

    If I don't eat at least ½ a banana a day my legs will cramp at night. And if I only buy one or two, I run out because it is too far from the grocery store to buy more. Our little local stores do not sell produce.

    Oh no, no, no, do not put them in the refrigerator! Didn't you hear the end of the song? lol I did laugh at that because I know a lot of people who keep their bananas in the refrigerator. I will freeze the ones I do not eat in time and use them to make banana bread or mash a half of one with peanut butter for a nanner sandwich. Love ya bigger:)

  22. Kay
    Yes, I have heard that too and will try it next time. Sounds like it works for Munir of Focus, my next commenter. Don't know if I will publish a pictorial on it though when I try it.

    Yes Kay the commenter above you was just saying that she heard that was a good way to keep them. Glad your daughter liked my little rooster. He usually keeps me company at my computer. It just seemed the bananas got a little boring all by themselves. Once the bananas get too ripe, freeze them and they are even better in smoothies.

    Aunt Betsy
    Glad to be of help. You don't know how many times I passed up buying one before it finally got to me. I will still hang the bananas on it when I get some because it is a place to put them. But as far as keeping them fresh longer, just a sales gimmick.

    Riot Kitty
    Yes, banana bread or you can freeze them and make banana bread later. Ron absolutely loved my banana bread and there was no problem using ripe bananas up when he was here. I like it but not enough to make it for myself all the time.

    Snaggle Tooth
    I seem to remember the green bags working pretty good but they just didn't look very pretty sitting out with bananas in them. Maybe if I put them in a green bag and hang them on the banana hanger? Lol

    Everybody drinks smoothies. I guess I will have to start making those. Bananas keep my potassium levels where they should be.

    LL Cool Joe
    Glad to help anyone save $.

  23. Elephant's Child
    Uh oh, I don't want to be a trouble maker.

    You are the second person who keeps bananas in the fridge. I am guessing they are good but that they get pretty dark fast. I know an excellent way to get rid of ants. Mix Borax and sugar and put in shallow lids near the ant trails. They will disappear in a few days.

    Arkansas Patti
    It is funny how a small amount of bananas help our health and too many bananas hurt us. When my grandmother was pregnant she gained a huge amount of weight overnight and went to her doctor in great fear. She was retaining water and when he ask what she ate the previous day she said, “Only 12 bananas.”

    Wasn't it fun to hear and see the Chiquita Banana commercial again. I loved it and the vintage look it has. Talon got on to me for getting the tune stuck in her head all day. Lol

    Rocky Mountain Woman
    Hello new visitor. Well yes, I guess this was science. Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the video too.

    Happy to save you some money. Isn't my rooster a cutie. He helps me at my computer every day. At one time he had three little pigs for companions but they disappeared. “Not I” said all eight grandchildren.

    Sorry to burst your bubble. Feel free to get one as a decorative piece. Maybe at Christmas you can throw some lights on it with the bananas. Yes, I too feel like I waste too many bananas. I try not to but they will sneak up on me in a cruel and mocking way.

  24. Lynn
    Loved you calling the video gal a "banana bombshell". Ron and I had a laugh about Chiquita Banana. When we were at a gas station in Arizona on our honeymoon I was in the car waiting for Ron. He was coming out of the station door and a very sexy Hispanic woman approached him. "Is that your car?" she asked, pointing to our Honda. She wiggled and shook all her good parts. He smiled and said "Yes it is." and she responded to his smile and inquired," Will you give me a ride please?" and Ron still smiling said, "I would be glad to but you'll need to ask my wife." By then I had rolled down the tinted window and was glaring at her. She took off in the opposite direction and in retelling the story we always referred to her as Chiquita Banana.

  25. Does it help if they don't touch each other.
    I haven't eaten one since I read they are one of the things not to eat if you want to lose belly fat.:)

  26. You know what makes them last longer - separate them from the top - they will stay longer. They have to be separated.