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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, January 25, 2014


R.I.P.  ROOSTER BONNIE  10-28-11 to 01-30-14

Mr. Gibson was the mother hen.  Her five chicks were Bonnie, Clyde, Huey, Huey, and Huey.  Turns out Bonnie and Clyde were both roosters and Huey, Huey, and Huey were all three hens.  This was in September of 2011.  The one remaining of that little family is Rooster Bonnie. I never fail to pick the wrong gender when I name my chickens too early.

Rooster Clyde lost a gallant fight in his early adolescence attempting to save the flock from a predator,  which was his job.  Rooster Bonnie is now in the chicken house infirmary suffering from a serious injury attempting to do the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

You might think the flock would be appreciative of Bonnie's efforts but they were not.  A wounded chicken is not welcome to share food and water with the rest and Bonnie has been having one heck of a time getting nourishment.  He has been in hiding behind some cages until I managed to catch him yesterday when he ventured out far enough for me to grab him and put him inside one of the cages.  

Now he is able to avoid fighting the other roosters and he has a comfy nest with his very own food and water.  

Poor Rooster Bonnie, so much for his heroes welcome. But he is good sized and was second in command to Rooster Chicklet so when he comes out healed he just might be ready to kick some major butt:) 

R.I.P.  ROOSTER BONNIE  10-28-11 to 01-30-14


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Poor little dude! I hope he heals well!

  2. I guess they mean what they say in reference to the "pecking order."

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Nature is heartless. I am glad you intervened.

  4. That is wrong. Poor brave little Bonnie.

  5. heartinhand
    He already looks so much better after only one day in safety. By the time I was able to grab him yesterday, he was really bloody from the others attacking him but I know he had to venture out of his hiding spot to get some food and water and glad I was there to take advantage of that moment.

    Absolutely, the pecking order is a big deal and right now King Kong, Jack Bauer Jr. and Hope are going after that second spot.

    You have got that right.

    Yes Bonnie is brave as was his brother Clyde.

    G.B. Miller
    I wondered how to spell Wowzers and now I know. Like you profile photo.

  6. Yea, for you & Bonnie. I didn't keep roosters for that very reason. Had a city bred neighbor ask me one day how I got eggs without a rooster...
    Maude my huge Americana was the keeper of the flock, I loved that ol gal!

  7. Soon enough, Bonnie will let it be known who is brave, bold and now strong.

  8. My mom used to tell me about the chickens pecking order and I decided they were terrible to treat the ill that way. I hope Bonnie will be good as new soon.

  9. I hope Bonnie comes out kicking butt! So sorry that he is hurt. :(

  10. Nature is cruel - ugh. Poor guy!

    BTW, I know someone who had a girl cat named Clyde.

  11. So was it another rooster that injured him in the first place or a fox or something?? I am so confused.

  12. Reminds me of that song "A Boy Named Sue."

    I sure hope Bonnie Boy heals quickly. I bet the predator looks even worse.

  13. G.A.: Thanks.

    It's a photo of my late father, Professor G.B. Miller, Sr.

  14. The animal kingdom can be heartless. Poor old Bonnie.

    I like that your chicken names don't always relate to their gender. It tickles my funny bone.

  15. Sometimes we just have to intervene. Way to go. I hope Bonnie gets his swagger back.

  16. Brighid
    Many people believe you have to have a rooster to get eggs. That is why some towns will not allow urban chickens. They do not want the noisy roosters and don't realize they can still have hens without allowing roosters and people can still have fresh eggs. And yes, many a strong hen can rule the roost.

    I certainly hope you are right. While he does not seem to be losing any weight, he does not seem to be regaining the use of his injured leg.

    Many a chicken farmer would already have put poor Bonnie in a rooster stew. I hope he will overcome his injuries. I have seen a lot my injured chickens bounce back from worse injuries.

    Thank you. I am hoping for the same.

    Riot Kitty
    Nature is not necessarily cruel, it just has a plan that we don't understand. Bonnie performed some task that he was called to do and now he is left with the consequences of his actions. Hopefully he can overcome those consequences. Clyde was probably a good name for a girl cat:)

    Aunt Betsy
    Perhaps I am confused. The way the chickens all returned to the hen house in a flurry, I assumed that Bonnie was injured in a scuffle with a predator but you could be right. He may have been injured by the junior roosters, King Kong, Hope, and Jack Bauer, Jr., ganging up on him for second position to the reigning Rooster Chicklet. That has happened before when younger roosters actually killed Daryl of the pair Daryl and other brother Daryl.

    Oh yes, there are a lot of Boys names Sue around my place. lol I like “Bonnie Boy” and shall hence refer to him as thus.

    G.B. Miller
    Nice to show photo of you dad.

    Sparkling Red
    The animal kingdom is built 100% for survival and they go after it with no qualms or apologies. I try and try to hold off naming my animals until I know their gender for sure, but then something will strike my fancy that I think suits them and they get stuck with a tag before I can be sure. At least they don't tease one another.

    Arkansas Patti
    Oh, I hope so too Patti. And he had quite a swagger. Perhaps that was the problem. Bonnie Boy was bigger than Rooster Chicklet and maybe this cock was getting too cocky. Maybe Aunt Betsy was right and it was the other roosters who injured him instead of a predator.

  17. I'm not surprised. Birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. They can be quite vicious.

  18. Poor Bonnie. I'm glad you're giving him time to recuperate.

  19. cube
    Quite vicious indeed.

    Not enough time.

    I let him out too early and while he seemed healthy and fairly fast moving, it appears he was overtaken by the other four roosters. I might as well have put a gun to his head.

    R.I.P. ROOSTER BONNIE 10-28-11 to 01-30-14