Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 05, 2013


Snaggle Tooth posted an interesting fellow on her blog and inspired me for my post.  Perhaps I can arrange to add her guy to my collection. The fellow pictured with me below is Dexter.  My sister, (worried that I would never remarry after being single 21 years) gave him to me for my 50th birthday.  We had to hide him because he terrified my grandson Dillon who was a toddler at the time.  Thankfully Ron came along a couple of years later and saved me and Dillon from Dexter.
Dexter and Granny Annie
Then, of course, you might also remember Vincent who stands guard around here.
If I can get that Postal guy then I'll have no shortage of men around the place to look out for me.  Maybe ST's guy can teach my rural postal carrier, Crazy Dave, a thing a two about delivering the mail.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Dexter looks like Donny Osmond. Lmao!

  2. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Hello Annie
    Love that fella sharing your couch - do you still have him or did he get the boot when Ron arrived?
    Just popping in to say hello - first free wifi we've found on our travels - cheap aren't we!

  3. heartinhand
    Donny Osmond??? lol You could get sued for that remark.

    I just posted on your blog. Sounds like you are having a good trip and I'm glad you found free wifi. Not real sure where dummy Dexter is. After we hid him from the little grandson, I think that was it.

  4. I love that photo of you - so pretty!!!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my post today. Tell your SIL I appreciate it and I hope your BIL does well after his surgery!!

  5. Oh Annie, if I pay postage would you share? Kind of thin on Real Men around here...

  6. So what happened to Dexter?

  7. Truthfully, Dexter is a wee bit scary! (Rob)

  8. If I didn't have a husband around, I'd get a Dexter... much more quiet and less messy.

  9. How funny! My first two thoughts were that Dexter looks like Donny Osmond and then 2nd thought was except a scary evil twin looking Donny! A lady here in town took her deceased husband's flannel shirt, bib overalls, baseball cap & some fabric and made her a "new" husband stuffed with grocery store plastic bags. The life size guy sits on a bench on her porch. Sometimes when we walk by she is sitting next to him holding his hand.

  10. Dexter looks a bit vacant. No sparkling conversation there... Glad you found a replacement. With a whole lot more life in him.

  11. My grand son gave me a plastic blow-up alien to keep me company. I guess it is the thought that counts.

  12. Dexter seems harmless. I am glad that you came across Ron though.

  13. kenju
    Thank you:) Oh to be 50 again. My bil is doing fantastic and can already tell that the surgery has made a huge difference in his life.

    You want to share Dexter or Vincent? It would have to be Dexter because Vincent has a job to do 24/7.

    Actually my son lives in my Tulsa house and I believe Dexter might be in the attic. I think my grandson Dillon who is now in college, would still freak out if he ever came across Dexter.

    Rob and Monica
    True dat!

    Oh but you would miss that messy fellow so much:(

    Aunt Betsy
    You know, if I can find Dexter I just might do that same thing. I packed away most of Ron's old clothes but kept out a few favorites and definitely his red flannel shirt. However it might cause some car accidents if the neighbors were driving by and saw me sitting on the front porch with Ron's clone.

    Elephant's Child
    Ron was definitely a better replacement with lots of sparkling conversation....mostly sea stories.

    An alien?! Might be good to serve as a deterrent to would-be robbers. Do you have him seated in your home somewhere?

    Yes Ron said he found me just in time:) lol

  14. I'm sure I would miss his messy self.. we've only been married for 31 years.

  15. Anonymous8:55 AM

    What a pretty picture! I admire your ability to write with humor.

  16. I think sometimes we need some time without men! LOL

    I know it must be a hard Christmas without Ron. I am sure if you don't get your cards out people will understand.

    Or use them as a New Year's Card - someone did that once and it was cool!


  17. Yeah, I think Dexter was a little too quiet for you, Annie. :)

  18. That's a great photo of you and Dexter. Ha. I think Ron sounds like he was a lot more fun! :D

  19. You look so young. You can't be 50 in that picture!

    That is a HILARIOUS gift - I'd be scared too, and I'm not even that little ;)

  20. cube
    Ron had a lot of stuff around his chair at all times and I wasn't allowed to clean it up or touch anything because he knew where everything was. I called it his nest. It is cleaned up now but sometimes I wish I had just left it alone.

    Thank you and thank you:)

    Chatty Crone
    New Years cards might be a good idea.

    Dexter was definitely too, too quiet compared to Ron. lol

    LL Cool Joe
    Well at least Dexter and Ron didn't mind be laughed at.

    Riot Kitty
    Oh you flatter me so. Yep 50 and only a mere 17 years ago.... Yes, Dexter was a scary dude.

  21. Thanks for the shout out! I've been taking so long to get around the neighborhood lately... Never asked for the Postal's name, n didn't make it to the Post Office this week to see if he's still there.
    I hope Dex isin't the competitive sort!

  22. I understand. I'd miss my husband's messy ass if he weren't around any more... what would my girls and I do without him any more?

  23. You look pretty cool GA with Dexter's arm around you :)

  24. Dexter would give me the heeby jeebies.

  25. Granny Annie, you were and are a beautiful woman! Dexter is sort of cute though.