Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Saturday, February 09, 2013


First the construction workers are gone from our home and the new bathroom is lovely and working.  The other two bathrooms are complete also and our home is once again dust free.  (Okay, as dust free as any home in the country can be.) 

New carpeted and paneled stairway. 
Looking into new wide bathroom entry way from our bedroom.
Very roomy bathroom with easy wheelchair mobility available. (That won't be necessary now for quite a while!)
Wonderful shower with grab bars and seat so Ron can bath without assistance.

Second, and most important, you know we have taken trip after trip to the Orthopedic specialist in Tulsa seeking help for Ron's back Before his chemo and radiation treatments, the epidural spinal injections were giving him some relief but the last three years there has not been any relief in sight.  Thursday they did it. They gave him the shot in a new spinal location between the discs and he knew when he felt the shot that it was different.  The next day he really knew it was different when he walked unaided and virtually pain free. We are holding our breath that this will be a long lasting treatment and one that can be repeated successfully when necessary.  

Thanks to all for your care, concern, thoughts and prayers.  Keep it up:)


  1. WOW! Was it the same medication they used last time? That is really promising and I hope it continues to keep him pain-free and mobile. The new bath looks roomy and comfortable, and safe!

  2. What a relief for you both that you have something that is working for Ron's pain. I hope it lasts for a very long time.
    I'm sure having the bath completed is a relief in it's own looks great.

  3. kenju -- I think it was the same medication just deposited in a different location. Yes, the new bathroom is wonderful and sure beats having to walk up those stairs in the night.

    Jeanie -- Thank you for your encouraging words. We think this might get him back on his tractors and that is his primary goal. Oh yes, it is such a relief to have all those workmen OUT of the house.


  4. I'm beyond thrilled for Ron's improvement.. wooohooo and yeaaaaaaaaaa~!!!

    the bath looks great and even if its never needed- its there and done , so mark that off the list of concerns and be free from that burden.

    looks like things are coming along well and I couldnt be happier for ya'll

    much love and big hugs

  5. Fantastic news all round! I'm glad Ron is feeling some relief. My mother is in constant pain with her back but refuses any sort of treatment.

    The bathrooms look excellent!

  6. Oh I hope hope hope so! That is great news!

    And the new bathroom is awesome.

  7. Great news about Ron's treatment. I don't know what it's like to live with that kind of pain but I know what it feels like to live with someone who suffers from that sort of pain...not good, not I know you both must be thrilled. Hoping all continues to go smoothly. Nice pics, btw. They've done a great job with your new bathroom!

  8. Hello Annie:) I'm a bit new here so I didn't know about Rons back but this is such wonderful news!!! Even better then 10 new bathrooms. I hope it will improve en he can go for a pain free future:)

  9. good news and better news indeed!

  10. I am glad about the bathroom - but thrilled for the pain relief. Why didn't they change places before?

  11. HOORAY!!! SO happy for you about everything! Virtually pain-free is a FANTASTIC place to be. So is virtually dust-free ;)

  12. Hello Annie
    That is good news about locating a postion for the pain relief - as you say lets hope that will bring the same results next time it's used
    One little question tho - do you think all the bumping around on the tractor however minimal will do his back any good?
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  13. WOW! Such good news. And isn't it wonderful when a remodeling project if finally finished? The bathroom looks great!

  14. how wonderful that the new injection site helps!!

    the bathroom is a dream

  15. I am so happy for you both with the pain relief and walking. What a Blessing.
    The remodel pales in comparison to the other news but it looks great. I must now make sure Marilyn doesn't read about the new bathroom. It might cost me thousands.

  16. That is good and better news. Happy for you both on both good news!

  17. Great news! The remodeled digs look good, too.

  18. That's awesome news about Ron's treatment, Annie! I always keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    It all looks so wonderful! How nice to be through the reno and onto the other side where you can relax and enjoy!

  19. That bathroom looks great, much easier for you both.

    Pleased to hear Ron's treatment is having more success. My brother in law suffers from disc problems & when they went on a cruise a couple of years ago he tried an acupuncture class. The chap stuck a needle in his forehead & told him to touch his toes. Derek laughed & told him he could't bend down. The bloke said yes you can & amazingly he could.

  20. Well, that IS good news. May Ron continue to feel the relief. When pain lets up it is just an amazing feeling.

    The bathroom set-up is great. I think all houses should be equipped with wide doors & sensible bathrooms.

  21. sonny -- Love the "wooohooo and yeaaaaaaa~!!!" My sentiments exactly.

    LL Cool Joe -- Ron is still in pain but not in his lumbar area. He will never be pain free but at least now he can stand and walk unaided. Wish your mom would get help too.

    Lynn -- The news is great and our weekend was great with both of us actually moving around.

    Ileana -- You are so right about the caregivers. It is horrible to watch someone you love so much be limited by pain.

    renate -- Thanks for visiting and you are so right about the absence of pain bring a lot better than 10 bathrooms. I shall visit you soon.

    Brite Mist -- Thanks and thanks!

    Chatty Crone -- You are asking the same question I was wondering about. I think he had this type of shot several years ago and got some relief but they had to stop when he was having the chemo and radiation. They have been hesitant to use it again until the oncologist gave the orthopedic guy the okay. The cancer is still there but not the cause of any pain at this time.

    Riot Kitty -- LOL Yes both virtual...pain free and dust free. Good things.

    Cathy -- I think the tractors will actually help. His home health care workers want him to do anything that will get his circulation going, Driving around our rocky property on one of his tractors should do it. Thanks for the HOORAY!

    Bonnie (BIZ) -- I think you told me how happy I would be once the construction was over and you were so right. It was easy to hand over that final check and get them out of here. It is especially nice for Ron that he can walk around without tripping over their tools and materials.

    Dianne -- Yes and yes I do agree!

    Cliff -- A blessing indeed! And yes, it is expensive but I vote with Marilyn if she wants a new bathroom.

    Changes in the wind --Thank you. Isn't it grand!

    Holland -- Thank you so much. You are so busy,it is a joy to have you visit me:)

    Susan Adcox -- Thank you Susan and you will be pleased to know that we still have plenty of work left for the grandchildren to do:)

    Talon -- It is all wonderful and now our only problem that keeps us from relaxing totally is deciding where to pee. We now have three pots:) Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

    Winifred -- Oh my goodness, we have never tried acupuncture but you certainly make a case for it. I think Ron would much prefer a needle in his forehead to that one in his spine. We're not to the "touching his toes" stage yet, but are grateful just for the walking. Thanks for your support.

    Kerry -- Ron is so relieved, even though he still has many aches and pains, at least he can walk more than three steps. I agree about the large bathrooms being needed in all homes and why not make grab bars a part of all installations? They are as helpful to the young.

  22. Thank goodness you have something that is working for Ron. It's so hard when you're in pain. Your bathroom is fabulous! We're going to have to start thinking about modifying our bathrooms too.

  23. I'm thrilled to hear that Ron found relief from his pain.