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Slim and Franke
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Monday, January 07, 2013


Question Of The Week 1-7-13

What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from your parents?

My mother told me: "Never put anything in writing that you would be embarrassed or ashamed for someone else to read."

My father told me:  "You will never have all the answers but don't ever stop asking questions." 


  1. As my mother is afraid of everything. Planes, cars, boats, lifts etc. I made a decision to try not to let my fears stop me doing things, otherwise my life would be very small and empty.

  2. My father taught me impeccable table manners and my mother taught me to always say thank you. They both taught me to respect others' opinions. And so much more...

  3. My mother absolutely refused to worry about things over which she had not control. My father taught me how to change a tire...but I will admit I usually call my insurance.

  4. LL Cool Joe -- I believe my children might say the same about me. My fear that they might come to some harm was an obsession and I didn't even want them to ride the kiddie cars at the park. They are braver than I and have raised their children to be brave. So maybe I did a good thing and your mother did to...both unknowingly.

    Lynn -- Now we know why you are so kind and gracious always.

    Tabor -- My dad too said I couldn't get my driver's license until I knew how to change a tire. I have always had good tire changers with me in such an instance but if ever alone with a flat tire, I will call Triple A. LOL

  5. my parents taught me to go my own way and that with enough belief and grit there was no limit to what I could accomplish.
    I do have to say that by Watching them together and seperately I also learned valuable lessons about what NOT to do:) its always amazed me how many folks show me That lesson:)

  6. Dad taught by example. He said very little but when he spoke, the room always went silent for folks to listen.
    I think learning when to speak and when not to speak, was my best lesson because you can say the most by saying nothing sometimes. If it goes without saying, it probably should be.

  7. My mother never had confidence that any of her children would amount to anything and honestly it rubbed off on a couple of us. I vowed to never do that to my kids. I let them live their dreams, even if it broke the bank. My dad, too, taught all of us girls how to change flat tires, but I'm the only one who could. My dad also taught me to have a good sense of humor and don't sweat the small stuff.

    On a side note, my mailbox and blog keep getting slammed with spam, etc. but I love my friends too much to put word verification back up. :)

  8. My parents both died when I was 18 and I know I missed so much I could have learned from them when I was old enough to pay attention. One of the important things I think my mother taught me was how to be an independent woman. I also remember her often saying "Pretty is as pretty does", meaning how we act is more improtant than how we look.

  9. My parents taught me no matter how hard life is - it makes you stronger - if you survive it! lol

  10. My dad told us to always be generous, and then we'd always be OK. "People who are stingy will never have enough."

  11. To move forward no matter what..."there's nothing like one day after the next" is a popular Cuban expression. I've grown up with a lot of encouragement, thanks to my parents.

  12. So much- Don't sweat the small stuff, you can be anything you want to be, you can turn off any argument with the word "Whatever!" as my Dad diffused my mothers temper with it-

    Also the importance of Faith, in God, n in other folks. That Family is family, whether by blood or not-
    n most importantly=

    Tomorrow is another Day!
    So if today isin't great, there's always hope tomorrow will be-

  13. My father taught me how not to be like him and my mother taught me respect and support. Valuable lessons.

    Happy New Year!

  14. When we were little it was To say please and thank you - Treat each other with respect - Give without strings and you never know what will come your way.

    But this was always quoted if we'd run out of cash and were looking for next weeks pocket money.

    Watch the pennies/cents and the pounds/dollars will look after themselves - yes even they watched their money carefully lol

  15. My mother said, "Do the right thing." It's interesting. We usually know exactly what the right thing is, but we fight against doing it. My father said, "Dance with all the boys." This was metaphorical as we belonged to a non-dancing denomination, but he meant to be nice to all the young men, not just those that you were interested in. By extension, he meant to show an interest in everyone, and that is a lesson that has served me well.

  16. I learned more what not to do than what to do. I learned that healthy, happy relationships provide a stable, secure home.

  17. My mother always said, "You have to suffer to truly appreciate all that you have."

  18. Sonny -- Yes I too learned a lot just watching my parents. They were a devoted and loving couple and set excellent examples for their children and grandchildren.

    Cliff -- Was your dad E.F. Hutton?

    Bonnie -- You seem to have great self-esteem despite negative messages growing up. About all the spam, have you gone to the "Design" page on your blog and clicked on comments, then marked the comments that are spam and reported them? I only had to do that once and Blogger took it from there, deleting my spam before I ever saw it.

    Jeanie -- You are such a super lady, I have a feeling your parents did a great job for as long as they were guiding you. How terrible to lose parents at such a young age.

    Chatty Crone -- Well none of us will "survive it" but it does make us strong. LOL

    Riot Kitty -- You are indeed generous...I can testify to it.

    Ileana -- You learned that lesson well from your parents. You do a great job of moving forward.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Good family lessons and they explain why you are so strong in the face of much adversity.

    Holland -- Well you mother did a good job that's for sure.

    cranethie -- My parents were products of The Great Depression and managed their finances with great maturity while budgeting funds always managing to be generous and helpful to others at the same time.

    Susan Adcox -- "Do the right thing" is a lesson that seems to be left out these days. We are supposed to know right from wrong by the age of 12 but too many don't know it yet.

    Marla and Steve -- You both seem to pull together to make this happen for your family.

    Kay -- Good advice. While I certainly don't want people to suffer, it does seem that this generation has had it very easy and find their trials in what outfit to wear or accessories to add.

  19. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?
    Mum said to ask yourself this before opening your mouth.
    And sometimes I did:)

  20. Thank you for the spam info. I did not know that and I am heading that way now to fix it.

  21. This is a lovely idea! I learned it is wrong to lie about anything. This was an important virtue to my parents.

  22. My mother taught me to appreciated the infinite possibilities and learning opportunities contained within books.

    My step-father taught me to always err on the side of generosity.

    My father taught me how to accept uncertainty without worrying too much.

    My step-mother taught me the value of hospitality.