Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just a little touch up.
I work in permanent markers and am proud to be a member of  JKPP an online portrait party.  (I am their token, untrained folk artist.)  This was a rendering that I could not be satisfied with so I decided to work on the statue and make it appear more glossy.  Why I thought trimming it in paint would be a good idea is beyond me.  You see there is a reason I work in marker pens instead of paint.

To add insult to injury, these slight adjustments were made in my living room seated on my off-white couch.  The paint tip was clogged and instead of sticking in a pin, I decided to squeeze the bottle real hard.  In an instant POW!  It was like blood spatter from a crime scene.  Specks on the couch, the rug, me and the dog.

Still in shock I called my daughter (the real family artist) and inquired about how to remove the paint.  It seems I was using fabric paint.  Fabric paint is made to remain on fabric...of course.  Nothing to do.  I will reverse the cushions, flip the pillows and maybe when she comes next time she can turn the splatter into a design of some sort.  Meanwhile my once brown dog Slim and I are both spotted:)


  1. Oh my! Poor sofa, you and slim! But fun story. :)

  2. Lynn -- Slim has managed to remove half of her spots and I only have one left on the bottom of my foot. Wish the sofa cleaning was as successful.

  3. yikes.. I am so sorry that happened, Annie.
    I work with oil pigments out here at my desk in the family room and have had a few accidents. spots and splatters I mean. Luckily my desk is behind the sofa so I am the only one to see my mishaps.

  4. You need an artists studio! I always am fascinated by those multi-colored shirts worn by artists that seem to be a painting in themselves. Is it time to recover the couch or get a new one? The holidays are just around the corner. Having had accidents like this, I can sympathize.

  5. Oh no....that is one of those "I wish I could do it over" deals.

  6. It might take a while, but you should be able to learn to say "Here Spot," now whether your dog will come to that is another matter.
    I had a lot of freckles when I was a lad and a man at church always asked me if I'd been chasing cows with a short whip again.

  7. All I can think to say is "OUCH"! Hope you and Slim can eventually "clean up".

  8. Oh no! Moments like that make one wish for a RESET button.

  9. LOLOLOL.. I am so sorry... but it seems I cannot stop laughing.. Thank you for msaking me see that I am not the only "messy" artists here...LOLOL

  10. Oh no! That totally sounds like something I would do, though.

  11. Well, if this isn't supposed to be funny, it is...hilarious, in fact! lol

    I hope it eventually comes off the couch and that you and Slim are squeaky clean again soon! :)

  12. Another masterpiece Annie LOL :D

    But seriously, you are so artistic :D

    By the way, still having problem with my blog ... :( I hope to resolve this soon.

  13. Yiiiikes! Annie! I am so sorry. This is really painful. I've had my share of paint accidents and know how it feels.

  14. Sorry you had to endure such a horrific spatter incident! You can always call Slim "Spot" to tease her about her new make-up.
    It's a good thing I don't have a couch to ruin now. It went to the dump after the kids moved out. I still have a box of fabric paints- n know those tubes are really tough to control!
    I always work on the easel or at the table covered with newspapers, cause I'm used to messy oil paints which are permanent too.

    Maybe you can clip Slim's hair off with scissors to get some spots off. The rest will shed eventually. I'd try white vineger.

  15. Sonny -- I have flipped the couch cushions and that got rid of the major splatter showing up.

    Tabor -- Actually I have a work area but this was just going to be a quick fix. Oh brother!

    Changes in the wind -- "Do Overs!" Yes that is my cry.

    Cliff -- She had done a good job of ridding herself of the spots so the nickname won't stick. Now about your freckle tale ... does that mean what I think it means? Yuck!

    Bonnie -- The way Slim jumped when the paint hit, you would know she was yelping "ouch".

    cube -- Ah yes, a reset button would have beenn nice.

    Holland -- It is hard for me to believe that you would be messy. Your work is so beautiful!

    Riot Kitty -- I believe you.

    Ileana -- You are like my daughter. I called her for sympathy and advise and she couldn't' stop laughing.

    Shionge -- Why thank you my friend:)

    Kay -- So am I to understand that you feel my pain? lol

    Snaggle Tooth -- Do you think the white vinegar might work on the couch or just on the dog? Actually Slim has just about rolled and scratched and chewed enough to rid herself of most of the paint. I love this couch and loveseat so much I cannot bear to think of replacing them.

  16. Oh my gosh!! I've done something like that and it sure is a shock! I used to sell fabric paints and there was a paint remover that would get some of the stain out. I sure hope you can figure out a way to fix it all. How disappointing.