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Slim and Franke
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Monday, November 26, 2012


Question Of The Week 11-26-12

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?


  1. I can remember wrestling with that question as a teenager - the choices seemed so limited for girls / women back then (in a small town anyway). I knew I didn't want to be a teacher or a nurse. :) I never did quite figure that one out, come to think of it.

  2. Not that being a teacher or nurse wouldn't have been a fine profession - I knew I wouldn't have been good at them.

    (I realized how that sounded.) :)

  3. Lynn -- I was going to marry a wealthy man and live like a princess with servants waiting on me and day-dreaming the time away. Oh yes, I would have someone feeding me grapes a lot too.

  4. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Had absolutely no idea - in fact I can't even remember thinking about it. At one point when I was about 16 I toyed with the idea of becoming a chemist/pharmacist then discovered the marks I needed and how much 'work' was involved. Life sort of evolved as time went by and I don't remember being disappointed with the way it turned out.
    Apart from your daydreaming above did you actually have something in mind?
    Take care

  5. cranethie -- Cathy, it was a serious belief in my future life. I had no plans for a career outside the home. Yet my day-dreaming went awry and I first married a plumber who came home dripping in you-know-what and I slaved over a hot stove. Such a shock to my system. Later became a successful banker. Who knew? lol


  6. I thought I'd be a famous Make Up artist.. I never did get famous lol..

    I did'nt think about getting married but I did and designed, built and decorated custom homes for 17 years.

    I did get to be a Make Up artist though::for little theater groups::, which then led, much later on, to actually Painting. You've seen my babies:) the make up experience gave me all the artistic tools I needed to make them realistic.
    studying faces in great detail and adjusting them with color and shading made things so much easier for me and I am grateful for that.
    Its been an artfully amazing life, for sure.

    I hope you and Ron are feeling better..

  7. I wanted to be a journalist or broadcaster. I'm glad I didn't do it because I would have reported both sides and none of the major networks would have hired me because of not being biased enough for ABC CBS NBC CNN. I would have been fair enough but not good looking enough to have worked for Fox News.
    I do write columns regularly for two publications and do have radio commercials running that I've recorded in studio for a body shop in Lincoln.
    Mostly I'm in local politics and farm.

  8. In middle school I wanted to be an interior decorator. Then in high school it was either a Secretary(they were still called that back then) or an accountant. I ended up working at 3 amusement parks, Disney World twice, Boardwalk and Baseball and Cypress Gardens, numerous jobs in retail and fast foods and now I am an Admin. Assistant. I must admit that I enjoyed the theme parks more than any other job.

  9. I wanted to be a doctor. The advent of HMOs cured me of that.

  10. When I was little, I wanted to be an actress. Then from the age of 6 or so everyone told me I should be an attorney.(I can hear you laughing.) In high school, I wanted to be a journalist, so I did that. Having someone feed me grapes would be nice though ;)

  11. I was always told I was the "thick" one and my brother was the intelligent one. Well actually that was fairly true as my brother has a PHD and he's a doctor. But I got labelled as the "arty" one but I'm not sure anyone, me included, had any idea what I'd become.

    I kinda proved everyone wrong though by getting a degree and then doing a post graduate year and becoming a qualified art teacher. I just decided to run my own graphic design business instead. :)

  12. I wanted to be an Academy Award winning actress, and actually think I might have been had I been living elsewhere with different circumstances. But I am not unhappy with my lot in life, because I truly feel I could be almost anything and still be happy.

  13. I wanted to be a teacher. Then a social worker. Getting married kept me at home or a long time, then worked as a vendor audit in clothing companies and then customer service. I guess blogging is one way that I fulfill my desire of being a teacher and a social worker.

  14. Hey G.A.!:

    Just wanted stop by and apologize, as I had a severe brain cramp and accidently deleted your wonderful comment on my blog post today.

    However, I did make a good attmept at answering it, because I had so thoroughly enjoyed everyone's answer I managed to memorize the basic outline of everyone's comment while I was reading.

    As for your question, I never really had a thought as to what I wanted to be, except in my high school years, I wanted to be a teacher.

    As an adult, I wanted to be a televangelist. :D

  15. I wanted to live in a stick hut in the deep jungles of Africa, just like Albert Schweitzer. I never got over that the desire, but I don't know how I ended up a real estate agent.

  16. A teacher - what about you? sandie

  17. Sonny -- Why aren't you famous for your dolls? They are totally amazing. Well actually everything you do it totally amazing. You have an eye for beautiful.

    Cliff -- You are a legend in your own mind:) Sorry, couldn't resist. I know you are a legend in Nebraska and certainly have more celebrity than many of us. Seems like you have fulfilled your childhood dreams.

    Bonnie -- Perhaps you carry that theme park love in your Christmas Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus you and Hut do each year. I have actually learned that you wish every day was a holiday.

    cube -- I believe there aren't going to be a lot of new doctors so you aren't alone in that change of a dream.

    Riot Kitty -- I'm pretty sure you are all three in some form. I have seen the actress, the attorney and the journalist in action. My guess is that you wouldn't be too bad as a stand-up comedian also:)

    LL Cool Joe -- Such an interesting evolution in your choices. Where does you DJ-ing come in?

    Tabor -- Which Academy Award winning performance would you most like to have had the opportunity to replace the actor? Yes, I believe your attitude of happiness is cast in stone.

    G.B.Miller -- Perhaps you are a teacher after all. As far as the televangelist goes, do you have the right hair for the job?

    Seriously Though -- Perhaps you will get a jungle listing and be able to spend some time in deepest Africa.

    Chatty Crone -- And are you a teacher Sandie? You seem to be one on your blog. Me? Well, marrying the rich man wasn't a joke. When my mother wanted me to help with the housework I would assure her I didn't need to learn such things as housework because I would have servants. I did also want to become a missionary, an executive secretary, a famous actress (playing Jane to Tarzan), and/or a famous writer.

  18. A side note to my comment, my dad was a "carnie" during the summer months, his 3rd job so my mom could stay home and raise us. All us kids grew up travelling with the carnival during the summer (very local, small company). That could be where my love of amusement parks comes from. And my love for permanent holidays, lol.

  19. G.A.: Gots no hair. Bald as a cue ball, but I'm sure I would've found a way to make it work to my advanatage.

  20. I wanted to be a teacher but I hated secondary school so much I left as soon as I could. Eventually went back & did a degree and became a careers adviser. Never eve interviewed any potential butchers or candlestick makers. There were a few bakers and some absolutely weird ones. I found that TV was a great promoter of careers especially for girls. I saw dozens of potential female mechanics in 1987! It was when Kylie Minoghue played Charlene in Neighours?

  21. Munir -- You're doing a good job for sure!

    Bonnie -- I remember that you dad was a carnie. I'm guessing you could write a book:)

    G.B. Miller -- They've got some good televangelist rugs.

    Ashok -- Best answer:)

    Winifred --I have often wished they would have taught girls auto mechanics in school and homemaking to boys. I am not familiar with the show you mentioned but if you liked it I know I would like it.

  22. As a very young child and of the cinema generation I was going to be a film star but as my Gran said you had to sleep with the producers I changed it to being a nurse - like she was :)

  23. Pat -- One of my relatives made it to the door of film stardom and learned the price of going in. She chose a different profession too.

  24. I wanted to be a dancer although I have two left feet and can never remember steps. Tsk. Then I wanted to be a secretary because I liked to type. It wasn't until college that I opted to become a teacher. Thank goodness.

  25. A Cowboy!
    But everyone always said I couldn't be because I was a girl. I never believed them. I still dream of doing that.

    I've done men's work almost my whole life... I'm too brave even now-

  26. Kay -- I can see your as a dancer but it's probably good that you were a teacher, especially for your students.

    Snaggle Tooth -- I thought I WAS a cowboy/cowgirl because everyone called me Annie Oakley. I wore jeans and pigtails and climbed trees and could shoot a 22 with accuracy.