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Slim and Franke
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


My dad was the pastor of this church.  If we wanted to see him during the day, we would go to his office and most memories are pleasant of visits with him there. Often I was able to assist him or his secretary in the office.  I am sure this is what compelled me to enter the business world.  I found this professional aspect of his career more interesting than the ministry part.
This was our home.  Girl friends, boy friends all joined us here.   Sleep overs in the huge basement of this house are all memorable among my friends. The town had a busy Rock Island Railroad Line and transients showed up at every door on this house on a daily basis looking for hand outs.
Imagine it is night,  The cars are lined up on the street both directions preparing to circle the already packed drive in. Horns are honking, teenagers are waving, cigarette smoke is billowing out of every car and music and laughter are the theme.  Almost every night you could find whoever you were looking for by "dragging Jobes" as we called it.


  1. Fascinating to hve a peep-hole into your past.

  2. What a shame your trip was cut short. Another time maybe. It looks like you we're off to a good start with a walk down memory lane in your home town. Lovely solid looking brick buildings. You would have been two years ahead of me in high school. Take care.

  3. Well that brought back memories from my past too - the good old days. sandie

  4. The old home buildings appear to be in good shape there. Being a Pastors child must have been challenging. Everyone knows to ask the churches for help-
    I remember some door to door salespersons knocking my Mom couldn't wait to get rid of- Transients would be risky these days-
    Was Jobes a drive-in food place?Must have been the bomb! My Dad took us to one of the food spots in New Hampshire when traveling- A&W I believe. I remember an Arbies Roast Beef from the past somewhere too.
    Then there were the drive-in Movies. I Miss those!

  5. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Hello Annie
    I was such a shame your trip was cut short - do hope Ron is feeling better and more comfortable to be back home
    You know its good to take a trip down memory lane sometimes Annie.
    This time you got to do yours in real life and not through photos. I'm sure the 'high' (no pun intended lol) will outweigh the low side and keep you going for a while.
    Take care

  6. Pat -- It was the first time back in 48 years. Memories started pouring in.

    Pat MacKenzie -- That gathering was a joy to both Ron and me. It took a bit away from the sting of packing, loading, unloading two weeks worth of stuff.

    Chatty Crone -- They were "good old days" and some of our stories made us mindful of how lucky we are to be alive!

    Snaggle Tooth -- Oh yes, Jobes served food...the usual burgers and fries. As a preachers kid I tried to keep up the reputation of being the worst:) Once a transient came to our front door wearing a cowboy hat. He said, "Name George. Hungry." We sent him away. A few minutes later he came to the side door, had changed his hat to a yellow rain slicker and said, "Name Carl. Hungry."

  7. cranethie -- Cathy, we are actually thrilled to be back home. I think I told you our trip would be 750 miles but actually we were headed out on a journey of 1500 miles or 3000 round trip. I believe we may have reached the point in life where people are going to have to come see us. It was great, however, to see my high school pals.

  8. Ah and that image you created is the classic one we Brits have of the States. :D

  9. It was a shame that your trip was cut short, but I'm glad you were able to catch up with some old friends.

  10. memories do flood us - i know when i visited my home in Houston after a number of years it was difficult. I could not even try to go back now, tho i might try google earth...

  11. Instead of "dragging Jobe's," we went to Trainer's but I'm sure the concept was the same. Good times!

  12. That's so neat! I love that you got to do a drive by for places gone by.

  13. LL Cool Joe -- Those were wonderful teen years. It was thrilling to have the memories flood back in on all of us.

    cube -- It was a shame to have to turn around and come home but Ron and I both agree that it was the best thing to do.

    Whitemist -- Usually when I return to a previous home, everything seems different than imagined. However this trip I found everything basically the same. The house was exactly how I remembered it.

    Susan Adcox -- It was hard to understand how such a busy and lucrative business has become so worn out. But then I guess I have too:) It's wonderful that so many of us had our own main drag.

    Lynn -- Did your hear about the fellow who pulled into a drive-in restaurant to ask for directions. "Can you tell me where I am?" he asked the car hop and she replied very slowly,
    "D A I R Y Q U E E N."

  14. Thanks for the peek into your hometown. I love hearing that you got to visit your papa at work. My dad worked in a factory and since I never got to see him in action I was never quite sure what he did - I imagined that it was something like the candy makers in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I'm sure the reality was much more grim.