Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Slim always enjoys chasing and playing with the many cats on our place.  Once in a while a special bond will form with a certain cat and such is the case with Jed.
After the fun and games, the other cats run off to the barn, but Jed hangs our with her best friend Slim.
Slim decides it is time to come back in the house and lets me know by tapping on the window.  Jed tried to follow Slim in a few times but has learned that is not okay.
Jed watches and waits for her friend to come out and play again.


  1. Funny how they do that. We found 2 kittens a couple of months ago and although the dogs don't seem to bother them, Molly has taken a huge liking to one of them and the other one she always chases away.

  2. haha..rare sights indeed!

  3. the sight of friendship is always a Joy to see.


  4. Annie,

    I was thrilled to see these pictures of Slim and Jed today.

    I sent them off to the real Jed in New York right away and I know she will love them.


  5. You never know, Jed might make a good house cat! Can't blame her curiosity...

    Love the huggy-curly tail on Slim face shot!

  6. Bonnie -- All of our cats seem to know the are safe from the dog and they sure enjoy taunting her. They will prance around in front of her and then the chase is on.

    ashok -- We had a cat already here when we bought the place six years ago. When Slim arrived that cat befriended her and was almost like a mother to our pup. From then on cats were safe on our property. Oh but not any stray Tom cats.

    Sonny -- Especially between such strange bedfellows.

    Nancy -- Well I must report that Nancy and Bobcat are fine as well. Nancy still stays pretty closer to Mama David and now, when Nancy starts yelling in the morning about food, David will reach over and slap her. Guess she is trying to teach Nancy manners. Bobcat and Jed were always hanging out together but Bobcat seems to be more of an explorer.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Jed thinks so too. She has tried marching in right behind Slim. I just can't start bringing these feral barn cats inside. "No!" I say to me, "No, no, no!"


  7. Annie,

    I think David must be channeling my Mother.

    She used to smack me into line regarding my manners,too.

    Do you notice how polite I am these days?

  8. How did I miss this post??? I love those pics and that these two are such good friends.

  9. Nancy -- Well we know David loves Nancy even though she is a strict parent.

    Lynn -- You should have seen them today when I got back from the post office. They were enjoying their leisure on the porch and both ran to greet me when I turned up the drive.

  10. That is sweet and more common than people think. After all, life is not a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

    Our dogs get along fine with our cats, sometimes even licking them which only annoys the cats, but then most things annoy the cats.

    The dogs will chase cats or any critter that runs away.

  11. Awwww... This is just so sweet and heartwarming.

  12. That is so adorable!

  13. I'd want to be friends with Slim also.