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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 10, 2012


Question Of The Week 09-10-12

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

I eat peanut butter and mustard sandwiches..  I also name everything...not just  our animals.  My truck is Zippy, my computer is Lappy-Lou, my refrigerator is Blackie, my sleep machine is Tonto....etc.


  1. How in the world did you think to put peanut butter and mustard together??? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that this early in the a.m. :)

    I like cheese and mustard. That's probably not so unusual. Hmmm. My coworkers think I am pretty different. I'm always pointing out quirky things that I like.

  2. Oh I have a very strange pattern of behaviour at night time. I only ever sleep for about 4 hours so I'm up in the night doing stuff or I go out. I can't bare laying in bed worrying that I can't sleep so I just do something and then maybe 2 hours later go back to bed and I may sleep through until the morning. Or not.

  3. Lynn -- My first father-in-law taught me to like pnb and mustard. I also like pnb and dill pickles and I don't care much for pnb and jelly. Yes, I too like cheese and mustard sandwiches. It is good that you are "different".

    LL Cool Joe -- Not being able to sleep is a horror for me. Have you ever tried a couple of Tylenol PM? They help me sleep but they do give me some weird dreams. Of course I find weird dreams a source of entertainment:)

  4. 1 toast with mayo.layer of bacon. layer of banana sliced length ways. then other piece of toast with pnb.
    btw, this is the G rated version of what I do differently than most people.
    Any following evil thoughts are yours, not mine.

  5. Oh yeah, as strange as it seems, I'll have to try you pnb and mustard.

  6. I like to travel alone....a lot of people seem to think that is strange, but it works for me.

  7. I love lettuce on my hot dog and often get strange looks when I request it.

  8. My mind has gone blank.
    I blame the pnb and mustard.
    I iron my sheets and pillow cases.

  9. I tear my dryer sheets in half and use only a half packet of Splenda and only pour myself half a cup of coffee at a time. I guess I'm good at half measures!

  10. No to peanut butter and mustard.

    I always take my sandwiches apart - like my subways or pitas. lol

  11. Uh...everything? ;)

    Actually, I like cream cheese, ham and jelly together. It's called an Elena Ruth sandwich but very few people like it.

  12. I used to eat PB and mustard (with onions, no less), but my digestion will no longer allow me to eat peanut butter. I really miss it.

  13. Different than most people? I say stuff out loud that I should probably just think ;)

  14. My kids (n now their kids) grew up with putting on "Sockies n Jammies." I developed our own silly-sounding nouns for around the house-

    I used to eat mustard on potatoe chips back when I could do "Crunchies" Oh n BBM's nickname as a toddler was "Munchie" instead of Munchkin- of Course she had a "Blankie" too! Maybe that's how it started...

  15. Cliff -- Sounds like Elvis' favorite sandwich with bacon added. And you just had to leave the rest to our imaginations didn't you? Let us know when you try the PNP and Mustard.

    Jeanie -- Glad you are confident to travel alone. If I could list all the times I tried that and the bad results from each attempt, you would be amazed. Not in my karma.

    Changes in the wind --- Loved this idea and last night I mad a hot dog wrap with lettuce, relish and mustard. I have given up eating bread and this made a perfect little lettuce burrito:)

    Pat -- Yes it does have a certain element o shock value when people first hear it. LOL My mother used to iron our sheets and pillow cases when I was growing up. I do miss that... but not enough to actually do it myself!

    Susan Adcox -- I do the half-cup of coffee bit, but I'm afraid I used two dryer sheets per load. Of course I buy the cheap ones that probably end up costing the same since I use two. You certainly don't use any "half measures" on your blog writing:)

    Chatty Crone -- I'm betting you make quite a mess in a restaurant:)

    Scarlet -- Yes we know! The cream cheese and ham sounds okay but not sure I could add the jelly.

    kenju -- Of course you too eat PNB and mustard sandwiches and of course you add onions because you always have to one-up me:)

    Riot Kitty --Guess asking you and Scarlet about being different is like asking if a bear ----'s in the woods.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Sockies n Jammies, Crunchies, Munchies, Blankies...All sound reasonable for your world.

  16. I guess I'm just not "individual". I can't think of anythng I do or eat different. My hubby dunks his French Fries in Mayo mixed with Mustard and my dad's friend Jim always ate Pineapple and Mayo sandwiches. That's as close as I get and I thought about this alllll night.

  17. Mr. Cube introduced me to a cream cheese and sliced green olive sandwich on pita bread that is delicious.

    I'm pretty ordinary... love peace and quiet which I hardly get in this loud animal-filled crazy zoo of a house I inhabit. I must say the house is quieter now that my youngest moved away to college.

  18. Bonnie -- During the Christmas Season there are many Santas but there are not that many women who turn into Mrs Santa Claus every year:)

    Cube -- Yum, olives and cream cheese sounds very good to me:) The quieting of the zoo is not an easy adjustment.

  19. Good question.

    About my only food quirkiness is that I seriousy enjoy using various kinds of hot sauce on all kinds of cooked food.

    As for non-food, the only quirk I have is when I play miniature golf, I like using a putter that is about two feet in height.

    Picture a short (5' 5") fat (170) bald guy squatting with a two foot putter, and you'll get a funny picture to enjoy for days/weeks/months to come.

  20. Peanut Butter and Honey is quite nice - well at least that's what Dh used to say, Watches his weight now so the PB is a no no.
    I do like vinegar on hot chips but no salt thank you.
    Thanks for the Welcome Home Annie - how is your summer going. Sorry to hear you are still Dr visiting, I'll catch up reasing your blog some time
    Take care
    (commenting via Blogger)

  21. I have to have the pillowcase openings facing out or I can't sleep. It makes me anxious to have the openings facing in. I know, so weird. Steve thinks he's so funny because he will switch the outside to the inside if I'm out of the room. He likes to see me react like I've just seen a snake. :)

  22. I have loved PB onion and pickles since early childhood.My kids love them too.
    apparently our tummies have linings of solid steel lol

  23. G.B. Miller -- First of all, I did not know people played miniature golf anymore. Second, other than the "guy" part, your description sounds like me:) About the food, do you put hot sauce on peanut butter?

    Cathy -- How sad to have to give up peanut butter. I am on a low carb diet and am happy to have a peanut butter treat once in a while. We put sliced egg and vinegar on spinach but not "chips".

    Marla and Steve -- I believe it make perfect sense to sleep with the pillow case opening facing out. This way the night pillow-fairies can easily come and go without disturbing your rest. Perhaps I shall adopt that habit now.

    Sonny -- You left out the fact that your home is in a constant state of re-decoration. I'm pretty sure that isn't the condition of a whole lot of people. I am going to give peanut butter, pickled and onion a try. I already enjoy pb and pickles so the onions will be interesting. Speaking of onions, my grandmother used to eat whole onions like apples.

  24. ketchup on pasta
    not all the time but it's a craving left over from childhood

    actually I feel as if everything about me is different than most people :)

    the butterfy art intallations have never once been vandalized I'm proud to say
    and it's a town with a lot of teens and a thriving nightlife

  25. OMG, people and their weird sandwiches! Blarg. I would not be able to stomach a single one of these weird concoctions.

    Probably what's weirdest in terms of my food preferences is how bland I like things. I prefer my salad without dressing; I often eat plain toast without anything on it; and when I'm cooking for myself I add salt sparingly if at all.

  26. Mustard and peanut butter. I have to admit that does sound a little unusual to me. Then again, at one time I thought bananas and peanut butter wouldn't go together...