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Slim and Franke
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Thursday, August 23, 2012


We are the majority and I'm not talking race, gender or religion. 
"We" being those persons who " hold these truths to be self evident that all are created equal".  

So why does the  minority appear to be in charge at home and around the globe?  A minority made up of hatred and greed?  Those who are zealous in their belief they call religion or non-religion but actually is nothing but selfishness.

I grew up in small towns, trusting my neighbors, living without fear and believing that good would triumph over evil.  Differences of opinions were just that and we could still pass on the street and smile at each other. Now this actual majority cannot pass on the street without fear of raising a topic of disagreement.

My children and grandchildren are growing up in a world where the minority are portrayed by the media as the ones in charge and those of us filled with hope and love for each other and our country and respect for those around the world, are cheated out of our beliefs by politics that divide  

In the words of the recently departed Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along". And the answer is "Because the greedy politicians who want their golden ticket retirement packages won't let us and neither will the journalists who need their greatly exaggerated breaking stories."

Now my friends, on this closing note, I shall be away for about a week.  Might get a question of the week ready for Monday, but forgive me if I don't.  Meanwhile, have fun dissecting my above diatribe.  Bye-bye:)


  1. Yes - I'm kind of over politics right now, too. :)

    Hope all is well.

  2. I think the picture at the top of your post says it all.....the people of this country, including me, are not happy with our politicians, those of either party.

  3. Nothing to dissect there. We do not get to select our candidates in most of the elections. As I am sure you know they come from a pre-selected list made up by the machine after meeting in a room somewhere in a fancy house. If we take back our elections, then maybe we can take back the country.

  4. how many times can i say i agree?
    Many, many... i have not seen a difference between what anyone says in many years now

  5. Totally with you here. By the time anyone gets higher than, say, the library board, it's all about their own pockets and comfort. Both major parties (and all of the minor ones, in my opinion) have totally alienate the average person.

  6. I don't want to be responsible for voting any of the known candidates into office- They all seem to be suffering from Foot In Mouth disease anyways-
    Let's Vote for "Little Joe!"

    Have a good Blog-cation!

  7. We'll miss you, so hurry back. I hope this absence is a hoped for vacation or something.
    Don't get me started. Political correctness is out of control and keeps trying to steer us away from what is right in the name of making someone with perverted ideas feel normal.

  8. Love that picture and it is about time...

  9. ITA with Lynn, Jeanie, Tabor, Whitemist, Riot Kitty, Snaggle Tooth, Cliff, and Changes in the Wind. :)

  10. That's why I don't go there...I try to stay informed without falling for all the hype and knowing that I can't always trust the source. I'm still a Pollyanna, no matter what life throws at me. ;)

  11. As tempting as it might be, we can't just recuse ourselves from politics. We can investigate for ourselves what the candidates stand for by reading reputable news sources and make up our own minds without being swayed by all the hype and garbage out there. As for kicking all of the politicians out, I don't choose first-year medical students for my doctor or hire my sister to work on my car. I want someone with experience in office, because otherwise they typically spend the first few years either being totally flummoxed or else doing what the party powers tell them to do. We don't have to put up with corruption and irresponsibility. We just need to let our politicians know where we stand.

  12. I am agreeing with everything you're saying in this post. This election season is driving me crazy.

  13. totally with you...

  14. Mu best wishes for a happy relaxing time. Missing you already:)

  15. Lynn -- I wish I could say "all is well" but we've got more than we can say grace over these days. Hopefully things will start getting better soon. Thanks for your good wishes. And politics don't help when they are added to the mix of daily life trauma.

    Jeanie -- As soon as this election is over I am changing my political affiliation to Independent. I'm embarrassed to have either major party on my voter ID.

    Tabor -- Perhaps these gangs of cows we see hanging out in fields and pastures are actually picking our political candidates. Nope, cows are too smart for that.

    Whitemist -- You are so right. Age old arguments go on and on and on....

    Riot Kitty -- And really, can we completely trust the library board?

    Snaggle tooth -- Well I am pretty sure that "Little Joe" is dead but still might be a better candidate than those we have.

    Cliff --I wish we had been on vacation. It's all medical for me and for Ron. Yesterday brought to close another set of trails and tribulations as we embark on a whole new set. Yes, it definitely is PC (political correctness) that it out of control and so many take a bite out of that poision apple.

    Changes in the wind -- If only those with total party loyalty could look away from themselves and see those of us who are simply Americans.

    Marla and Steve -- Yep, I "ditto" them as well.

    Scarlet -- Okay now you've got me back on track. As my mama always said, "There is always hope."

    Susan Adcox -- Oh if only we could. And, oh if only we were actually selecting our candidates. I agree with what Tabor said.

    Kay -- It will be over none too soon.

    ashok -- Glad to know you agree.

    Pat -- Thanks. It's good to be back. Now I'm off to catch up on you guys:)

  16. Dear Annie ~~ Reading through some of your posts and wow do I agree about the minority getting all the news in the media and everywhere. It is so wrong and yet the majority don't stand up and tell them so.
    I do hope both you and Ron get better reports than you expect and all will be well. Prayers for you both. Much love, Merle.