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Slim and Franke
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Monday, August 20, 2012


Question Of The Week 8/20/12
Saturday Tuna Salad Sandwiches with jalapenos. No celery in mine.

Saturday grilled chicken salad with onions cheese and ranch dressing..

Sunday Meatloaf with dry onion soup and bread crumbs.

What did you have for lunch (or brunch) the past three
(Can you remember back that far?  I find that breakfast and supper (or do you call it dinner?) are easier to remember than a midday meal.)


  1. Friday - Laughing Cow cheese and Kashi crackers. And some red grapes.

    Saturday - leftover hand cut french fries from Wednesday dinner, crisped back up in the new toaster oven. :)

    Sunday - Panang Pak with vegetables and tofu and brown rice from my neighborhood Thai restaurant. I looked up a recipe to see if I can make that - they don't have it on the menu anymore - but they make it for me.

    Jalapenos in a tuna sandwich - wouldn't have thought of that, but it sounds good.

  2. Lynn eats so well!

    I have worked the past 4 days, all of which for lunch at break I ate my brought natural Peanut butter, polaner Cherry all fruit, n banana on whole wheat sandwich, an oatmeal cookie, n cranberry juice.
    of course.
    Lunch was about 11 pm today. Now it's bedtime...

  3. Would you believe that I eat the same thing nearly every day for lunch. A chicken sandwich from Wendy's, most days. On Friday, I varied it a bit and had a chicken sandwich from Bojangles.....LOL

  4. First of all, I didn't know there might be a quiz.
    Yesterday was a potluck at church so we had everything.
    Saturday we were at a car show so we had a hamburger, beans, chips and water.
    Friday, we had a gal painting in our basement so I made lunch for all three of us. Started with hamburger, I threw in an onion, homegrown tomatoes and at that point I decided I must be making chili so added the spices for that.
    I should add that last night I found a large T-Bone in the freezer and I grilled it. I tried to talk Marilyn into being gone but she wouldn't leave with a steak on the grill so I shared it with her. She had the knife.

  5. Friday~ greens beans and sliced cucumbers..

    Saturday~ tuna fish salad, cucumber slices to scoop it :)

    Sunday~ pepper jack cheese slices, cantelope, greek yogurt with crushed walnuts.

    truth be told, food doesnt interest me much and if they'd come up with a REAL nutritional supplement in pill form, I'd just pop that in my mouth and go back to more interesting things.. seems like food- buy, load, unload, load to fridge n cabs, unload to prepare, eat, clean up.. geez look at all that time wasted I could be getting fun things done.
    who came up with this eat 3 times a day thing anyway.. let me at 'em.. lol

  6. Morroccan meat balls. Strawberries and hazel nut yoghourt
    Ham roll with salad. Strawberries etc
    Probably ditto.

  7. Not as good as yours...leftover pizza on Sat, after the bike ride on Sunday we had packed cheese, crackers, an apple and a granola cookie. Today I am going to take that leftover chicken breast and make a nice looking chicken have motivated me!

  8. Hi Annie ~ Nice to see a new post from you, Glad you enjoyed the blonde man jokes and no Fluff isn't tripping me.. I see you shot me down again!! I did not know the history and took that sign to be true. Guess I should apologize. But what a date to commemorate Iman Ali.
    Thanks for pointing out the truth Annie, and I will have to stick to jokesand nice items in future.
    Take good care my friend, 'Love, Merle.

  9. Lynn -- We like jalapenos more than relish or pickles as others do. You sure have healthy lunches.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Sounds like me when I worked outside the home. Bites of this and that here and there and no specific meal times.

    kenju -- Doesn't require much imagination does it? lol

    Cliff -- Oh boy do I miss those potluck dinners we used to have in small churches. The best food on the planet. Good thing you shared the steak or you wouldn't have been here to make this funny comment.

    Sonny -- I have two grandchildren who are just like you. Meal time is a total inconvenience in their otherwise creative moments.

    Pat -- I eat a lot of "ditto". Actually could live on ditto if I didn't have to feed Ron. He insists on variety. Yogurt seems to be a big hit with several here.

    Tabor -- We haven't had pizza in a month of Sundays. Now I've got a craving. For a bicycle ride lunch I think I would be hungry and wonder if apple, cheese and crackers would suffice? Of course I ride a stationary bike:)

    Merle -- Yikes! Don't think of me as shooting you down. If I post something that is not correct I like to be told. It is quite easy to fact check when people forward you information or at least ask if they have. Hope I don't make you angry. Keep us laughing and stay healthy my friend.

  10. Yes breakfast and dinner are aesier - but mosstl because it is a nothing meal -Cracker and cheese yesterday
    baked beand the day before
    and lean cuisine black beans the day before that

  11. I wish I had had Cliff's potluck, but my recent lunches have been curried chicken salad, an apple, string cheese and Goldfish crackers and a peanut butter sandwich. I may have tuna salad today-no jalepenos.

  12. We had the tuna sandwich, but Art put in muffuleta sauce. Gosh, I'm not sure how you spell that.

  13. Since the state fair was in town, I ate fair food every night Wed-Sat. Yesterday I had a Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburger for lunch & grilled veggie kabobs for dinner.

  14. You mix those things a little differently then I do.

    Today we had hotdogs and beans. Some times grilled cheese. And sometimes tamales.

    Whatever we have here we eat.

    Love, sandie

  15. Hmm. Nope, can't think that far back. I'm thinking of the new volunteer who didn't flush and left some pee on the floor, which is rather distracting!

  16. Let's see... Saturday I was at the fair. I got "Bourbon" chicken (it had some kind of sweet sauce on it) with fluffy rice and garlicky green beans.

    On Sunday I ate at home. I made these awesome "toaster chicken" cutlets (they're pre-cooked and you heat them up in the toaster, like Pop-tarts) with a toasted bagel and leftover steamed kale.

    Today I brought my lunch to work: brown rice with steamed veg (zucchini, yellow bell pepper and red bell pepper) and tinned tuna. Yum!

  17. Whitemist -- Well you sure are the bean guy! Did you eat baked beans from a can or did you prepare them yourself?

    Jeanie -- Would that be peanut butter AND jelly? I eat my peanut butter sandwiches with either mustard or pickles.

    Kay -- Not only do I not know how to spell that sauce, I have no idea what it is.

    Bonnie (BIZ) -- Fair food is always good! Wendy's food is good too and we like Arby's Junior Roast Beef sandwiches with Horsey Sauce. We can buy them and freeze them to eat later.

    Chatty Crone -- My grandchildren love it when I fix tamales. We buy the canned ones and take off the paper, add a can of corn (or hominy) and heat them 8 minutes in the microwave. Then serve them with cheese, sour cream and jalapenos. They rave as if I had been slaving away all day to prepare them.

    Riot Kitty -- I have been waiting for someone to say they can't remember. It was very difficult for me to remember the three things I had. So you knew who the pee-volunteer was? Any repercussions such as having to clean it up? You got a little off topic here I'd say but what's new about that:)

    Sparkling Red --Never in my life have I heard of toaster chicken! What brand and where do you buy them? So many people had chicken so I'm pretty sure my girls and boys are in danger. Making sure the hen house is locked up at night:)

  18. Sunday we only had breakfast and dinner/supper. Monday I had pizza rolls for lunch and today I had chicken fried rice.

  19. Saturday: Burger King (chicken strips and onion rings).

    Sunday: Burger King (whopper jr w/cheese and fries).

    Monday: typical work lunch: canned chicken salad, crackers, Doritos, pickles, plum.

  20. Wow, most of you eat healthier and yummier than I do! Hubby and I have been on a poached egg and toast kick for breakfast. When I have eggs for breakfast, I sometimes don't get hungry for a while, so sometimes I don't have lunch at all.

  21. Gosh my brain is working on this :)

    Healthy sandwiches then a bit of nausea yesterday so I had scrambled eggs and a bagle.

  22. Marla and Steve -- Marla I wish I could get some of my healthy free-range chicken eggs to you. I'm sure they would help heal you:)

  23. Bonnie -- We skip lunch a lot, or if we have a big lunch we skip supper. I make shrimp friend rice.

    G.B. Miller -- I'm guessing you live near a Burger King:)

    Susan Adcox -- I believe a lot of us only have two meals a day and from everything I read, that is not good. You will be happy to know that when the grandchildren are here I fix three hearty meals a day.

  24. Your dishes look yummy. I'll be right over ;-)

    Last night dinner was cheese ravioli and sausage plus a salad.

    Night before last was stuffed green peppers and fresh corn.

    You're right about breakfast and lunch... I can't even remember.

  25. BTW Granny Annie, what is shrimp's friend? :-)

    (see response to Bonnie)

  26. The Toaster Chicken is courtesy of a company called "Jane's". It's very yummy, and comes in plain breaded and Buffalo flavours. I had it for dinner again tonight!

  27. My wife will only allow me to eat once a day, and she says that I should be more thankful that it isn't even less!