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Slim and Franke
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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Our granddaughter Beth had a dream.  She has vowed to audition for the American Idol show since it came on the air years ago.  You have to be 16 to audition.  Beth turned 16 in May and her family kept a promise to her to to help make this dream come true.

Friday the drawn out process began to get all the paperwork in order and receive the table assignments.  Beth was assigned her table of four in a huge gymnasium.  These tables were in a circle and Beth was happy to see the table next to her got to go first.  This meant her tryouts would go quickly.  Wrong!  It started next to her then went the opposite way which made her table last.

She is a delightful songbird.  When her time did come, she went for it.  She has courage and confidence unknown to many teenagers.  I could never have done such at thing at her age.

No one from her table was selected.  While she knew that would most likely be the outcome with so many competing, she still had dared to dream and follow through on that dream.

Beth has accomplished just another stage of the many roads to triumph in her life.  She has proven once again that she can do it.  I could not be more proud of this talented child who is out to take on the world. 

FROM BETH'S FACEBOOK "Officially registered for American Idol, OMG!"


  1. She is just beautiful. And gutsy, too. I admire her spirit for wanting to do that and her graceful acceptance of not being chosen.

  2. I agree. Many times success is found in one's willingness to TRY. The winning is in the doing, itself.

    This is but the first step on a wonderful lifetime road for her..

    Enjoy the journey Sweetie- the sky isnt the limit.. There is NO LIMIT~!
    remember that Auntie Sonny said so:-)

  3. dreams are best followed. Glad she had the opertunity.
    To answer your other questions - the bananna stands help keep them organized if nothing else and i seem to notice fewer fruit flies.
    Used chicken stock for the swiss chard - it does cook down like all other greens, but i did not show them ,the chicken was done on its on.

  4. Way to go, Beth, and I hope you will go back and try again next time!!

  5. This is awesome...dared to dream and parents that helped and what does that create? A future!

  6. She sounds like a girl who will do what it takes to make her dreams come true.

  7. Lynn -- Thanks. She is quite a gal.

    Sonny -- I love that so much. Yep, there is no limit! Good on Auntie Sonny:)

    Whitemist -- Yes it was fortunate that they were auditioning people about 1 1/2 hours away from her home. Some people can't travel the distance to the nearest place.

    Kenju -- I know how much to encourage the young people to follow their dreams. I think you know more about American Idol than the rest of us.

    Changes in the wind -- I'm pretty sure this will be a repeat event each time it is scheduled for Oklahoma City. Now they know what to expect and she has seen the other performers.

    Jeanie -- I think Beth is extra strong because she has two older brothers who have helped clear every path for her and see that she is without fear. By the way you and I have lots in common and almost the same mix of grandkids only we're ahead of you by one. We have five boys and three girls.

  8. Are you saying that she did not get picked after waiting all that time and filling out that form?

    Well I think filling it out and doing it was awesome and she will know more of what is going on for the next time!


  9. People such as your granddaughter who are not afraid to take on the world, will always succeed eventually.

  10. Yay for Beth!! I admire her for going after her dream. There's always next year. I am so sure she will excell in life.

  11. I wonder how they decide who gets on AI. You must have to stand out, n perhaps it's also a matter if what song is chosen. She should keep auditioning- there are many of those talent shows to try. One appearance can lead to other offers.

    Good for her! (n the proud family members too)

  12. Good for her! I can tell she is related to you. You certainly have guts now. :)

  13. Chatty Crone -- She did get to sing but I'm not sure how much. She is a wonderful singer but she is a bit soft and will work on her volume.

    Tabor -- I don't know where she gets all her nerve.

    Ancient One -- Being a part of The Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band has taught her performing arts and the discipline required to stay on track.

    Snaggle Tooth -- I'm sure a lot goes into the selections in these auditions. Lots and lots of people show up and very few are selected.

    Riot Kitty -- Well thank you but I don't often feel like I've got the guts for such challenges.

  14. brava Beth!!
    keep auditioning for anything and everything, the experience is worth a million bucks
    plus you never know who will see you and what might come of it in the future

    you're a beautiful brave young woman

  15. Well, Annie, if you could win on looks alone, she would certainly be the AMERICAN IDOL.

    She is adorable and I hope she keeps up her competetive spirit all through her life.

    She is a winner!

    I leave for vacation for 10 days so you won't be hearing from me. Say hello to Slim and Nancy for me.

  16. What an experience for a young girl to have. You must be so proud of her for following her dream. Better luck next time.

  17. What a great spirit she has. Congratulations on following through with a dream and to the family for all their support. Good things will come her way.

  18. Well done Beth. The first lesson we have to learn doing anything in the Arts is to get used to rejection.
    Don't give up.

  19. Dianne -- Guess we can just start calling her "BB" for Brave Beth:)

    Nancy -- You know how proud I am of Beth! Don't worry about the animals in your absence. Slim and I will do our best to take care of everyone. We've already got four new chicks hatched by our red hen June. Mr.Gibson is also on another nest getting ready to domino any day. She'll have more when you return. Have fun.

    Pat Mackenzie -- We are hopeful that she will continue following her dreams whatever they may be.

    Charlotte -- I am sure that as a teacher you know those kids who are willing to go for the brass ring. I'm proud to also tell you that she is a great student excelling in Math of all things:)

    Pat -- Yes writers know what those rejection letters mean...nothing. If you like what you have done, keep pursuing the dream. It is definitely paying off for you. I like to think of Beth's situation though as more non-acceptance than rejection.

  20. She really is such a pretty girl and courageous! You just know she's going to make it because of all her determination.

  21. Don't know how I missed this post. How awesome that Beth got to try out for American Idol and how awesome for her family to back her up on that. I'm sure she was disappointed but at least she had the right mind set to know that there was a possibility she wouldn't make it. Tell her not to give up. A friend of my husband's (whose name escapes me right now) has tried out for AI twice, been chosen, twice, but has never made it all the way. He's still not giving up. It gives them exposure they wouldn't otherwise get and practice at facing victories and disappointments. I think I"m talking to much here, lol. I think we are all proud of Beth.