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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Low carb food pyramid

A few new health issues have required that I turn to low carb meals and snacks.  Google has not been a friend to me on this issue and wonder if  any one of you might have some good suggestions or directions to a decent website for ideas.  


  1. Love that pyramid. That's pretty much how I always eat - minus the lamb chops - ewwwwwww....

  2. Since diabetics are supposed to eat low carb meals, I would check out You should be able to find some really good recipes there. Hope it helps.

  3. I hope you're OK! I am off and on the South Beach Diet, which is low carb. I actually practice elements of it all the time. When I am seriously sticking to Phase 2, I have oatmeal for breakfast and that is my only starch for the day. The other meals are meat and vegetables or salad.

    I have a low carb snack for this afternoon that I brought to work - Stoneyfield nonfat french vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries.

    There are also hard boiled eggs, nuts, pickles, cheese, that kind of thing. Tuna salad, peanut butter spread on an apple or celery.

  4. Diets need to be live-its. If it is not something you can stay on it will not be a successful venture. I do know that the USDA pyramid (old and new) are not very helpful. My small recommendation is to avoid everything and anything with corn syrup in it. You will be amazed at how often this ingredient appears thanks to lobby groups! Fill up on a protein (avoid red meats) first then veggies next and finally fruits (yes they are carbs). Hubby was told by doctor to lower his carb intake, but is totally ignoring that!

  5. Hey - I'm doing exactly that. E-mail me...I have tons of info. You OK?

  6. oops! not my subject ;(

  7. I haven't got a clue sorry. I hope you are okay though.

  8. If I had to give up carbs, I'd rather be sick. I know that sounds stupid. Hope you figure it out.

  9. No Carbs? No pasta, no bread? No peaes or carrots or corn? I will die first.

  10. Annie,

    Sorry this is off topic but I would like to know if Slim still misses Ashenhurst....I do.

  11. Could that be oatmeal on the top? I thought corn was hi-carb too... if that;s it in the second teir...

    Sorry I don't have a good url ready... To me hi-carbs knocks out my bananas, potatoes, bread, n pasta! It means low sugar n starch content. Some fruits n beets are hi-carb too. n absolutely zero stuff with "high fructose corn syrup in it! It's hidden all over processed stuff- At least eggs are still good.
    Maybe try looking up Atkin's diet food?


    try that site

    I have done the Scarsdale diet several times and always had success
    and it covers lots of low carb options

    also has some good stuff but you need to register and deal with all their hawking their products

    happy eating :)

  13. I'm assuming that owing to my physique, you won't be using me for dietary advice. I'll pretend I didn't read this.
    I don't give dietary advice for the same reason I also don't give investment advice. The reason? No experience.

  14. Marla and Steve -- You will be changing your diet soon if you haven't already. It is called "eat anything you can a lots of it".

    Bonnie -- Good idea. I need recipes.

    Lynn -- I will be okay just needing some recurring lab tests and treatments. It is wonderful that I can eat eggs because we sure have plenty of those!

    Tabor --So far, after only a few days, I am feeling better. Tell your hubby to give it a try.

    Riot Kitty -- Glad to hear from you and love the info.

    ashok -- Nice of you to stop in anyway:)

    LL Cool Joe -- Thanks, I am okay. It is one of those "If only I had known sooner my whole life would have been different" things.

    Judy -- I don't have to stop carbs completely, just seriously cut back on them.

    Whitemist -- Same thing I told Judy... I don't get rid of carbs totally. I'm looking for "low" carb menus, not "no" carb.

    Nancy -- I can't tell you how difficult it is to go outside and not have Ashenhurst come running toward me yelling, "Ma, Ma, Maaaaa"

    Snaggle Tooth -- I'm not sure I can tell what anything is on that low carb pyramid. It is funny that I need to be cautious about eating bananas and then they give me a medication that affects my potassium levels so I need to eat potassium which is in bananas. LOL

    Dianne -- Thanks for the websites. I can't wait to check them out. I have tried every diet in the world before except this one. The others were primarily for weight loss and this one is totally for health reasons. Maybe I can stick to it better know it is vital to my well-being.

    Cliff -- Not really looking for diet advice, just looking for some good, low carb meals to try. Needless to say Marilyn's shortcake recipe would not qualify so I'm glad I tried it before this food restriction came along.

  15. I'm sorry, I can't be of any help here...but I'll look around.

    PS - I checked out the artist you mentioned and you're right, he's wonderful. Love the bird with the red background on the green fence. Wow! What are poster colors?? I asked him, don't know if he'll look back on his comments.

  16. Did I miss a post about Ashenhurst?

  17. Scarlet -- What I find most interesting are the comments that critic his work. I'm thinking people should be appreciated for what they do and not what others think they should do. Glad you took a peek at him.

    Bonnie -- Ashenhurst was killed about a month ago. Sad, sad, ssd. It's on my sidebar. I didn't blog about it.

  18. Mr. Cube & I did the South Beach diet for weight loss a few years ago and we both went crazy without carbs. There must be a better way.

  19. cube -- I can have carbs just not as many. You could say that I have practically be living on carbs lately and have to get that under control. Hopefully I can find a happy medium.

  20. here is a blog, and if you click on the button for "medifast recipes" she has some good ones I think.

  21. I am not sure what you are saying - are you okay? Are you diabetic? It is not where you can't have any, but you sure have to watch what you eat! I learned something here today too.
    Thanks. sandie

  22. Seriously Though -- Great website. I'll have to add her to my blog roll. Already I found a wonderful recipe for Mexican Beef and egg burrito. Thanks!

    Chatty Crone -- I too have learned a lot from the great comments. No I do not have diabetes. I will be okay. Thanks for your concern.

  23. I have eaten low carb for many years.
    I'll get some recipes together for you so you wont feel deprived:)
    it will takes a week or so for you to get used to it and then you'll be feeling so much better and wonder why you waited so long..

    searching for your email to send you info...

  24. Ok I read it again and you are wanting yo cut back on your carb count versus cut them out sooooo..

    Adkins Maintenance would be perfect for you as that us when folks have lost the weight they needed to and adjusted their gylcemic index to a healthy level.. just Google.

    Adkins Maintenance and they will give you carb counts and recipes.
    also you should try to hold it to below 60 per day. even then high carb veggies- Potatoes~!
    high carb fruits- peaces~!
    will cause a glycemic spike.. there are many other foods that do this also as you will see when you begin to read the information.
    again, I promise you will feel so much better in a short period of time and it will be sooooooooooo worth it for you..
    my email is on my blog up top- if ya need to talk about any of this.
    This Live It has improved my life more than I can tell you.

  25. sonny -- I have been winging it this first week and already feel better. However I've needed a number for the daily carbs and am so happy that you have given me one. 60 sounds about right. My doctor was going to give me a plan to follow but either she forgot or I forgot. I may be calling on you for help. Thanks!

  26. Best of luck with this. The pyramid is great.

  27. Sorry about Ashenhurt.