Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Friday, July 06, 2012


A "spare" in bowling it when you manage to take down the final pins on your second roll.

A "spare" on your vehicle is the emergency tire you carry in case you have a flat on the road.

We have spare change, spare parts, AND...

Then we have "spare" time...really?  Is there such a thing?  Only if we create it.

Right now this heat is giving me a perfect excuse to invent some spare time.  I look around and there is plenty of productive work to do but I can legitimately pass it up because it's too hot to be motivated toward work.  The spare time is every gap that occurs between the feeding and care of animals and spouse and the feeding and care of animals and spouse.

Right now my spare time is consumed with:

Computer: Online word games and blogging.
Audio Books:  Currently MICRO by Michael Crichton and just finished  KILL SHOT by Vince Flynn
e-Books:  Currently THE AMERICAN SNIPER by Chris Kyle and just finished MISTRESS OF JUSTICE by Jeffrey Deaver
Netlix movies: Loved BLACKTHORN with Sam Shepherd
TV shows: Favorites JUDGE JUDY (an excellent reality show!) and THE BIG BANG THEORY. 

So I guess in some ways I'm not wishing for this heat wave to end.  I just can't spare my "spare" time:)

What are you doing to stay out of the heat?


  1. It's Dorso. My profile pic is Shamy Chicken

  2. I am sorting and deleting hundreds of photos. Run out to the garden in the early morning and water the containers and do a little dead-heading. Watching too much TV in the evenings and reading on my kindle, and always, of course, blogging. We are headed to cool Canada...but as would happen here, the temperature is supposed to drop almost 15 degrees all week!

  3. Dani -- I will try again but so far I can't I can't find you.

    Tabor -- Of course the temp will drop as soon as you leave! I have to say that you are using you spare time a little more productively than I. By the way, eating is also a major part of my regime. Between books and movies I'm prowling in the kitchen and snacking myself to death.

  4. I did walk in 100 degree weather yesterday at 5pm - what was I thinking? So I just didn't bring my workout bag with me to work today, so I wouldn't feel tempted. I'll walk the next two mornings early, to avoid the extreme heat.

    And I think I'll get the pedicure this afternoon that I didn't get last Friday. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, Annie!

  5. For us here in Arizona every summer ends up spare time or at least time inside unless in the pool.

  6. What are you listed as on Facebook?

  7. I had to go for my semi annual blood tests (Just routine) this morning and when I left at 8:30 A.M. my thermometer on the garage said 95 degrees.

    After the hospital I went to the store and got milk and bread (I didn't need any food..It's too hot to eat..)

    Now I am home in the cool house and I will not go out again except to get my mail (Which will not be worth the walk to the mailbox..A Sears circular,CVS Pharmacy Paper and a bank statement which the bank says is the last time they are spending 45 cents to tell me I have 35 cents.)

    How's my little kitty doing in the heat?

  8. Heat! What the heck's that Annie. We're struggling to stay out of the cold & the rain here. If it doesn't improve soon the Olypmics are going to be washed out.

    It's coming down like stair rods here today & it's been like so many days we've got flood warnings out again. Still at least I don't need to water the garden.

    Just off to make a nice hot cup of coffee & get some woolly socks out of the cupboard my tootsies are freezing.

  9. It isn't getting really hot here until tomorrow - I plan to hide inside or swim.

  10. Lynn -- With my luck I would go for a pedicure and they would tell me that their AC was out. I just made a quick dash to the town on the lake and I sure should have gone the other way. Traffic was unbelievable with folks arriving for the weekend. Guess it is still time for Independence Day celebrations.

    Changes in the wind -- Yes all our Arizona friends have pools. I never go swimming though, I prefer staying inside.

    Dani -- email me at and we'll exchange facebook information.

    Nancy -- In case you have suffered heat stroke I must inform you that milk and bread quality as food. Your kitten is delightful and I think of you every morning when she darts out to greet me and begins chattering. She seems more interested in talking rather than eating. I really have never had such a vocal cat.

    Winifred-- So delighted to hear from you! We a had excess rain and flooding which turned to this awful heat and dry. If things don't get better soon we will be under a burn ban like last year. Our once lovely property is now brown again like last year. Wish you could send us just half your rainfall.

    Riot Kitty -- I though for sure you guys would be having the same extreme heat we were experiencing. We're supposed to look for cooling on Monday.

  11. I had a firm hired the past few days working on my sprinklers and so it's +100 degrees, high humidity, and no wind. I went down to check on them and as I leaned on my pickup for a short time and watched, I told them I came to help but that I was currently doing all I could do in that heat. "If you guys want my help you'll need to come back just after midnight.

  12. Cliff -- I could help them at midnight too. Wonder why they don't change their work schedules to work late evenings during this heat? Oh I went to town today and had lots of traffic. I was shocked to see a person throw out a lit cigarette from their car in this hot, dry climate. When I went in the store I exclaimed to the cashier that I had just seen the most unbelievable thing and then told about the cigarette being tossed. The cashier said, "Oh you surprised me. I thought you were going to say that you saw a city employee working."

  13. Mostly I sit here in my chair and mess around on the computer, playing games, etc. I worked today and leaving there and going out to the car felt like entering hell.

  14. I'm sorry you're all sweltering in this terrible heat although you've found ways to keep busy and occupied. Thank goodness Hawaii has been pretty temperate so far. We'll see what happens in August though.

  15. kenju -- I'm sure glad you mess around on your compute because you have linked me to so many good word games. I can tell the hours when you are at work:)

    Kay -- I did not think that Hawaii had bad weather...EVER:)

  16. Annie,

    In regard to the cashier saying they thought you were going to say that you saw a city employee working....Here is the latest Philadelphia joke.

    What is big, orange and sleeps 8?

    A City Garbage truck......

  17. What heat? I'm trying to find some!

  18. I like the way you feel good about doing what you want to do.
    I went early morning with a cooler to Hannafords to get ice cream and pop cycles. And ooo I ended up paying seven dollars for an eighth of a watermelon as I hate to buy a whole and save it for ever.

  19. We still haven't turned on our AC this summer. It is a bit hot upstairs right now but I didn't feel the heat until tonight.

    I don't like to cook when it's hot.

  20. Marla and Steve -- Marla you are going to get to a place where cold is not your friend. The warmth will be more comforting. I don't like to cook in the heat either and, come to think of it, I don't like to cook period:)

  21. I'm sort of staying out of the heat, as I'm taking full advantage of a perfectly shady backyard and semi-cool mountain breeze to do some old fashioned writing by hand.

    I think that writing by hand allows me to focus and concetrate better on the little nuances that go into a story or blog post than if I do it on a computer.

  22. G.B. Miller -- I find it most satisfying to write by hand but my writing has always been difficult for others to read and now it is even difficult for me to read.

  23. A spare tyre is the roll of fat some of us have round our midriff.

  24. I've been working my butt off over hot, just cooked food, right next to a steamy walk-in rack washer n the Large bakery ovens. I'm not staying cool, I'm getting hotter!
    At least when I get out between 2 n 3 am it's the coolest part of the day n drive home with the windows open.
    Day Off finally here, planning to toe-dip or jump in the ocean if I wake up n there's no thunder storms...
    Reading Stuart Woods "Orchid Beach" this week. VHS n DVD players are broken, only news to see on basic cable tv. Really want my movies back! Sorry I'm whiny after too much sweaty work this week- really tho I roast, except for the small fans in here.
    At least it's not as hot up here as out in the SouthWest US...

  25. Pat -- Did you miss the notification? That is now referred to as our "muffin top". That's a lot better than spare tire don't you think?

    Snaggle Tooth -- Often your answers make me want to be your shadow following you around all the time to experience what's going on in your life.

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