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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I probably should save this for a question of the week but my curiosity is getting the best of me.  What is your experience with a Mac computer as opposed to a PC?  My sister is wanting to buy a new computer and her family is strongly pulling her in the direction of a Mac. 

1.)  Have you used both? 
2.)  Was the Mac easier/harder than a PC?  
3.)  Does virus protection come as part of the Mac?  
4.)  Does a Mac have fewer crashes than a PC?  
5.)  Does the higher cost of a Mac pay for itself by reducing the amount of service needed? 
6.)  What else can you add in favor of  (or against) either a PC or Mac for personal home use?


  1. I have no idea too but my elder girl would like to have a Mac next so I'll know soon :D

  2. I'm sorry to see that Ashenhurst died! What happened?

    I have used both Macs and PCs and liked both. BellSouth switched us from Macs to PCs in the early 2000s and I got so used to PCs that I've bought three for my home since. I do like my iPhone though.

    My coworker thinks that Macs are "intuitive" and swears by them. He says that virus protection is built in to Macs in such a way that they are seldom hacked.

    I have to say - I wouldn't recommend a Dell computer. They ended up having to send someone to my home to replace virtually everything on the inside. At least they did that, but it should have worked properly in the first place.

  3. Shionge -- If my sister gets hers first we'll let you know too.

    Lynn -- Ashenhurst got in the road on Monday and was struck by a car. Evidentally he was able to run back to the house so it's doubtful the driver even knew our goat was killed. I can barely think about it. Thanks for the good information on the Mac and PC. Will be anxious to see has this inquiry goes.

  4. I started my computer life on Macs, through all my years as a graphic designer. I don't think my macs have ever crashed. Not once. I don't use any virus protection as they don't seem to need them. I do have a small netbook pc that I use on holiday and I hate it. It's slow, the graphics are crap and I just don't like it.

    Not only that but Macs are beautiful. A dream to use. In the house we have ibooks, ipads, iphones, ipods etc. We never have any of them serviced. Touch wood, they never go wrong!

  5. Dear Annie,

    I am shocked to hear that poor Ashenhurst was hit by a car. I could just cry...

    Is Slim OK? I know that she was pals with him...She will miss him and so will we.

  6. LL Cool Joe -- Great information. Thanks so much. Now I want a Mac. LOL

    Nancy -- Slim was very sad and sat with her head in my lap all day Monday. What is most sad is Ashley the twin brother. He seems very sad without Ashenhurst. It took a lot of special attention to get Ashenhurst to four months of age without his mother's attention and I can't help but think she might have kept him out of the road. I didn't talk about this on mh blog, just put the memorial on my sidebar.

  7. I have always used PCs and find that they are a pain...sometimes. My brief encounter with a MAC was great...easy to use with no instruction which I am sure you could not say about the MAC. Do some research on whether the MAC is still virus safer.

  8. My son has a Mac and we have a PC - both have had problems to be honest. Sandie

  9. So sorry about your goat.

    I've only used pc's so am of no value. I like my pc. I've always been able to avoid the urge to throw it out the window.
    well, except for that one time...

  10. I don't like Macs. I find them a pain in the ass to use.

  11. In college we used macs for all the artwork n pc s for the office stuff. I made some computer animations n videos using Macs. They've been doing the detailed art software longer.

    I find PC art more difficult to get to the same quality.

    Macs are alot more secure too.
    Easy to understand n use.

    PC s are cheaper tho-

    So Sorry about Ashenhurst! I know you invested alot of love in his short life. I'm sad for Ashly n Slim too!

  12. Tabor -- So if you were getting a new computer would it be a Mac?

    Chatty Crone -- Well Sandie, you're the first to say that. So there are problems with both?

    Cliff -- So many of our computers have needed to take a trip down Out-the-window-lane.

    I am regretting keeping that baby goat. We had an opportunity to give him to a friend who wanted him for one of her goats she was having to milk and I was selfish so I kept the baby. Next time I will find a goat home for the rejected kid.

    Riot Kitty -- Guess you feel strongly againt Macs. LOL

    Snaggle Tooth -- You have made some pretty strong cases for both PC and Mac. Guess the lower price is the main reason that sales are so high for the PC.

    Thanks for kind words about Ashenhurst. He wasn't a very good goat but he was becoming a very good human:) If only he could have lived in the house like he wanted.

  13. Dear Annie ~~ I can't help with the computer question as I have only had 2 laptops and enjoyed both. Don't know about Macs.
    I am so glad you realize there are great things in the world to enjoy and be thankful for. I didn't count my blog in that list, but thank you my friend.
    I am so sorry about your goat - animals and cars do not get on well.
    Take great care dear friend, Love, Merle.

  14. Have never owned a Mac but love Norton for virus protection.

  15. Merle -- Your comments are so nice and make your readers feel even more at home knowing you.

    Changes in the wind -- Really? You love Norton virus protection? I loved it until my last virus came from my Norton program so I switched. Probably should give it another chance. I really hate McAfee!

  16. Everyone I know who has a Mac LOVES it. The same can't be said with PC's. I think my next computer will be a Mac :)

  17. Talon -- That is an excellent point. I often hear Mac lovers rave about their computers and I have yet to hear a PC user brag about theirs.

  18. Gosh... I can't answer this very well. I know the Mac is especially good for photos and artwork. I had a Mac when I was working and loved it. I have to use a PC at home because my son-in-law and brother are PC experts but don't know the Apple system well.

  19. I use PC's at work and we have two Macs at home, a laptop and a desktop.

    Macs are definitely more stable. We rarely have to restart our Mac desktop or force-quit applications. The odd time we have had problems, mostly due to our 3rd-party external hard drives, Apple tech support was superb. If you can afford Apple products, I would say they are definitely preferable.

    One thing to be aware of is that as Mac use is becoming more widespread, nasty hackers are starting to write viruses targeting Macs. You can download free anti-virus software - ours is called AVG LinkScanner and it was recommended by Apple Support.

  20. Kay -- Well it sounds to me like you would personally pick a Mac if you had in-house experts to assist you.

    Sparkling Red -- Good to consider that Mac's may be on their way to being less virus free as hackers target them. Why must everything good become a target for the wicked?

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