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Monday, June 25, 2012


Question Of The Week

What's the longest you have ever waited in a line and what were you waiting for?

Ron and I waited behind a massive line of people at the San Diego Zoo, February, 2000,  to see the debut of six-month-old Wai Mei, the baby Panda. We had watched her progress from birth in August, 1999 via Panda Cam and were both thrilled to be there for her introduction to the public. We differ in how long the wait but I'm thinking 3 hours from start to finish.  It was well worth the wait.


  1. Wow I have no idea, I'll think about it.

  2. I am not a waiter. Avoid lines for anything including sales unless I have to see something absolutely. I am guessing the line to get into the Vatican one summer because we were leaving for Lake Como and not returning. It was almost two hours but watching the streets of Rome while standing around was very pleasant.

  3. in 1992 I waited 112 mins. to Vote and if I had to, I'd do it again:-) with a depends on this time, but I'd do it.. rofl..

  4. They have that early voting thing here in Georgia so you can avoid the long lines during the major elections. The joke was on me, because I was in line about three hours, on Halloween night. At least I got to know the people around me really well - we were all on a first name basis at the end. And the funniest thing - I drove by my regular polling place at 6:30pm on the election night and there was no line. Something to remember for next time. :)

  5. LL Cool Joe -- Well I guess we will look for you to return with a memory of a long line:)

    Tabor -- It is a rare moment that I will select to get in a long line. My grandchildren, on the other hand, will stand forever in a line for a new Harry Potter movie.

    Sonny -- I have always been fortunate in my voting times and locations and have never had a very long line. I try to go mid morning and that usually is after the morning rush crowd. However if that was what I would have to do to vote, I would do it.

    Lynn -- Now that is pretty funny. Voting early to avoid the lines and having longer lines than you would have on election day. Good one!

  6. I have waited overnight a few times - for Springsteen tickets (twice) and for the Vera Wang sample sale so that my DIL could get her wedding dress
    that one we travelled to Chicago since the NY sale had been cancelled and neither my DIL or her Mom could bear the idea of being on the street all night
    I had a fantastic time with a wonderful bunch of young women. We got a $6000 dress for $2000 and by the time we were done all the good dresses were gone

    I couldn't do any of that these days unless they'd allow a hospital bed into the line

  7. Oh funny. Art is usually a patient person, but lines drive him nuts. He says his hell will be one long, long never-ending line.

  8. 3 hours??? Wow that is a long wait for my longest wait has just got to be waiting for my flight at about 11 pm from 1 pm in Toronto Airport kekekeke...

  9. Dianne -- I waited in line two hours in 1975 for Waylon Jennings concert to begin at the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. We got there early and got seats near the stage. It was worth the wait. I can understand waiting for entertainment but to fight over wedding gowns would not be my cup of tea.

    Kay -- Ron and I were newlyweds at the time and didn't notice the long line. Now he is like Art and would die before he submitted to such a line again. Besides neither of us could stand that long anymore.

    Shionge -- Just the waiting wasn't the biggest part. The line progressed through the enclosure and we were so busy watching the Pandas that it didn't seem all that long.

  10. A three hour line?? Wow! I don't have the patience and I can't stand the heat to stand in long lines unless I absolutely had to (for the kids more than for myself)...but in about three weeks we'll see how we do at the Florida theme parks. It's where the kids want to go for vacation and July is HOT and packed!

  11. I never wait in lines - my husband is not a line wait-er at all - in any way shape or form - so I just don't - lol.

    Glad yours was worth the wait.


  12. I am not one to wait in line long. Heck, I get impatient at the grocery store waiting in line. I've never been one of those who go early on black Friday and wait for the stores to open or wait overnight for ticket sales, etc. Oh, I guess the longest I waited was to get a flu shot and that wait was about 30 minutes in the cold. Your wait to see the baby Panda was worth it!!

  13. I hate lines. Probably a couple of hours waiting to see Robin Williams, only because the tickets were a gift, it was open seating, and my brother insisted on getting there early (and he was driving.) We took turns saving each other's place to go eat dinner.

  14. I remember 2 hours at the Cumbies store to get a half gallon of milk after hurricane Bob after power finally came back on 5 days later-

    Presidential voting (Bush? what year?) because of ballot questions tho- over 4 hours in a snake-line moving through a square of school corridors! Kept passing by friends going the opposite direction! Needed the bathroom so bad while waiting-

  15. The longest line I've been behind was a 12# test Stren while drifting for catfish in 45 feet of water.
    But all seriousness aside, I don't do lines. If there's going to be a line, I don't go. I think it has something to do with having lived in the country all my life.
    When I walk out my door in a few minutes I'll have to drive about a mile to find another person. But won't.

  16. Hello annie
    We waited a couple of hours at least in the queue for the Dahli exhibition in Melbourne one year. Went quickly as we chatted to others around about (snake type queue) End result was Fantastic.
    Also saw Pandas and Polar bears at the same zoo in 1998 - another great end result. Waiting at International Airports is standard so I never count that lol
    Take care

  17. My first husban an I waited for quite a few hours to get a carpet on sale. I still have it in one of my guest rooms.

  18. Longest wait for me, I would have to say was in 2004. We had bought tickets a month in advance to visit family in Mass. Along comes Hurricane Francis and neither my hubby nor I thought anything about leaving for the airport any earlier that the 2 hours timeline they gave us. 5 hours later we are still waiting in line, having missed our flight because other were there hours earlier to leave the state. I expressed my opinion that there should have been a line for people who had already booked flights and bought tickets way in advance. And to top it all cousin had bought tickets to a Red Sox ballgame that hubby knew nothing about. Needless to say, we finally got on a plane and instead of hubby having time to relax when we got there, it was off the plane, in the car to the train and then the game. I'm not a big fan of lines.

  19. I don't do long waits in lines unless I absolutely have to.

    Like DMV on a Saturday morning (1 hour) or on a phone to the IRS (1 hour).

    Other than that, my cap is about 25 minutes in line, no matter what its for or where I'm at.

  20. I have no idea either. I think it was probably our wait to get into the Vatican museum, which was about 3 hours. If it had been any other place, I think we would have blown it off.

  21. Scarlet -- Cannot wait to hear how you do at the Florida theme parks. I wouldn't go near those lines for all the tea in China.

    Chatty Crone -- Well we're not line waiters either. Plus Ron is about to convince me that I have greatly exaggerated my story about the time.

    Rachel -- Don't get me started on grocery store lines. I hate it when they have one register open and fifty employees milling aound doing nothing and the won't open another register. Grrrrrrrr. That baby Panda was definitely worth the wait. I had watched her birth and all of her growing with her mom in the private enclosure for six months via Panda cam and to see her debut with the outside world was phenomenal.

    Riot Kitty -- I would imagine that Robin Williams put on a pretty good show. My tickets for the Waylon Jennings concert were open seating and we got there early enough to make it to the front row!

    Snaggle Tooth -- Wow, guess you had no choice about having to wait in lines after a hurricane. Lots of folks have problems with voting lines but I usually seem to get to there at the right time and have been able to avoid long lines.

    Cliff -- Sounds like we all live in the country for pretty much the same reason. Your drifting for catfish is a pretty good "line".

    Cathy -- You would have seen Wai Mei's parents in 1998!!! How cool is that:) My picture on this post is an airport line and it is so true about line hold ups coming from someone who is totally unorganized and holding up the line.

    Pat -- That has to be some carpet!

    Bonnie -- Sometimes it seems we could do a much better job of organizing a line. Why didn't they have a separate line for advance ticket holders?

    G.B. Miller -- We generally don't do lines either. We fortunate around here because even taking the grand kids to premier movies in our area doesn't create near the lines that they would seen in the city.

    Judy -- Is the line to the Vatican museum always that long or did you guys go at an unusual busy time? And what is in the Vatican museum?

  22. I hate waiting so I don't think I've ever been in a line longer than say 10 mins. or so except at an Amusement Park when my daughter was determined to get on this crazy coaster. We were in line for like 40 mins. Too long as far as I'm concerned, but the crazy ride (which lasted about 2 mins.) was probably - just - worth the wait :)

  23. Talon -- Waiting forty minutes for a two minute ride. What we won't do for our kids! And that two minutes of smiles had to make it all worth while.