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Slim and Franke
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Friday, June 15, 2012


The words to the song should be "Slow down, you EAT too fast.  You gotta make your dinner last..."

My spouse will be half way through his meal when I have already finished mine.  Somehow he manages to "savor" his food.  Somehow I manage to gobble so fast there is not much recollection as to what was for dinner. This is not a healthy way to eat so where does this  rapid eating come from?

Is it because lunch breaks at work were about much more than food?  A lunch break was primarily used for running personal errands, etc. and eating was simply a necessity on the run.

Is it because I am the youngest child in our family and ate fast for fear nothing would be left for me if I didn't hurry?  (My spouse is an oldest child and I'm guessing he got the first and the most of everything.)

Do you eat quickly or slowly and do you think there is a reason for either eating style?

(Well shoot, this could have been a Question Of The Week!"


  1. We all tend to eat quite quickly in our family. I do, because I don't like cold food and normally I'm hungry. :D

  2. I eat slowly - I think it's because my dad was such a stickler for table manners. There were so many manners associated with being at their dinner table that I think that's why I just came to eat slowly.

    I've gotten in some bad habits though. Since I live alone, I have dinner on the couch while watching TV. I know that's not good, but yet I do it anyway.

  3. I eat quickly & often. A habit of having a job where I worked 12 hour shifts and breaks were 15 minutes after an hour.

  4. I eat quickly.
    How else can you consistently over eat unless you gobble up enough calorieds to run Andre the Giant so fast your stomach doesn't have a chance to react. You never see the Coney Island hot dog contest winners try to pace themselves do you?

  5. That and I still don't trust Marilyn. I know that in the 40 years we've been married she's never turned on me (taken food off of my plate) ...but well you never know about some folks.

  6. I got in the habit of scarfing down food in high school because we had such short lunches, then as a reporter because I was always on the go. It's not good. I eat much more slowly now.

  7. i eat too quickly, but also eat less. Sometimes i am forced to eat slowly by a stock in the espophagas muscle.

  8. I'm a first born and was an only child for 11 years. I have always eaten slow and I am even slower now.

    Many meals I just walk away from my plate and when I get back I dont want whats on it.

    its odd that just as I am starting to eat I think of all kinds of things I meant to do and rush to go to them.

    I wish they'd just make a pill with all the nutrients I need in it and that would make me happy.

  9. I know I eat too quick. I have to thing about why - I guess because I feel like I am always in a hurry and I hate that - I want to eat one bite at a time! love, sandie

  10. I still eat quickly although there is no reason now - at work I rarely got my half hour lunch so got in the habit of hurrying!

  11. Eat slowly helps disgestion and eat slowly won't eat too much hehhehehe....

    I suppose the art is to enjoy the food by eating slowly so I hope you and your spouse will enjoy time together just by eating slowly :D

  12. I recently replaced song lyrics too!
    Really, I didn't know you had already-

    I've always been a very slow eater. Now I'm pathetically slow, due to difficulty chewing with limited teeth left. But pudding is still pretty quick!

  13. I eat more slowly than my hubby but more so now that I am older simply because I enjoy eating where when I was younger it was simply a necessity required to do the other things I loved:)

  14. I eat slow which is supposed to be healthier and which is supposed to help keep your weight down yet I'm a chubby mess so go figure
    I have always eaten slow and don't know why

    the boy that Hope is speaking to was being called "Little Dude" all day since my son had to keep telling him "Little Dude, slow down" or calm down
    He kept grabbing Hope and picking her up and squeezing her and hugging her
    In the pic my son is laughing because Hope is telling him how he has to be "nicer" and "not so wild"

  15. It really depends on a couple of things for me:

    1. How hungry I am (then I'll gobble)
    2. What am I having? (if it's something I love, I eat it fast)
    3. How much am paying? (if out for a fancy dinner, I tend to savor it because I'm generally trying to figure out what makes the chef's food taste so much better - lol).

  16. I've always eaten fast. Some things that are learnt in skool sadly can never be unlearnt.

    However, the only way I eat slow is if I'm reading or watching t.v. at the same time.

  17. I believe that sibling competition for food does play a big part in eating habits. My husband has two brothers. He eats like a wolf. Or a vacuum cleaner. Seriously I don't think he chews anything, ever.

    I was an only child. I take my sweet time. :-)

  18. LL Cool Joe -- I do not like hot food and will let it cool quite a bit and THEN I gobble it up quickly.

    Lynn -- I am trying to get Ron to come to the table for meals. Actually we both eat in front of our televisions (two different rooms) and I believe it would be healthier if we sat at the table and concentrated on our meal and not the news.

    Bonnie (BIZ) -- Did I understand that you got a 15 minute break every hour so 12 breaks on a 12 hour shift? Surely not.

    Cliff -- Good point about the hot dog eating contest. Nope never saw them pace themselves. I have often taken food off of Ron's plate and he has rarely, if ever, taken food off of mine. Guess you better keep watching Marilyn.

    Riot Kitty -- What all have you told us about your reporter days? I think we probably need to hear more about that.

    Whitemist -- Sorry about your esophagus. Yikes!

  19. sonny -- Two of our grandchildren are basically only children (with eight years between them) and both will wander away from the table if not forced to eat. It's an inconvenience in their multiple activities to have to stop and take time for a meal. They too would go for those nutrient pills if you ever find some.

    Chatty Crone -- Well Sandie, why are you always in such a hurry? Too much work or too much fun?

    JeanMac -- Those tight work schedules seem to have affected many of us.

    Shionge -- It sounds like you have the pleasure of eating down to a science. Hopefully I can learn.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Well you know what they say about "great minds"!
    And, I guess you can be grateful for pudding...

    Changes in the wind -- Now, based on other comments, I have to ask if you are an only child? Sounds like that trait of having to eat out of necessity is for only children or wide spaced siblings.

    Dianne -- At least I could tell that Hope was giving someone instructions. LOL!

    Talon -- You seem to have understandable eating habits. I will try harder to savor my food when we've paid a pretty penny for it.

    G.B. Miller -- Reading will slow down me eating but watching tv seems to speed it up even more.

    Sparkling Red -- I am truly inclined to agree with you. My husband is the oldest of five brothers and I'm pretty sure they feared his rule and probably had to compete heavily for their food causing them to eat fast and him to taunt then by eating slowly. The oldest kids always got first grabs.

  20. I should slow down because I'm probably not chewing enough and helping things digest.