Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Friday, May 25, 2012


David has brought her three little much bigger kittens to the breakfast table.  Guess she is getting them ready for Memorial weekend.  They are bigger but not quite as big as they look in the picture.  

Yesterday Mr. Gibson hen became trapped in some wire and her seven chicks went running amok.  They are still too small for Slim to round up and escaped into small openings.  I thought Mama Gibson would go looking for them as soon as released from the trap but this is what she did.  She went in the hen house and stood beside their birth nest box.  She paced back and forth and made a repeat clucking noise (in a special tone of voice).  Slim and I came in the house and watched out the window.  I was about to give up in sorrow when suddenly the chicks appeared around the corner of the barn.  By nightfall all seven were safely tucked in the nest with mom.  The moral of the story is "Listen to mother!"

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Weekend.  We are expecting lots of kids and grandkids. Take some time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day and the memories we respect.


  1. Glad all your chicks are safely home and all your chicks are coming to visitm

  2. Oh - I'm so glad they are OK!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, GA.

  3. glad Mama could make all the babes come home. Little ones tend to wander but Mom's voice can be heard clear across the hollor.. or thats what we say here in the south..

    My Nana could call me to supper from over 1/2 mile away... wish I could here her say my name once again..

    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours.
    Please take lots of pics and tell us all about it.
    It'll just be me and the daughter roasting weiners but we are blessed to have each other and very grateful..

    I wanted to write a Memorial Day post but I didnt get through 3 lines before my emotions got the better of me and I stopped..
    People who werent Born in this country just have NOT A SINGLE CLUE what it means to be an American Citizen.. they may say they do- but they Cant really know..

    hugs and Love and all good things to you my good friend..

  4. Mr. Gibson's chicks are all safe. Hope you and Mr. Granny Annie's chicks have a good and safe visit with you :-)

  5. Stella -- Thanks for you comment. I believe you have been here before and wish you had a blog I could where I could comment. Years ago in Waco, Texas I had a dear friend named Stella who, in an interesting way, saved my life so anyone named Stella is okay with me.

    Lynn -- Once again my tiny livestock survives. You have a great weekend too.

    Sonny -- Yep, they heard her across the holler:) My dad was the one everyone could hear in our home. His voice was so deep my boyfriends would call and just hang up if he answered the phone.
    Be safe this weekend.

    Cube -- I love it. I think I'll start going by Mr. Granny Annie. Can't wait for the first batch of family to arrive tonight. Have a good one.

  6. I'm glad your chicks came back! Have a great weekend!

  7. We should always listen to our mother's!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    sandie ♥

  8. Annie,

    Everything's up to date at Nol Noc Estates and all kitties, hens and chicks are safe and sound. That's GREAT!

    I guess David needed a little breath of fresh air when she brought the babies out for breakfast. Nice to see them getting so big.

    Glad Mr. Gibson escaped from her
    wire trap and was able to call her chicks back home. I wonder if Daddy Jack B. could hear her calling to them from across the road....

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day. I knew I was old this morning when I called this holiday "Decoration Day". That is what we called it years ago when we went to the old cemetery and placed flowers on all the veteran's graves to honor their service to us.

  9. What a heart warming story about the little chicks, they discovered that there's no place like home after all. Enjoy your weekend weth your own chicks,

  10. Looks like all the babies are testing their independence.
    Glad the chicks listened to Mr Gibson, who definately knows how to handle a rouge chick flock...

    Have a good visit with the kids this week. I wonder if they'll get attached to the animal babies during their visit. I always tried to smuggle kittens home, (but my Mom hated cats)!

  11. That's so adorable! Well, I must say, if I were a fuzzy little chick I would certainly come running when my mamma called me. Who doesn't want to nestle under a warm wing for the night?