Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Monday, April 09, 2012


This cat has been away for one month. A lot of you mice have been playing big time and I have enjoyed reading and catching up. 

To blog or not to blog has been the question plaguing me.   Blogger lost the "email follow-up comments" for a while and that made thoughts of returning difficult.  It has always been fun and easy for me to receive the comments others are making through email.  It was very depressing to think that was over.  Moving my blog to Wordpress was a strong consideration.  However,  for now, things are back to normal at Blogger and all seems right with my world as I dive in for another 7 years.

This Monday question is: 

Do you use the "email follow-up comments" ?

I try to comment back to each person on my blog and try to mention something about one of their recent posts.  It would be great to know that you are selecting the "follow-up" when you make a comment here.

If you read blogs through the google reader and do not visit homepages, I wish you would check mine today.  I have designed a new border using portraits done of me by many of the artists at the Julie Kay Portrait Party.  They based those on my new profile photo and their work really makes me smile.  

 Amazing little garden that popped up next to the workshop through a pile of metal sheets.  You never know where to expect a beautiful surprise.


  1. I hardly ever use Google Reader, so I saw the portrait images right away. So great!

    The blogs listed on the roll to my right are my "go to" blogs, but I do check in with the follower list every so often. I don't use the email follow-up feature, but maybe I should, huh? I just go back and read comments most of the time.

    Love those volunteer flowers! And it's good to see you back after a well-deserved break.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the portraits. I think the one on the top row, far left looks like a photograph. It is a watercolor.

    You are doing a fantastic job on the A-Z challenge. That was a brave venture to embark upon. LOL

  3. Yep, I always just go to your homepage and then return to people like you who follow up otherwise it's just a quick visit to see if there's a new post.
    I'm glad to see you're alive.
    You had me worried.

  4. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Well Hello there Annie - Long time no see, its nice to see you back:)
    I do use a reader - I find it easier and less time consuming than going through each blog one by one - but each to their own eh?
    I also use email follow up - when I remember lol
    The only drawback with it that I see is that as well as any reply to your comment you get all the other comments as well which can soon clog up your inbox.
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  5. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Annie - where was the email follow up button?

  6. Cliff -- What if someone who doesn't usually reply begins commenting back to you? You won't know so you won't go. It was my plan to serve your strawberry shortcake for Easter but spent the better part of the day at the hospital emergency room. Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection. Yikes!

    cranethie -- Cathy, I'm back thanks to you. You really hung in there with me working out my technical problems. About the follow-ups, I enjoy the other comment as well as the blogger's response to me. My email will lump them all together instead of sending one for each comment. A lot of us sure enjoyed your "saucy" British postcards!

  7. Cathy, the follow-up box should be right below your name under the comment box. ????

  8. All I can see is and orange box with Publish your comment or a white box that say Preview

  9. Sorry now I see it LOL

  10. I get the email follow ups but never checked the box so not sure how this does or does not work. I have all the blogs I follow in a document file so that is what I use to catch up on daily happenings.Glad you are back

  11. I get some emailed comments from some bloggers but not all. I have never clicked on any boxes for that purpose. I do check back on blogs to read comments and especially yours. Welcome Back!

  12. Cathy -- I'm glad you found it. Wordpress had an easy feature for that. One of the reasons I was tempted to change.

    Changes in the wind -- Since I had gotten used to having the comments come to me, it was difficult to return to each blog when the follow-ups were missing. It seemed to take forever. I am loving your A-Z participation. Lynn, with Good Things Happened, is doing this also and you guys are coming up with some great words.

    Bonnie -- It seem that we see you a lot more on facebook these days instead of your blog. I am fortunate to enjoy both. You recently found some neat recipe sites. Not good for my weight loss attempts! LOL

  13. Annie,

    So happy to see you back. I missed you but am glad you took a nice rest.

    I like the picture on the far left also.

    Please tell us about your respiratory problems so I can compare. I think I have it too.

    Do you think you can catch an infection from a blog?

  14. I am so glad you made the decision to stay with us! And I have to say I don't come back to read answers - but I love comments by email.

    Love ,sandie

  15. I LOVE your homepage, and your new avatar! I don't use e-mail followup comments.

  16. I get emails to comments to my blog on my smart phone. But just about everyday I go to my dashboard and read the comments. I go down the blogs I am following on my blog roll and on my dashboard. I likely spend too much time doing this.
    The surprise garden is the BEST!

  17. Nancy -- I am quite positive that infections are spread via blogs. Also by phone contact. This URI has been horrible. I finally broke down and went to the ER, only to learn there was no quick fix. The cough is bad but the sore throat is horrible. I cannot remember a time in my life having that bad of a sore throat. Thankfully the antibiotics seem to be helping me now with both. Hope you don't have the same thing.

    Chatty Crone -- I wanted to try emailing my blog friends but very few post their email addresses. That's why I like to get them via the follow-up emails. It is enjoyable for me reading the other comments people make on your blog and the others. Glad you cleared up the type of chicken you used in your recipe so we wouldn't think those darling peeps died in the making of the delicious looking chicken. LOL

    Riot Kitty -- Try follow-up comments, you'll like it:) You know that I believe you and Mr. R.K. need to take you comedy routine on the road. Your responses to thE vegan strippers are HYSTERICAL!!!

    Charlotte -- If you check the "follow-up comments" you don't have to spend so much time going back. The comments come to you. I don't know how I've been missing your posts, but love the Easter picture shoot. Everyone can relate to those moments. Plus I can sure relate to the goats eating the mail. Mine got ahold of some junk mail.

  18. Kewl new look to the blog. I actually do click through whenever I want to leave comments to a blog post. And no, I definitely do not use Google Reader for my blog subscriptions, as I wasn't thrilled about the way they "improved" it. So I use the RSS feed button that is located either on the person's blog or on my browser for that blog.

    I actually don't mind when people privately e-mail me with responses to my comments, because sometimes people are apt to be more open of themselves that way instead of responding to it on their blog.

    On a personal level, I don't use the e-mail follow up comments button to either my posts or my comments, simiply because I find it easier to re-visit my blog/other person's blog in order to see what kind of response (if any) that I've gotten.

  19. Hi Hi :D Sometimes I do go back to the respective blogger's post and follow-up comment. It is alot of hardwork sometimes and I appreciate that you are back in blogspheres again :D

  20. I actually avoid email on this computer because it's too slow to load.
    But do come back to read the comment answers, up to the last I hadn't checked yet each visit.
    For some blogs that load slowly, (ie 1.5 hr) I only load the current post off the sidebar on Lynn's blog- so it's faster. Your page is reasonably fast to wait for.
    The portraits are nifty!

    I so patiently awaited your inevitable return...! (but checked less often)

    I think we just get too used to the routine we learned to follow n it's hard when they keep changing it up all the time- I hate that- being forced to find a new way when time is so short here. I run out of free time!

  21. Forgot to mention the port pic reminds me of Eduard Monch's "The Scream" painting pose... with a smaller mouth

  22. G.B. Miller -- Glad you like my new blog look. Nice you know that you have been lurking.

    Shionge -- Betty, it is difficult to return to every blog and check comments, that's why I like for them to come to me. I am so loving your pictures of that Reflections condominiums. Beautiful but very scary!

    Snaggle Tooth -- I'm afraid I know what you mean about slow loading computers. Our desktop computer is still very slow but my laptop works great. Love the comparison of my photo to the famous SCREAM painting. LOL I applaud your dragging that couch out of your yard and putting the sign on it. Can't believe someone would dump it in your space!