Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Monday, April 23, 2012


What is your favorite childhood memory?

(Mine was the day we got our first television.  It was 1957 and I was ten years old.  Walking home from school I could see the men on our roof installing the antenna.  I started running until breathlessly I entered our home, flopped in front of the TV and it feels like I've been there since:)


Lynn said...

My mother took a picture of me as a toddler, standing in front of my grandparents' TV (much like that one), looking back guiltily just as my hand is reaching out to touch a knob. :)

My favorite childhood memory is finding quiet places to read at our rather full house. I loved a spot at the side of the house next to the roses and under a large tree.

LL Cool Joe said...

I can't remember any favourite childhood memories at all. I do remember my parents getting a colour tv rather than black and white, but we weren't allowed to watch it because we might make a mark on the carpet and that would make my mother very cross indeed.

Pat said...

In my sleeping bag with the aroma of wet grass in the tent with just my brother Jack and Mum and Dad, with Mum laughing and saying:
Pat's happy - she's got bed, book and biscuits!'

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

One of my favorite childhood memories is about my Uncle Rocco. His brother ran a fish market and twice a week he's bring home fresh shrimp for my Aunt Peggy to fry. I always asked for halibut salad and he'd bring me a tiny container of it.
Being able to live with them for a few months is one of the highlights of my young life. It was a joyful cozy place and I felt loved and welcome.

Tabor said...

Can't help but laugh...did not expect that ending! I remember the day we got our TV and I think I was pretty much close to that age as well. I will have to remember other childhood favorites and take some time with that. I do think one of them was when I got my first box camera with my own money.

Nancy said...

Believe it or not, my favorite childhood memory goes back 76 years to 1936. That was the time the Bell Telephone man came to our house and gave us a telephone and our very own number.

Well, not quite our VERY own number. We had 3 other families on the party line we all shared.I still remember that first number.
MADISON 7597J. The J indicated our line from the others in our party.

It tooks at least a week for the novelty to wear off for ALL the families and during that week you could never pick up the phone to use it and not find one of the others on there already talking.

Finally, the novelty wore off and we shared that line very nicely for at least 5 years until we got our own private number.

Bonnie said...

Wow alot of fun memories here. We always had a tv and I don't really remember when we went for b/w to color. We got our own phone when my parents bought their first house, so both at the same time is a good memory.

Chatty Crone said...

Watching Lawrence Welk with my parents. sandie

Riot Kitty said...

Hmm. Love your F*ck cancer icon! Favorite...probably waking my dad up at some ungodly hour and asking him if we could go to the 24-hour doughnut shop. He said yes.

Cliff said...

Mom made homemade ice cream on Sundays and we always had company. the men and kids turned the crank. It was made with cream from the cows we milked and Blanche Nelson's homemade german chocolate cake. (we always invited the Nelsons because of her cake.)
We always made the big freezer that made 1.5 gallons. Wow.

Debbie said...

I remember the day mama used her first clothes dryer! She was so excited she stayed up all night dryng clothes, with 6 kids in the house there was always plenty of laundry.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We got our first color TV in 1973, n layed with pillows on the rug to watch- We had 5 kids plopped about-
I can think of 2 happy memories- When I was 7 n we got a new boxer puppy, who became my bbf "Champ." We'd never had a pet in the house before. (Thanks for giving us the dog, old Uncle Wright- My Mother didn't want it)

Then when I was 12 my Mother took us to the Lippizaner Horse show at the Boston Garden, n I loved horses, but had only read about these before that. I couldn't believe Mom did that for me-

Granny Annie said...

Lynn -- We could select our own programs as long as we didn't pick soap operas. (We got to watch those at grandma and grandpas.) Yes I can imagine you curled up with a book in hiding and letting your imagination entertain you. The good reader you were has made you the good writer that you are:) Now, are you still trembling from the tree that almost killed you? Yikes!

LL Cool Joe -- You always make me worry about you when you say such things as not having any favorite childhood memories. You sure seem to have a vivid memory of Margaret Thatcher. Your post as well as the comments from others were very interesting and thought provoking.

Pat -- Oh yes, I can suddenly recall that wonderful aroma of spending the night outside especially on newly mowed grass. Love the "bed, book and biscuits". That would be a great book title. I am only slightly more savy about apps than your spouse. I don't have those fancy phones or ipads, etc. It worries me that I have given up my technological obsessions.

sonny -- Anyone named "Rocco" had to provide a safe and comfortable place:) What is in halibut salad? Maybe some halibut salad would help you recover from your current illness. Hope you are feeling lots better and enjoying your portable screened in porch.

Tabor --That ending is a little too true. I do luvs me some telebishon:) Your camera memory reminded me of one of mine. I got a bicycle, a puppy and a camera one Christmas. All that on one Christmas and I'll never forget it. Those box cameras were cool weren't they? Obviously those cameras were easier to use than today's smart phone, etc. You and Pat (of Past Imperfect) are both having problems with your spouses and their understanding of apps. LOL

Nancy -- Wow, you got off the party line really fast. It seemed that we had one much longer than five years, but it could just be my imagination. You must have been wealthy to have had a phone in 1936! And I am not surprised you can still remember your first phone number. I am happily awaiting your next story at The Elder Storytelling Place. It's taking a long time. Meanwhile, I'm planning to debut Nancy the kitten on Wednesday's blog. Stay tuned.

Bonnie -- A new house and your own phone all in one swoop. Whew, that must have been heaven. Hey, your were pretty strict with us about checking out that necklace giveaway. I'm heading right over there to check it out. Thanks!

Granny Annie said...

Chatty Crone --I used to pout and stomp when my parents insisted we watch Lawrence Welk but today those reruns fill me with fond memories. Your post was certainly from Animal Kingdom today. Thanks to another blogger, I already knew what an Okapi was:)

Riot Kitty -- What a great dad! My dad might have done the same if there had been such a thing as 24 hour anything. Glad you like the needlepoint icon. LOL You and I both have had quite the tooth extraction blues lately. Hope you are totally recovered now.

Cliff -- Gee whiz Cliffy -- Homemade ice cream and Blanche Nelson's german chocolate cake!! You were a lucky little boy weren't you. And poor Blanche thought everyone loved her for her wit and charm. I think it's time for a new post from you. However, how can we ever tire of those three pictures. You really don't change your expression in any of them. It's a good thing Marilyn has some with and charm. (You don't just keep her around for the cooking do you?)

Debbie -- Now that's a special daughter who reserves her favorite childhood memory for what made her mother happy. I'm betting lots of things still went on the old clothesline. Now about that mic in the house. Do the neighbors ever complain? Just sayin.....

Snaggle Tooth -- Oh yes, pillows on the floor. I still stack lots of pillows in the living room and den and the grandchildren just grab one and plop themselves down anywhere. Good old Uncle Wright for giving you a dog. Hip Hip Hooray! And good for your mom taking you to see the Lipizzaner Horse Show. Wow, that is something I would still like to see very much. I am sorry you are having problems with the new blogger. Listening to others having the same problems makes me glad I changed early. I know you have lots of problems with your computer anyway so I'm wishing for you to be able to get a new one soon.

Scarlet said...

Driving to visit family in NJ (8-hour car trip) with my brother and I in the backseat singing "Candy Man" by Sammy Davis, Jr. while eating steak sandwiches. (I know it's not polite to sing with your mouth full...but it was after every bite!). ;)

Love that memory!

Granny Annie said...

Scarlet -- Of course "the Candy Man can"! I can just see the steak sandwich falling out of your mouth. Now, how are you doing for recruits on your new health program? Those are some pretty big sacrifices and I have to wonder how you'll do with the wine change. LOL

cube said...

Geez, that is a tough question because, as a fortunate child, I have way too many good memories to choose from.

I really do have too many... one would be standing in Lady Liberty's head with the rest of my 6th grade class looking out upon New York's harbor. It was fantastic.

Another would be the first time I played in the snow. That was fantastic for a tropical flower like myself.

cube said...

Scarlet: Your comment made me laugh. We drove from New York to Tampa and I sang the theme song to "Green Acres" until my father went ballistic and insisted I either shut up or sing another song.

Granny Annie said...

cube -- I too was a fortunate child. We didn't have a lot of money but we had a lot of love. Like you and Scarlet, my siblings and I sang and sang on road trips. Our father always joined in our poor mother just tried to survive it. Once in a while she would join in too if the song wasn't too stupid. Now, being married to a former sailor, Ron will blurt out some pretty strange songs on our road trips. They create a lot of laughter.

cube said...

I don't know for sure, but being married to a sailor must be close to being married to a carpenter (Mr. Cube). I can imagine some of those songs can be pretty colorful.