Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke

Friday, March 02, 2012


This is post is number 29 in the marathon.

Have you ever heard that using "but" in a sentence, erases everything you said before.  Today I read a comment that said, "I love my husband but sometimes he gets on my nerves"  This set me to wondering does she really love her husband or does he just get on her nerves?

"I love that drawing but..."

"The cake was delicious but..."

"Her butt is okay but..."

"This blog marathon is interesting but..."

Inquiring minds would like to know what you think.


Changes in the wind said...

Don't think but cancels anything just expands the thought.

Lynn said...

When I took the Dale Carnegie course, they told us that the "but" word sounds negative and to substitute "however."

I have a friend who always talks about people like that. Example, "I love Jane, but she (insert anything negative here.) I called her on that behavior not long ago and asked her what she says about me! Without missing a beat, she said, "I love Lynnie, but she is such a ditz." How about that? I never thought of myself as a ditz, however, perhaps I appear that way to others. :)

Granny Annie said...

Changes in the wind -- It probably doesn't mean anything but I try to avoid using it:)

Lynn -- "ditz" is not a word I would ever use to describe you.

Cliff said...

However, if I observed and reported that, "Now that's a nice butt," the first part could NEVER be erased. Ever.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I think it's great that you're working so hard to complete the goal you set for yourself, BUT, since I don't check every day and just read the current post, I've missed a lot of your entries. I still think it's great that you're doing the marathon.

Rae said...

The world would not be the same without the word BUT! It is one of my favorites and I use it all the time. I agree with Changes in The Wind - it expands the thought. Right or wrong - I'm going to keep using it:)

Sparkling Red said...

It doesn't erase what came before it, but it can certainly undermine it. Depends on how it is used. I work with someone who often uses it to avoid admitting that the other side in an argument has a valid point. I'll ask her to grant me some point of fact, and she'll always respond "Yes, but..." and around we go again. It's VERY irritating after the first few iterations!

cranethie said...

Back in the 1950s my english teacher also told us that 'but' is negative and explained that 'however' would be a better alternative - but - I always forget that advice and more often than not use the B word lol
Take care

Cathy @ Still Waters

Riot Kitty said...

I think in some cases it pretty much does erase the sentence before. Like, "Nice job, but..."

Granny Annie said...

Cliff -- We all know how you spell the word:)

Pat MacKenzie -- You didn't miss anything on most of the posts BUT you must go back and see the man's shorts:)

Rae -- The world would not be the same without you BUT it could do without the word "but" BUT you must always do what you choose to do:) Plus if Changes in the wind says it's okay, then it's okay.

Sparkling Red -- Yes, the word can leave a debate going can't it? LOL

cranethie -- Cathy in this day and age of texting "however" is just too long and I'm guessing "but" is used more than ever. All of our English teachers from the 50's would not approve of the new text language would they?

Granny Annie said...

Riot Kitty -- Perfect example!

G said...

Fantastic word that is bandied about in great abundance simply because no one has a spine to tell the truth.

Snaggle Tooth said...

This is a blog marathon, but I thought it was a comment marathon... !
It just adds clarification of some details, or exclusions of the main theme.

Granny Annie said...

G -- You are so right. We seem to always be shading the truth.

Snaggle Tooth -- It can easily be both. However I am finding that comments are much fewer as I strive to reach 2000 blog posts by my 7th Anniversary on March 9th. So far I have received 12,027 comments on my 1979 posts for an average of 6 comments per post.

Monalisa said...

Aah! Thats interesting!