Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
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Saturday, March 03, 2012


This is post is number 30 in the marathon.

 We often refer to it as "Better living through chemistry".  Tons of medications are prescribed for every illness and often, as with my heart problems, multiple prescription  drugs are necessary.  

Currently my cholesterol numbers are off and usually when my lab results show any kind of change, my cardiologist will increase, decrease or add a new pill to my regime.  

His nurse called yesterday with the doctor's new prescription for my current problems.  He wants me to get back on my fitness program and reverse my weight gain with diet and exercise.  What kind of doctor makes this type of cure the responsibility of the patient?

I don't think his drug sales reps are going to be very happy with him.  


  1. Some folks expect the Doc to solve everything with pills... I try to avoid that.
    Still tho I take allergy, sinus, tylenol, n some supplements anyways!

  2. I try to avoid taking any pills at all, even pain killers because I tend to find after a while they don't work as well and my body builds up an immunity to them.

  3. Snaggle Tooth -- I have always looked for the easiest way out. This doctor isn't going to let me get by with that. Yikes! It's back to my fitness program.

    LL Cool Joe -- I would actually love to be pill free. It is just going to take a lot of work to reduce the number of medications I take and some of my medications are for life.

  4. Personal responsibility? The nerve of that MD.
    You need to find one with a different party affiliation.

  5. Mom and dad have a lot of drugs to take in every day. What my mom does, she gets suspicious with every doc and investigates the medicine prescribed. Trying to be cleverer than the doctor ;) I remember one day she went to a doctor for further consultation, doc was asking her "Do you keep feeling hungry?" She said "No way! I take a lot of medicines!" Doc laughed!