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Slim and Franke
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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


My sister called shortly before dark Monday evening to share their unfolding adventure.  It seems an unfamiliar cat was trapped in a tree in their backyard.  It was frightened and crying.  My bil had made several attempts to rescue the feline at the exclusion of climbing up himself to retrieve it.  He has a heart condition and this would not have been a wise move. 

Sis told me her spouse was on his way to the fire department to see if they would or could help  They could not and would not.  So much for the stories of firemen rescuing stranded cats.  All they could do was suggest placing an open can of cat food at the base of the tree to entice the cat down.

There was a lot of unrest in their household watching the cat and keeping an eye on their dog each time he went out so he wouldn't eat the cat food. Plus they imagined the food would attract all kinds of critters into their yard during the night.  The next morning the stranded cat was still huddled in the tree with untouched cat food on the ground.

After searching google for possible answers to the dilemma they decided on calling a tree trimmer.  The man came out and using his proper equipment for tree climbing, rescued the cat.  The tree man gently placed the saved cat on the ground.  The beautiful calico sniffed the food then turned haughtily and walked away to what we assume was the direction of her home.  My sister who had planned on having this rescued cat in her life forever since it would feel such a sense of gratitude, was offended as, after all their trouble and expense, the cat just walked away.  "Bitch" my sister muttered.  

Thus arrived the question of what do you call a female cat.  Everyone knows a female dog is a bitch and a male cat is a Tom.  Does everyone know that a female cat is either called a Queen or a Molly?  This one was undoubtedly a Queen.  She did not bother to run away, she simply departed at her own pace very regally without so much as a "by your leave".


  1. You have a soft-hearted sister. Cats have been known to be rescued and promptly climb another tree.

  2. Pat -- That certainly would be "adding insult to injury". LOL

    I failed to tell you how funny your comment was about Brigitte Bardot. When asked what she would like to take with her to the island she said:
    “Er penus” when in fact she was saying "'appiness,”

  3. We had a cat who went very high into a tall pine tree and wouldn't come down. He was up there for 2 days and nights, while I slept in the den with the door open, hoping he'd come down in the night. Our fire dept. also refused to help. I put a can of albacore tuna at the base of the tree and it didn't entice him at all. He meowed mournfully all night long and most of the day. Finally, he chose to com down on his own and walked into the house as if nothing was wrong - however - he slept for 3 days straight.

  4. I think that particular female cat should be called a Diva....Maybe ALL female cats should be called Divas...

    I once had a male cat who had a black body and a white face. He had a small black moustache and a very bad black comb-over. Naturally,his name was Adolph.

    Well,he always slept in the dirty clothes basket. That was his very favorite place to be.

    One day he was chased up a tree by a bigger cat and wouldn't come down. In those days (1963) the Fire Company would still come with their ladder to help a frightened kitty.

    No matter what that fireman did (and he really tried) Adolph would not come down. Just as we were about to give up I went in the house and brought out the clothes basket. The fireman went up the ladder with the basket and Adolph jumped right down,landing softly in the dirty underwear and Jeans.

    He then ran in the house,went under the sofa and didn't come out for hours.....

  5. I love cats - they're so independent. I didn't know the females were called Queen or Molly's somehow very appropriate.

  6. My Cleo was a calico - she was very much a queen. :) Good for them for the rescue. I would worry about the cat freaking out and clawing you to death on the way down. I guess the tree trimmer had a method...

  7. What a great story. Diva sounds like a good name for a female cat to me too! :D

  8. I did not know that...I thought they all answered to the name "your highness."

  9. I know I shouldn't be laughing but that is so funny. I don't own a cat (dog lover here)but I've heard they rule their homes with attitude. Kind of sounds like a teenager to me :)

  10. Such a typical cat attitude! :-) I guess the Molly type of cat would gobble up the food before swanning off without a Thank You.

  11. Oh I've learned something new today :)

    Sorry your Sis got 'jilted' :(

  12. Is that a pic of the actual cat? Did you know all Calico cats have to genetically be female? Calicos are known for being a bit strange, neurotic, n high strung! Actually Mischief used to have a calico sister... she was wild, n given away in kittenhood.
    Three colored cats used to be called "Money Cats" when I was growing up-
    ... Maybe this helps explain why the Queen Calico was stuck-up in a tree, n cost so much money to get down, then stuck her nose up n strutted away!

    btw- I was the second in line to comment here when my browser froze! so Had to wait another day...

  13. That's funny. I guess I would have checked back after a week to see if the cat was still up there.
    By the way, owing to the number of kittens this farm produces, I call all female cats 'Shameless Hussies.'

  14. Judy -- Don't you wonder how a cat manages to get stranded in a tree. Maybe they were chased there and fear confronting the enemy that sent them there. You cat must have had a very traumatic time to have been to close to home and unable to take the plunge to freedom. My bil tried to use a long pole to entice the cat to grasp it. This one was a very healthy and well cared for cat so you know it wanted to go home.
    I liked this quote on your blog today: "Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness". It sounds like you.

    Nancy -- You were so clever to suggest the laundry basket. And you are absolutely correct that "Diva" would be a good choice to be added to the female cat names.
    Wish I could comment on your blog post today but.....YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!!! Why is it a good writer like you doesn't have a blog? I've been meaning to ask that forever.

    Pat MacKenzie -- I have never heard the expressions Molly or Queen for a female cat either but others commenting don't seem surprised so it must be fairly common knowledge. I had to google it. Yes we always think of cats as highly independent and yet they still get stuck in trees. Perhaps they know they have used 8 of their 9 lives already and don't want to risk that last one.
    I know exactly what you mean about February. Last year at this time we were looking out at 14 inches of snow that had already fallen and ended up getting a record 23 inches of snow. This year I'm wearing short sleeves and capri pants.

    Lynn -- That would be my biggest fear that the cat would scratch me. I'll never forget the first cats I owned when it was time to take them to the vet. I thought I could just put them in the car like I would a dog and whoa did I ever learn a valuable lesson.
    Yep, today is Groundhog Day. I'll bet I can find that movie playing somewhere on our satellite. I loved that movie too but know others who share you mom and sister's thoughts.

    Sparkling Red -- My barn girls must all be "mollys" because they can gobble a pan of cat food faster than a speeding bullet.
    Clever names the Polish contractor gave your parent's cats... "The Inspector" and "Jumbo boy".

    Shionge -- Ah, I shared information. My work here is done:)
    Thank you so much for the information on the celebrations for the Lunar New Year and for sharing the beautiful double rainbow.

    Snaggle Tooth -- I have heard if you ever find a male calico you're in the money. I didn't know it was a genetic thing so guess there is no way you could ever find a male. Looks like another "gold rush" story to me.
    Speaking of stories...your cat in the garbage disposal incident was quite spellbinding.

    Cliff -- Yes, you would sometimes think that cat production was a primary industry at our rural home. However our neighbors win the prize around here for collecting cats. Ours eventually abandon us for the better food over at their place. I try not to name our cats but can't help myself and then I grieve when they leave me.
    I call movies like the one Marilyn was watching "mindless drivel" and I can't live without it. Why do you guys hate predictability so much? I like for things to go the way I expect them to.

  15. cats are an odd lot, it's what I love about them
    the Queen may have gone off to compose herself, there is a good chance she'll return
    hopefully not to climb

  16. Isn't that just like a cat??? Each and every one thinks the world has been place there just for them.

    I'm sorry for your Sis! Booger! Ungrateful cat!

    'Did make for a great story though.

    God bless ya and have a joyous day!!! :o)

  17. We sure do love animals don't we? sandie

  18. Cats are such strange creatures.

  19. LL Cool Joe -- I think a lot of us would agree on "Diva" for male or female cats. They all believe the world owes them. I almost missed your comment....sorry. Your last post title sure drew a crowd: You won't get any attention until you put your clothes on. Good one Joey!

    Dianne -- That cat was so well cared for it obviously had a home. My sister won't be sad if it doesn't return. They really don't need a cat. "Cats are an odd lot" is an understatement. Thanks for telling us about the death of Don Cornelius. I remember him well and enjoyed Soul Train. You made a nice statement in his memory.

    Nezzy -- When my sister has a story to share it is usually a good one. Especially when it involves acts of kindness. This is not the first good deed she has done that left her with very little appreciation. Still she continues to help when and where and who she can. She's a good sister. You do a good job of defining life in the country. We don't have cattle but we have goats and this year hay is very sparse around here and very expensive when we find any. Yesterday our goats were eating the bark off a tree so I can't let them out today until Ron wraps the tree. I'm off to throw some of that expensive "gold" (hay) into their pen.

    Chatty Crone -- It is amazing how attached we can become to our animals, that is for sure. Great job on your Fun Friday (as always). I could not find the cat but I'll keep looking. I love these crazy hidden object games.

    Dani -- I wonder about cats. At least a dog has a function to protect and serve. Cats are more on the "be served" list. Anyone who is looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to visit just needs to visit your blog. It always makes me happy.

  20. I'm sorry, but I burst out laughing that the Queen regally strolled away. Isn't that just like a cat? No sense of gratitude, but a royal sense of entitlement!

  21. Dear Annie ~ i am so sorry to have gone on a rant on your last post. This one isn't so challenging - never heard of Molly or the Queen in reference to female cats.
    The dizzy spell was scary in the grocery store - I was there with a carer and she was great and so was the employee. You could try taking the labels off your case of water, but I don't think it would work.
    I like your sense of humor my friend. It sure is good to be back with my friends again as I missed you all.
    I don't like or drink coffee, so I would opt for the hard boiled eggs. We must be the odd ones out.
    Take care dear friend, Love, Merle.

  22. Talon -- As usual you picked the perfect description of that cat, "No sense of gratitude, but a royal sense of entitlement."

    Merle -- How have you managed to get through life without coffee??? My dad was the same way but he loved his tea and got his caffeine fix that way.

  23. Well, you mentioned I did. A canine is either a Bitch or a Dog and a feline is either a Queen or a Tom, but I think Diva and Divo certainly fit all the cats I have known (especially the human cats).

  24. Kacey -- "Diva and Divo" for the cats names... absolutely! LOL Your post on "Too Soon Old" spoke to a lot of us. Everyone seems to be getting off to a slow start this year and for some reason our umph is missing. You expressed my feelings too. It was great to see you post again.

  25. I came across your blog through Pat of Pat's Ramblings. So glad I did. This Fall we had a cat in a tree incident too. You will have to check out my blog and read my post. They do eventually come down on their own.