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Slim and Franke
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Monday, January 30, 2012

QOTW 01-30-12 R U ANNOYED?

Question Of The Week 01-30-12

What is the most annoying thing that someone could do to you?


  1. Criticising me, I hate it. I think it's because my mother has done it to me my whole life, so after years of holding back, I now can't. Or someone telling me what to do.

  2. Being put down or ridiculed. That's never appropriate.

  3. LL Cool Joe -- No one enjoys being criticized. Usually it arises out of jealousy. Keep watching out for those cows. Once you witness a confrontation between a car and a cow on a rural road you will develop more respect for the gentle giant and the damage it can do just standing there.

    Lynn -- There is a fine line between guidance and ridicule. Sometimes we all cross it without being aware. You are so right that ridicule is never appropriate. You (hopefully) have inspired me on your post today and I am hoping to peel myself off the couch as well. Thanks.

  4. Hi Annie,

    I wanted to give this question some thought before I answered.
    I am easily annoyed but I get over it pretty quick too..
    In all honesty, nothing and no one can annoy me as much as I annoy myself. I realize while typing this comment to you that if that's my truth, then no one but me can fix that.
    I was just giving advice in my comment to another blogger and now I needed to hear my words as much or more than she did..
    so today I will begin to Run to the Roar, face eye to eye whatever the issue of the moment is and Deal with it as best I can.
    Have I said lately how grateful I am that we met, well, I am saying it NOW.

  5. Annoyed?? I read the other comments and was surprised that they considered being criticized and ridiculed as annoying. I call those things much more than annoying - it is mean and rude. Annoyed to me is something my hubby does when he cuts his toenails in the living room or tracks mud in the house. Hard to pick one top thing - I could go on and on:)

  6. Well the farting picture is a good one for a start.....

  7. Wasting my time. I hate waiting for people that are always late. My time is precious and I have wasted too much of it waiting for others!

  8. When you are trying to talk and they don't listen! sandie

  9. sonny -- You are so nice. I'm glad we met too. Yes I think you have hit on something there. I am much more annoyed with myself than with others. My forgetfulness annoys me the most. Maybe your $5 lamp annoys me too. Oh if only I had your talent for decorating. Your restoration job is fantastic.

    Rae -- Did the other comments "annoy" you? LOL Just kidding. I did not want to mention my husband cutting his toenails in the living room but now that you have brought that little secret out of the closet, I shall ditto it. I don't particularly want to ask him what might annoy him about me. I'm sure there is nothing.... Nice premier of the Indiana Super Bowl Party on your blog today. I have to add that it is NOT up my alley for things to do. If the activity doesn't include a fishing pole and a quiet lake, I'm not up for it.

    Changes in the wind -- Yep that is right up there with the "most annoying". My son and grandsons seem to think it is entertainment for all. Enjoyed Phoenix with you on your post today. Yes it does go on and on. Even taking the loop around Phoenix seems to take hours.

    Tabor -- Oh gee, you sound like my mother. She was a very impatient person and did not like people slowing her down from her designated path in any way. Okay, maybe I'm a tiny bit like her... My dad was the worst person to make her wait. He always took his time and we could just see the steam as it started out her ears. Thanks for showing the $600 shoes...or "shoe" rather. It was not at all what I expected but I'm sure it's worth the money.

    Chatty Crone -- Huh? Did you say something? I've got a banana in my ear. LOL I know too well what you mean. I cannot count the number of times I would speak out in meetings and get no response, then some man would repeat my idea as if it was his own and everyone would ooh and ah without knowing I had just said that very thing. Don't get me started. You posted a yummy looking chicken recipe today. You always have so many interesting and fun things in your posts.

  10. small annoyances are whining or eye rolling, stuff like that

    big annoyance is lying - I would rather hear something I didn't want to hear than be lied to
    and hypocrites!! oh man do they get me going

  11. Asking me the same question 12 times in different ways, hoping my answer will be different. We used to do this as kids and my dad would say, "Would you like your answer loud or soft?" (The answer being: no!) I'd love to do this on calls at work sometimes.

  12. Dianne -- When I read your comment I rolled my eyes. LOL Just kidding. It is sad that Hope did not get the red boots but just goes to show she's a woman of her own. Also we too have been sick and I'm just sure we caught our plague from blogland. All thingd are possible in cyberspace these days. Glad you are better now.

    Riot Kitty -- Oh if only we could have used some of our parent's handling skills in the work place. I would have been telling someone to go "cut me a switch" all the time. As for #1 on your five things post, my mother used to fix us a wonderful ground beef dish she called "creamed steak" and the last few minutes under the broiler she would put butter on top of it. She is one of the reasons I could NEVER become a vegetarian.

  13. There are a lot of things that bug the crap out of me that people do, but the biggest right now is telling me how to do my job.

    I honestly don't care if you make twice my salary and are my nominal supervisor every once in a while, but if you've never had a lick of experience in doing my job, please don't tell me how to do my job.

    Or even better, don't tell me that "something is always done this way and that's the way I'm going to continue doing it."

    Just because you were doing it WRONG previously doesn't mean IT SHOULD CONTINUE.

    Apologies for the capitals as this QOTW really struck a minor nerve.

    Good question though.

  14. Without a doubt interrupting me when I am telling a story trying to correct something that is really not important like, "No it wasn't Thursday it was Friday" or "No it wasn't mid afternoon it was late morning". Who really gives a crap. It just takes away from the story.
    Well . . . you asked.

  15. I think, just as many of the others have said, interruptions while telling a story are most annoying. That's one of the reasons I love blogging. I can tell my story and no interruptions! If I tell it wrong, oh well...LOL

  16. Dear Annie ~ Small things don't worry or annoy me any more. But I have been badly hurt by my son, who was so good to me in hospital, He threatened to dismantle my stove so I wouldn't cook, and I have no need to cook and have said I wouldn't. My freezer is full of meals Bec cooked and Jo brought more and I get huge meals delivered 5 days a week. Besides I have been dizzy, almost lost it shopping today and had to sit and a staff member brought me a cold drink of
    water and my carer had to get the rest of the shopping.I ate some lunch and went to bed, so feeling
    OK now. The stove wasn't touched, but I have visitors and didn't want them to see if it was - I was so hurt, AND haven't
    seen John for over a week.
    Sorry to go on my friend.
    Thanks for your kind word in comments. Love, Merle.

  17. E- All of the above!

    I haven't disaggred with one yet!
    but I will add:
    Being bullied into doing things you know you don't want to do.

  18. G -- Your annoyance reminds me of a story. I was interviewing a new college graduate for a position in the bank. She mentioned that she had left her last job because her supervisor did not have a college education and knew nothing about history or geography, etc. I ask her how much of the job involved history or geography and she admitted none of it I asked how long her supervisor had been with the company and she said 20 years. We did not hire this young lady. How would you like someone like this gal telling you how to do your job? I feel your pain. Read you post today and had to watch your video. I can't tell for sure but is Baby a BMC (Black Mouth Cur)? Our dog Slim is a BMC and they are the best dogs in the world.

    Ralph -- That definitely bugs me too. Especially when someone says "Tell the story about the time...." and then they interrupt so much they finally end up telling the story which they should have done in the first place. Good Cowboy poem on your post and thanks for clearing up the authorship. I did sound like something you could have written.

    Debbie -- You made a good point. Maybe we all blog for that reason. Storytelling with no interruptions. Yea! I don't mean to laugh but it is pretty funny to see that you left some birthdays off your January list...and such important ones. Just goes to show someone in January is going to have to change their birthday to another month. It is just too crowded there.

    Merle -- My dear friend, feel free to spill your feelings over here anytime. Bless your heart. It is just so good to have you back and we all expect you to take charge right away. Everyone needs to keep giving you some TLC. I couldn't believe your Sunday post was already packed full of funny again. Don't push yourself. We need you healthy again.

    Snaggle Tooth -- Oh come on, don't tell me anyone can bully you? That is hard to believe since you seem to be a woman of her own mind. But,yes, that is annoying. We're not "hankering" for July around here yet because our weather has been unseasonably warm. We're just holding our breath as we await a winter blast.

  19. Rudeness in cyberspace annoys me no end. My little cyberspace community works because we are all civil to each other and we support each other. When someone wants to become a part of the group but doesn't know how to play nicely--that annoys me!

  20. Too many things annoy me, but I think most of all it is when people don't do what they know they should, especially if it makes work for other people.

  21. People with colds who won't keep their distance.

  22. I think the one in the picture would be right up there at the top of the list. Nothing funny about that.

    I get annoyed when people have their TV on when you are visiting and trying to talk. Same when the radio is blaring in a car.

  23. The one that leaps to mind is ramming a super market trolley into the back of my legs.

  24. G.A.: Very good question.

    My brother originally got the dog some years ago from a relative for some particular reason that escapes me at the moment, so we never inquired as to what breed it was.

    However, I can tell that this dog is somewhat indestructable.

    To whit: some years ago, she came out on the losing end chasing a car and got whacked pretty good. After all was said and done, all she wound up with was a bloody nose and a severly bruised leg. Didn't bother her too much 'cause she was back to her abnormal self a few weeks later.

    To answer your story, I've had people that young trying to tell me how to do my job and there were numerous times that I've had to put them in their place via their supervisor, who understood exactly what my job entails and thus did their very best to smooth the way.

  25. Susan Adcox -- By "rudeness in cyberspace" I assume you mean those horrible spammers who attempt to act like they read your blog. You asked an interesting question on your blog about bedtime rituals with the grandchildren. Mine are so big now they tell me goodnight and put themselves to bed whenever.

    Judy (kenju) -- Yes Judy, like the waiter in the restaurant I wrote about recently. He was too busy texting to wait on us. I would swear we caught your cold or flu or whatever over the internet. Ron and I keep going back and forth on cough, nausea and headaches. Perhaps it is sympathy pains for you.

    Cliff -- All those huggers at church are the worst. I want to wear a sign that says "Do not touch". Hey, you and Marilyn might want to do what we do about television. Ron watches what he wants in the den and I watch what i want in the living room. We get to visit sometimes when I take him ice cream with chocolate sauce...that is if Hitler isn't in the middle of overthrowing something on the History Channel.

    Rachel -- That is exactly why I used that picture. That is definitely one of the top on my list. I don't like the TV on if people are expecting me, but if I drop in uninvited I don't expect them to stop watching their show. It is rare that I ever drop in on anyone uninvited. And yes, if they come here uninvited I turn off the TV because my mother's voice haunts me to "be courteous". Your post today made me wonder for the first time if our Slim might have had another name before adopting us. Rusty is a lucky dog to be going home with you.

    Pat -- Definitely one at the top of my list. Especially when I'm in the checkout line and they keep bumping me as if that will make the checker move faster. I wish the stores would install a barrier between carts so they have to wait to crowd up until the first person is completely through with their transaction. Yes, put the skeleton in the bath. Explain first to the grand-kids and I'm betting they will love the idea.