Slim and Franke

Slim and Franke
Happy New Year

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Out for a drive around the lake.  This is our neighbor's dock where we can launch our boat.

Granddaughter Hope, age 9, has always loved to play in boxes.  Here she is in her recent one-room box house.  Too bad her feet had to stick out the end.

Here she is at age three in a basket.  Isn't it great to have a box full of Hope and a basket full of Hope:)

Best photo of son-in-law and daughter. It is almost the "only" picture of them together because getting SnIL to hold still for a picture is a difficult task. 

Grandson Ryan visits from college and I tell him he's old enough now to make his bed before he leaves.  And so he does...I don't think I'm eager to see his dorm room.

Ryan also brings me a gift.  The bear's name is Chompers.  Slim is hoping Chompers will be left unattended long enough for her to chomp him up. Be sure to enlarge picture to view bear's teeth.

It just seemed like there needed to be picture time from Granny Annie:)


  1. You have a wonderful family, don't you? I chuckle at that "made" bed - oh my. Lovely family all around. Love Chompers with those teeth and the basket and box of Hope. :)

  2. box and basket of hope:) Wonderful to be surrounded by love.

  3. What a beautiful family!

  4. you def did need a picture time....i just love the pictures of Hope...every time we get a big appliance or a big box I always think of the many house or forts that could be made...and then it's bath time or bed time and the hours pass so fast.

  5. I love when you share photos of your family and pets! Great before and after pics of Hope in a Box. Adorable! Nice bed and I cannot believe that bear has teeth! Yikes!!

  6. What a sweet random photo sharing them all and you have cheered up my day already :D

  7. Great photos Annie! You have a lovely family. I think boxes are great for kids or cats to play in! So nice to have a box of Hope!!!

    I had to smile at the bed made up!! I think he needs more practice!! LOL

  8. Hope is so adorable with the feet out the end!
    When I was young in a large box outdoors with a pencil hole punched through it, I discovered how a camera works- because you'll see an inverted image of the scene before the hole on the inside box wall opposite! May work best in sunshine, I believe. That's how the ancient Camera Obscura was invented, but it was wood.
    Much can be discovered, even in a box...
    I used to make alot of blanket forts propped up with stood-up sideways couch cushions also!

    The bear tho, may chew his way out!

  9. Lynn – Yes, our family is wonderful for sure. Thanks for saying so. Ryan’s bed-making definitely leaves a lot to be desired :)

    Changes in the wind – Hope is our youngest grandchild of the “great eight” and she does represent a lot of hope, baskets and boxes full and more. She was conceived on or around 9/11/01 and thus was appropriately named.

    Dani – Thank you O ye with a beautiful family yourself:)

    Brown English Muffin – Don’t you just pity any child that did not get to play with a huge appliance box? We got in a lot of trouble once when we played sheriff and jail and locked up the neighbor boy. His mother sent the wrath of God on all us heathens who arrested her little boy. No one would have ever known if he hadn’t cried so loudly.

    Scarlet – The bear is really starting to creep me out. I have had to lock him in the toy room for now.

    Shionge – Oh I’m so happy to have brought you a smile:)

    Rachel – It is a good thing the cats didn’t get the box before Hope did because yes, they love exploring every unattended cardboard box they can find. As far as the bed making goes, wouldn’t you think a college freshman had learned to make a bed? Especially one who is on scholarship for being bright.

    Snaggle Tooth – I loved the feet sticking out too. If only it didn’t tug on my heart so to realize how quickly she has grown. You sure had some creative inspiration with boxes in your childhood. Love the image in my mind you created of Chompers the bear chewing his way out of a box. LOL!

  10. It was greta to see pictures of your famiy. You'll have to buy a new refrigerator so Hope can have a box that she'll fit into!