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Slim and Franke
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Monday, September 19, 2011


Does gender play a role in your selection of medical professionals?

First of all, is this a politically correct question? 

Our primary care physician is a woman.  Our dermatologist also is a female.  Our other specialists such as cardiologist, cancer doctors, radiologists, pulmonary physician, dentist are all male. We really did not select any of them except for our dentist and our primary care doctor.  Ron picked our PCP because her name is Lisa.  He had a previous doctor he trusted named Lisa so I'm guessing it could have been a guy named Lisa as far as he was concerned. Our dentist was an easy choice.  Our bil:) We were referred to the rest.
Thanks to Chelle for suggesting this Question Of The Week.


  1. It's funny, but my family doctor, GYN and dentist - all women. I don't remember planning it that way, but I am more than happy with the care I receive from all of them.

  2. I'm terrified of anyone in the medical profession whatever their gender! I have a medical phobia. I know I'm a wuz.

  3. My new internist is a woman and I wouldn't have a man any more. They are not usually compassionate enough.

    Our male dentist retired and his practice was bought by a woman; we both like her.

    I've decided that if and when I go to a new dermatologist - it will be a woman!

  4. P.S. Annie, I have gone back to my old blog:

  5. Absolutely - I want a WOMAN and I almost all women doctor's! sandie

  6. My dystrophy doc is male, but the rest of them are all females. I feel more comfortable with a women during my regular checkups.

  7. I LOVE question of the week!!!

    I think I do select based on the type of service I need...I will always prefer a female OBGYN where as I know some woman don't care.

    I'd rather my breast doctor be a woman as well...not because breast need to be touched but more because she knows how to describe feelings that they might have.

  8. I don't think the gender matters to me. A doctor is a doctor is a doctor is a doctor.

    My PCP is a male, but no matter who he would refer me to, it wouldn't make that much a difference.

    Even though I do have all male doctors, I find that a male doctor can be a bit of prima donna sometimes. Haven't experienced that problem with any of the female doctors I've either come into direct (for me) or indirect (for my wife) with.

  9. Wow, good question. Dentist - female picked by hubby. GYN - female and she's so darn beautiful and together, pushes me to exercise more before my yearly least I appear too old or soft under my gown :) Primary - male also picked by hubby when he got here first with job transfer. Love primary because he saved my life when I thought I had the flu.How cool is that for him to have me forever, adoring the ground he walks on!

  10. Dear Annie ~~ Good question and my GP is male almost specialists are too. At times I had 2 lovely women doctors but both moved away.
    Thanks for leaving a comment and I take most of the photos although I
    didn't do the ones on Sunday on my blog. My digital camera is easy.
    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  11. In my case I find that a woman tends to listen to my concerns about myself more than a male Dr. does.

    On the other hand if I'm speaking to a Dr. about a family member's care or problem I find a male listens just as well.

    It's truly up to the individual...ya know...different strokes!

    God bless ya and have a most beautiful day!!! :o)

  12. I'm not concerned about the gender of my doctors, but about how well they listen and whether or not they seem to actually care. I have had male and female doctors at both ends of the spectrum.

  13. Lynn -- Ultimately the care we receive is the main benefit we all search for.

    LL Cool Joe – Oh dear, a medical phobia cannot be a good thing. However I would have difficult calling you a “wuz”.

    Kenju – My husband’s dermatologist is a female and I don’t have one yet, but his gal isn’t taking new patients and I really,really like her. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on her waiting list and eventually have her as my service provider.

    Chatty Crone – You definitely sound assured in your desires of medical help

    Dani – I am more comfortable with our PCP as a female but have had female doctors in the past that did not win my affection or confidence, as many males have not either.

    Brown English Muffin – Glad you enjoy the question of the week. It does seem easier to talk to a female about female problems. There is a level of understanding that doesn’t allow a lot of explanation before they get the picturel.

    G – Basically your response is perfect except for the second line that should also say, “A bad doctor is a bad doctor is a bad doctor.”

    Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting – So Marla, what I you have instead of the flu. We know what that kind of loyalty can bring. My cardiologist saved my life and Ron’s oncologist definitely has saved his, so far. We were so pleased with the cancer doctor that we named a new baby goat after him:)

    Merle – By now you probably feel like you are an expert on medical professionals. Bet you have seen more than your fair share. Let me guess – your camera has a timer and that is how you take the pictures as well as appear in them.

    Nezzy – Thanks for visiting. Yes it all varies according to the individual and not the gender of that individual. Excellent point.

    Sparkling Red – So you had doctors looking at your “spectrums”? LOL

  14. One by one I have "traded in" my male doctors for females...I like talking to someone who may be going through some of the same "feminine" issues that I am...making them more in tune with what I am saying...and, I feel that the women are better listeners, too.

    Internist, optometrist and dermatologist: Females

    Cardiologist, Dentist(good friend): Males

    : )

  15. It sounds like everyone has lots of doctors. I have one doctor - male - and one dentist - male. I avoid both as much as possible.

  16. Grammie -- Oops, I forgot all about my optometrist. Ours is male. Are women really better listeners or do they just "fake it" better? LOL

    Pat MacKenzie -- I can recall those good old days of only two doctors. You must be blessed with very good health...or avoidance is working for you:)

  17. Although our overall doctor is male I always choose a woman in the practice. The thought of disrobing in front of a man gives me palpitations. I can only put it down to a bad experience when giving birth. My dentist is male - and that's fine.

  18. Pat -- I have finally gotten other disrobing in front of either gender doctor but can remember the first time as a new bride and I just sat in the exam room crying my eyes out. The birth of a child is difficult enough without the doctor compounding the situation. Sorry yours did. My male doctor who delivered my second child had to schedule induced labor because he had to go to a clinic to dry out from alcoholism. Guess that could just have easily been a woman doctor so it really didn't traumatize or endear me to either gender.

  19. Annie,

    I have a male Dentist and when I went to him last week I said," Oh, Doctor,I would rather have a baby than get a tooth drilled."

    He looked at me and said," Well make up your mind,Madam,so I can adjust my chair."

  20. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy -- What are we going to do with you? You are too funny!!!

  21. Yes! I prefer male doctors, politicians, lawyers and Indian chiefs.

    Have a nice day :-)


  22. T.O. Geezer aka-Ron -- I does sound as if you true to your "Geezer" title.

  23. I've experiences with both genders and it really depends on the compassion of the doctor.

    When I had my first pregnancy, I insisted on female gynae and boy oh boy...she was rough!!! Trust me :*(

    2nd pregnancy, chose a male gynae and boy oh boy oh boy...he was great :) Trust me too :D

  24. Shionge -- You are absolutely right. It depends on the compassion of the doctor and sadly we only learn if they have that after we start going to them. Insurance these days make it difficult sometimes to change.

    The OB/GYN who delivered my first child was the best in the world. He would always complete the exam first and then have me come to his office after I was dressed and give me time to ask any questions or share any concerns. Now the ten minute appointments don't allow for that kind of care and it certainly doesn't allow for compassion.

  25. For the first time in my life I started seeing a female doctor earlier this year (due to not having medical insurance) and I really like her. I normally stick to males because growing up my mother always said "females are moodier and males are better under pressure." (I know, there's nothing PC about that statement, but it IS honest...she did say that.) It's not that I believe it, but I'm sure it'd been on the back of my mind when deciding on docs.

    Btw, my mother (who gets her hair done by a female stylist these days) also says male (gay males) make the best hairdressers. I know a few good ones, but I also know some wonderful chicas who are good with their shears. ;)